outdoor oops

Today I decided, hey lets try (with my husband) to get a good picture outside and just see how it comes out — but gotta be quick so the nosy neighbors don’t see us!

We tried a few different spots that were somewhat concealed near the front of the house and near the landscaping.  Overall I was pleased with how the pictures turned out except, A) I now know why style bloggers wear sunglasses when they take pictures outside!  I always used to think “why are they always wearing sunglasses, for reallzzzz…” and B) when you’re trying to snap a quick pic, neither one of us noticed my shirt was a little wrinkled and folded up — oops! So welcome to my first attempt at blogging outside with my squinting eyes and wrinkled shirt…..

Tank:  J. Crew Factory – same // Shorts:  J. Crew Factory – same //  Sandals:  Jack Rogers – same // Gold bracelet: J. Crew Factory – same // 
White leather bracelet:  Banana Republic – same (clearance!)

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