express columnist ankle pants: a review

Hi everyone! Instead of writing a traditional blog post, I thought I would write something a little different today:: a review on work pants from one of my favorite retailers, Express. Years ago Express released their ‘columnist’ pants in both bootcut and ankle versions. Their bootcut came in short, reg, and tall lengths however their ankle pants were one inseam only (non-midgets)🙎. I picked them up anyway (in every color) and wore them like regular straight leg pants. Once I started blogging a couple years ago, I became a little more ‘fit’ savvy and realized ankle pants were actually supposed to show your ankle! 💁*revelation*

I didn’t want to pay the money to have them hemmed, and didn’t prefer their ‘Editor‘ version of the ankle pant, so instead I looked elsewhere for good work pants.  I do love Banana Republic’s ‘Sloan‘ pant, but loved the looser look of the columnist pant from Express.

I was so excited to see Express finally released different hem lengths in their columnist ankle pant! Woo! 💥 They even carry petite sizes now! What’s even more exciting is they have short, regular, and tall inseams and they carry low-rise and mid-rise versions.  I wanted to try both, so I ordered one of each (well, sort of…. read below for details…).

#1. Low-rise columnist ankle pant (more colors here)

When I originally ordered these pants, I had to do decide whether I wanted mid-rise or low-rise or rather which colors I wanted to try. Express usually has deals like ‘buy one get one 50% off’ so I usually order 2 at one time (plus a coupon of course!). I’ve been craving a pair of coral and pink work pants to add to my closet, so I decided to try the ‘mid-rise’ coral ankle pant and ‘mid-rise’ pink ankle pant. So you ask, well how are you going to review low-rise then?  Well, Express apparently has their pants marked incorrectly on their website. The coral pants are listed separately from the other colors, although both are marked as ‘mid-rise’. When the coral pants arrived, the tag said low-rise and there is certainly a difference when trying them on. The rise is clearly shorter, and you can see the difference when comparing my blog photos.

My ultimate decision on these?  I love them! I’m so happy it was an ‘oops’ on Express’s part because the low-rise fits me better since I’m so short-waisted.

 outfit details:

floral tee | necklace | bracelet | pumps | belt (similar)

#2: Mid-rise columnist ankle pant

I ended up keeping the actual mid-rise version of Express’s columnist ankle pant shown below in pink, although as stated above I feel like the low-rise fits me better.  The mid-rise version almost provides too much ‘pooch’ since I have a little tummy.  I will wear this pair, but likely with only a shirt or sweater that isn’t meant to be tucked in. 😋 I haven’t measured the actual rise on either pant, but since the low-rise pant fit me most similar to jeans I purchase I assume they are ~8″ rise. The mid-rise pants are likely ~9″ rise.  I would love to try the petite sizing also someday, but right now they have limited color options.

What do you think?  Have you tried the new sizing options? I would love to hear from you if you’ve tried petite sizing!  We should compare rise & inseams among the different pants – something else I wish Express would offer!


*size tip*: I did size up one in the waist on both types of pants. I usually wear a 4/27 in most brands, but I went with a 6 in these. Traditionally Express pants fit me tighter in the waist and do not have a ton of give. This held true for these pants as well.


outfit details:

top | belt (similar) | bracelet (similar) | pumps 

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  1. Thank you for this post. I just started looking at Express pants for work and the Publicist ones that seem made for curvy figures (small waist, large hips) are not available close to me. What you described here really helps. I will look for the Editors at my local store or maybe take a chance and order some online.

    1. You’re very welcome! I hope you find some that work out for you! I’ve noticed some really awesome prints in store recently. I used to be an avid Express pant wearing for work – I love Banana pants also, but those require dry cleaning. My job now lets us wear jeans to work, so it totally ruined my whole “job wardrobe” LOL

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