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I just want to say thank you to everyone that has viewed, commented, and liked my posts!  My biggest portal for starting this little blog is Instagram and I reached 500 followers a few days ago!  While that may seem like a small number to some (the bloggers that do this for a living (crazy!) have > 10k followers!), it’s a huge number to me! 🙂 Many of you are strangers and I love that I now have “IG friends” just by posting outfits! Silly when you think about it!

On another note — many of you may have noticed I haven’t been posting outfits quite as often as I was when I started a couple of months ago.  While I know I should have waited to start this blog after we had moved – I was just too excited to wait!

So now that we are getting closer and closer to graduation on May 2nd, things are getting really damn busy.  For the next 2 months, I am driving an hour each way to my rotation site, which = 10 hour work days. And when I work at my regular job on the weekends, the weeks get even longer!  But, to add fuel to the fire – we aren’t taking anything with us to Florida except clothes & accessories we want to keep and our 2 little pups.  Thus, in my spare time now, we are organizing everything (or it feels that way) to get ready for garage sales when it finally warms up and also selling anything small on eBay.  And our scheduled “move” date is now exactly 2 months away!  OH EM GEEE!!!

What does this mean for the blog?  Well, I’m not stopping!  That’s for sure! 🙂 I just won’t have time to do “daily”posts anymore.   I really want to be able to show you guys quality posts also and items I’ve found in stores that I feel are worth purchasing and keeping – not necessarily something you buy, wear once, and toss to the back of your closet.

Photo credit:  Style & Story Creative

So, hold tight!  I’m super excited about the future of this blog.  A) Once we get down to Florida, I’m hoping we can take the pictures outside, and make everything much more aesthetic looking (you know, like a “real” blog lol) versus taking a random picture against a blank wall on carpet in my rental home (but you gotta start somewhere, right?)  B) We are planning on purchasing a home by the end of the year and I have a ton of excitement built up on decorating a new home from scratch!  I hope to share the entire process here 🙂

Again, thank you for all of your support!  I appreciate it more than you know!

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