work outfit post: paisley pencil skirt & linen top

I had fun wearing a mix of bright colors with a summery print yesterday to work.  Come sometime in August I tend to start switching over to the fall color palette, although this fall I’m going to have to be a little more creative then in the past with my new “environment.”  I’m thinking knee high boots, jeans, flannel shirt, and vest aren’t going to fair well in southern Florida?  No?  Shoot.

Skirt:  Ann Taylor – same // Top:  Ann Taylor – same // Flats:  Banana Republic – same // Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory – same
I’ve had my eyes out for nice plaid shirts that are lightweight and can be paired easily with denim shorts or cropped pants which could substitute for my normal flannel with jeans in the midwest.  Last year I jumped on the ankle bootie train and both pairs I purchased turned out to be somewhat of a bust and sold them on eBay before we moved.  One pair was from Target’s clearance rack (not comfy) and the other were expensive Uggs that were too loose in the ankle.  I think ankle booties are my best option for “boots” in Florida and I’m excited to invest some time and research into a pair that would work best for me. 
Below are couple of options I found in the Nordstrom Sale (now open to everyone through August 3rd!).  For my midwest friends and family I highly recommend checking all of their fall goodies out now before they are sold out – can’t beat the prices!  And I know you can all enjoy them much more than myself. (The one thing I am going to miss the most about the midwest is Fall — I do love it as much as summer! Until it gets below 50 degrees… then I’m ready for summer again). I’m really having to restrain myself on the fringe booties. #thestruggle  #veryreal
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