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Hi friends! I hope you all had a great weekend!  I spent Saturday with my horses and Sunday I started the long and tedious process of packing our house. 😝 Since I was a little older, I already owned a home when I decided to go back to school in 2009, so I packed up and moved my entire house from Indiana to Ohio into a town house. Then, when now husband moved in with me, we moved again to a bigger apartment… and then packed up and moved again into a bigger house to rent!  Then we sold everything that wouldn’t fit into our cars and a U-Haul trailer and moved to Florida into my dad’s winter home… and then packed again and moved into our current home when it was finished. Now we are building another home (already… I know…) in Venice, FL and moving again.  I can’t even count how many moves that is since 2009, but it’s a lot! Can you tell I get restless? You’d think we would be pros by now also!  Which we kind of are 😂, but I still hate it lol.
Below are outfits I’ve worn over the last week or so with current or similar outfit details.

sunny lace top | ankle pants (similar) | pumps | earrings | cardigan (similar)

utility blouse | crossover skirt | pumps | bracelet (similar) | necklace (similar)





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