adam lippes for target

Today Target released another limited edition collection.   Instead of pink flamingos by Lilly Pulitzer, we have all things plaid (oy!) by Adam Lippes.  Both warm this girls heart.  You can view Target’s lookbook here.  I definitely picked out a few favorites from the lookbook before I shopped online this morning.  If you get a chance to shop in store, I highly recommend it. I wasn’t quite sure on sizing with these pieces. I ordered my normal size, but some of the items look like they fit oversized.

Here were my top three picks: (click pictures for a direct link to product)
I loved these also, but really had to decide how much use I would get out of each item and ultimately didn’t purchase them. The dress I’m torn on because I really love the pattern, but dresses I typically only wear once every great while (especially ones for work), and was afraid it would sit in the back of my closet.  
Happy Sunday everyone!                                                             

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