work outfit: stripes & floral

I have many “types” of work outfits you could say.  I have my “power outfits” — you know, the kind where you want to feel super put together and get work done like you mean it (normally a pencil skirt and no-nonsense blouse and pointy flats for this girl), my “Saturday” outfits — usually worn either on the weekends, or when I’m feeling “blah” and consists of tights or ponte pants covering the lady bits with a tunic, and lastly “fun outfits” — mixing bright prints and colors!  I probably wear the latter more than anything! 🙂 Today’s outfit is one of those.

 Top (old): similarsimilar
Skirt: LOFT [exact]
Scarf: Old Navy [exact]
Flats (old): very similarpointy-toe

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