new arrivals + how-to spring shopping guide {part II}

Yesterday I created part I on how I navigate sales at my favorite big box stores, what I consider a good deal, and also included some items I’m watching closely (for the sale of course!)  I wanted to split this blog post into two parts because today I wanted to talk a little about “dupe” items of designer brand names that you can find for a lot less at places like Target!  
I struggle a lot with purchasing the more expensive brand item (for me, I come across this a lot with handbags). I never, ever purchase a handbag full price, but even a Kate Spade bag “on sale” is normally > $200. That’s a lot of money for something you may only carry once or twice and then it gets thrown to the back of your closet. I’ve noticed the bags I carry the most are A) solid colors B) neutral colors and C) are not fast fashion.  What I mean by “fast fashion” are certain types of handbags that come in for one season… and may never be seen again for 30 years when #omgcomeback.  Think…..fringe, quilted, embroidered anything…. here is where I really have to sit down and think “Will I love this next year when it’s out of style?”  If “unlikely” is the answer, but I still really want it, I look to cheaper brands to fill that need/want to have a fast fashion handbag. 
I also apply this rule to shoes.
Moving forward….. here are some fun new colors, prints, etc. that have arrived in stores recently…. and their “dupe” on an expensive brand!

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