casual outfit: peplum top + booties

**UPDATE:  My top has been restocked!  It sells out super fast, so run! 🙂 
Guys. This peplum top. Super cute! And I’m not just saying that because everyone else is also. I was actually pretty bummed because as blogging goes, when you see a cute new arrival, you want to be the first to wear it before anyone else. I ordered this top the second it came out, but ugh it took 9 days to arrive!  By that time all of my other favorite bloggers had already beat me to it, so I may sound a little like a broken record. 🙊 But… really!  Except… it’s also sold out. 😣 So, if you have a local Nordstrom – check stores!  It’s only $35 and a great buy!  I’ll keep an eye out for it to be re-stocked also.  I linked a nearly identical solid and striped version below and other great tops at the bottom of this blog post! 😊
 Similar items:
The first top listed by Old Navy is the ‘nearly identical’ solid version I listed above.  Their striped version comes in black/white stripes like the picture shown, and also a pretty much identical version to mine above in a white/black striped top — check stores!  I also have the sleeveless top listed below and will have that on the blog soon — it’s super cute! The LOFT top is almost sold out, but was very popular this past season — I feel like I missed out! Scoop it up if your size is left!


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