3 per week

I have so missed blogging here!  I thought it would get easier, and then my husband (aka the photographer) went back to work full-time, I had to start studying for boards, I went back to work, and then life… happened?  I guess that’s as good an excuse as any!  Things have started to slow down a tiny bit since I have one board exam out of the way (one more to go!) and I really want to try and get at least 3 outfit posts a week.  

As you’ll see in today’s post I sort of figured out a place to set up the tripod and take blog photos.  My (dad’s) front door has large glass windows, so unfortunately the light reflects in the wrong direction toward the camera.  I’ve had to tweak the colors in my photo editor slightly and turn the brightness down, so they might look slightly photoshopped.
Top:  LOFT – same // Skirt:  J. Crew Factory (old) – try this // Handbag:  Target – same // Shoes:  Me Too – same // Watch:  Michael Kors – same

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