Sunday Wish List #3: Printed Shorts

I’m in love with printed shorts!  Literally you can take a plain t-shirt and little to no jewelry and make an outfit interesting.  I love that!  These shorts are all on my wish list.  Enjoy. 🙂

Wish List #3

#1:  shop same
I love the floral pattern. It makes me think of spring and I want to do a happy dance with all the light colors. 🙂

#2:  shop same  
Leopard print?  Enough said.  They also come in 3 other prints!  I love the “blue-multi” print also.

#3:  shop same
These shorts are pleated and a little longer inseam at 5″.  The pattern is fun, and the pleats make them a little more “dressy” which is perfect for summer outdoor parties that are casual (but you don’t want to be the one that shows up wearing jeans shorts either).  

#4:  shop same
I already purchased this pair and wore them yesterday for a “what I wish I was wearing” post. Love them!  They are bright, cheerful, and a 5″ inseam also (which feels a little more “age” appropriate these days lol). 

#5:  shop same
More polka dot print shorts.  Waiting for a sale though — Ann Taylor sells really nice items, but with their steep $175 free shipping minimum, I rarely make a purchase unless they have a flash sale.  Thankfully the mall in Florida nearby where we are moving has one which will make returns/purchases much easier!  

#6:  shop same
These shorts look great!  I actually recently purchased them during a flash sale online, but sadly had to return them — they run about 2 sizes too big!  And they weren’t available in store yet, so I am anxiously awaiting another flash sale.  

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