casual outfit: button down & shorts

Oh my, so sorry for the great absence with blog posts!  I know I was able to update with the Adam Lippes for Target post this past weekend (see previous post here if you missed it), but thankfully I was able to do that from my bed.  A couple weeks ago I ran into a busy week with work, fully intending to update last week…. until I met the unfortunate fate of breaking up a dog fight. Ugh! Totally by accident and my fault solely, but I got bit in the leg (my calf to be exact).

Needless to say after a trip to the ER, I’ve managed to hobble through a few short work shifts, only to go right back to bed.  Today being day 9 after getting injured, I finally can somewhat walk again!  HUGE accomplishment you have no idea!  🙂  I fully intend to update the blog with some great new finds in the coming weeks, just note my “stance” may be slightly more awkward then in previous posts until I am able to put most of the weight on my right leg.

In the meantime, enjoy this casual outfit. I took this a few weeks ago and really didn’t like how the shirt was expressed through the picture, but I do love this top!  Honestly I’d love it even more with knee high boots, a vest, and jeans, but Florida isn’t read for Fall yet. 😉

Top:  J. Crew – same
Shorts:  J. Crew (old) – Factory version (likely the same)
Sandals:  Sam Edelman – Amazon (sale!)retail price
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Necklace:  Kendra Scott – same

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