casual outfit: dressy floral shorts & tank top

Sorry for all of the casual posts lately guys!  I’m transitioning into a new position at my job and have been off work for a few days.  Frankly I’ve spent more time in comfy clothes than real clothes, but shh don’t tell. 🙂

These shorts are a very similar style to yesterday’s belted skirt, but the material is slightly different.  The skirt is a polyester blend while the shorts are 100% rayon allowing for a silkier and flowy feel.  I guess I’d rather the skirt have more structure so it there isn’t as much “flow” in the wind lol!
Shorts:  Old Navy – same // Tank:  Old Navy – same //

Pendant necklace:  Old Navy (old) – tassel necklace – super cute! //
‘Love’ necklace: LOFT (old) – similar
Sandals:  Jack Rogers – same // Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory – same

The look I was attempting to achieve with the small ‘love’ necklace was with a bar pendant necklace – on my wish list 🙂   option #1option #2


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