work outfit: floral blouse + ankle pants

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I’m anticipating hopefully some great Labor Day sales in our future. My carts are stocked full with items I’m craving (see Sunday’s post for more details!). I would really like to find a nice pair of navy blue booties. I also found these from Sole Society that are currently sitting in my cart, I just can’t decide! I don’t want to jump the gun and find another pair I like better. Will keep you all posted on sales as they start this weekend!
My work outfit in today’s post is typical ‘Kecia style’ and a norm of what I wear on a daily basis only updated with this new floral print!  LOFT comes out with new prints and colors of this same utility blouse every fall. I have one from last season and the season before in my closet, and now this years. 🙂
I rarely ever wear heels anymore unless it’s on a wedge sandal or boot for casual wear, but I absolutely couldn’t resist these pumps!  I can’t wear them to work because I’m on my feet all day, but for less than $30 they will be perfect for any occasion requiring a more professional look. If you work in an office-type environment (where you can occasionally sit haha), definitely pick these up! They come in 5 pretty colors!

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