work outfit: floral pencil skirt + sweater

I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve!  I’ve never been one for NYE resolutions – or at least none that I stick by or take entirely too seriously – but it’s always nice to have that feeling of “It’s a new year, new beginnings, lets erase the mistakes and bad times and move forward” – nothing wrong with that! 🙂  I feel like the last 6 months of have been an extreme whirlwind!  
A little bit into my personal life – I graduated pharmacy school in May, my husband and I sold everything except our dogs, horses, and the clothes we could bring in our cars, and moved down to southwest Florida outside of Sarasota.  Moving forward, we took our pharmacy boards, accepted job offers, bought a house, and now trying to figure out how to replace everything we sold!  There have been ups and down, stressful moments, and happy moments. We have by no means found our permanent “lets grow old here” home, but we are working on it — one step at a time!  
So if I have any NYE resolution this year — it will be to keep working hard in finding that true meaning to our lives in 2016.  On a somewhat silly side note — I also need to work hard on my closet (lol). In all seriousness, I really want to work harder at finding good quality pieces to have in my closet (I feel like a broken record, because I know I’ve said this before).  That might mean spending more on one quality piece, rather than buying 5 of the same thing at Old Navy because it’s on sale (guilty).  Not that you can’t find some good finds at cheaper stores like ON, H&M, etc… or even big box brands such as J. Crew, LOFT, Banana, etc… but I’m notoriously guilty of buying because “OMG how cute!” regardless of whether I’ll truly get a lot of use out of the piece, or if it’s right for my body type as well.  I’m not good about mixing and re-using items in my closet as well as I should. 🙂
Anyway, enough babble — HAPPY NEW YEARS FRIENDS! 
Skirt:  Ann Taylor [exact]
Sweater: old [similarsimilar]
Handbag: Kate Spade [exact]
Flats: Target [exact]
Watch:  Michael Kors [exact]

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