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Hello everyone!  Today I want to talk about a company I have become very passionate about over the last 6 months or so. There have been numerous times I have wanted to share with you outfits, but I wanted to be absolutely certain their products hold up after numerous washes, wears, and also for working out before I could make a true and accurate opinion.  If you haven’t heard of Fabletics, they are a subscription (although you don’t have to sign up to buy product) based service, offering a wide collection of activewear including swim, accessories, mens & kids wear! I only have a subscription for the women’s outfits, but have used my monthly credit to buy clothes from the mens line for my husband.
If you’re a fan of athleisure, but with moisture-wicking material that works for a good sweaty workout as well, Fabletics might be for you! They are perfect for me because that is exactly what I need. I can’t count how many days I come home from work and just want to put comfy clothes on (but not pajamas), and be ready to run errands if necessary – but also can lift weights, do yoga, or go for a run! I am absolutely not a fitness guru, and could be in way better shape – but that doesn’t stop me from wearing pretty fitness clothes. 🙂 
How it works, is you sign up for their “VIP” service.  They charge you $50 (as a credit toward purchases) per month, but you can skip at anytime! I actually skip every month, because they give you 7 days at the beginning of every month to “skip” before they charge you the $50 to go toward your account as a credit (and they send 2487565 reminder emails to skip so you won’t forget).  However, all their new arrivals are released at the 1st of the month and I don’t want to wait to scoop up a new outfit!  Rarely do sizes go out of stock immediately, but they will eventually if you wait too long.  The best part is I have a local store here in Sarasota and they get new arrivals sometimes before the 1st of the month so, I might get my April outfit before March is even over!
As stated above, you can buy outfits or pieces without becoming a member. However, if you sign up for a subscription, their “outfits” are so much more affordable! You can get a top + bottom for $49, or top + bottom + bra for less than $70.  They have outfits geared toward comfy athleisure (think track/sweat pants), an outfit like I’m wearing here which I would wear for lifting weights or yoga (I could also run in this if I changed out my bra and shoes). You can always mix and match pieces and pay a higher price, but I usually love all of the “outfits” they create and just go for the more affordable option. 🙂  
I’ve washed all of my pieces multiple times and haven’t had any problems with shrinkage, tears, or piling. I do air dry everything. My outfit shown in these photos was my February pick — and I just received my March outfit last week and can’t wait to share it with you!  They also offer free shipping + free returns, and I’ve easily returned items for different sizes multiple times. You can also return and exchange in store if you have one local.  As far as sizing goes, I’m a size 4-6 (small) in bottoms at most retail stores, but wear a size medium in most workout bottoms from Nike & Under Armour.  I also size up to a medium at Fabletics. I still wear a size small in tops and bras (I’m a 34C). 
If you are interested in joining Fabletics, please use this link here.  I will get a small credit toward my account, but you can also purchase 2 pairs of leggings for only $24! And also get a steep discount for being a new member (I think I received my first outfit for $20).  You can cancel at anytime, but I think you’ll love it! 
You also earn easy points toward free product for every review you leave (and also purchase) on their site! I just got a free pair of leggings and have only ever purchased items and rarely leave a review. I apparently need to start, because their salar capris are the best — it’s what I’m wearing in these photos.
**Please note: I have no affiliation with Fabletics, nor is this a sponsored post. I just love their product!  All opinions are my own. 

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  1. Thank you! 💗 And I hadn't heard of an Academy Sports before — I had to look it up! They look just like Dick's and Sports Authority (which all closed here) — and that was actually my main reason for starting the Fabletics membership! We literally have ZERO sporting goods places in Sarasota, how crazy is that?! I used to love walking through those stores, I'm almost as obsessed with new arrivals of those as I am with regular clothes! 😂😂

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