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Hello all!  It’s been awhile. I’m not going to even try and say I’ve attempted blogging lately, because I 100% burned out for the last few weeks. We are finally moving into the new home later this week and I’m so excited to be able to have open/natural lighting, my big mirror, and wood backdrops back in my life (we’ve been living in my dad’s winter home villa for the past several months which is not conducive to blogging!). Top-down selfies are not my favorite and traditional photos are few and far between these days with my husband and I’s work schedule, and when you have blog ideas rolling through your head – it’s so much easier to get things done in the moment. Or in my case… the next day I have off work. 🙂

Now that we are trending into fall styles, I thought it perfect to kick off my (semi) return to the blog with a little ‘On Trend’ post!    Camo print always pops up in stores at various times throughout the year.  I didn’t see much of it this summer, however it’s popping up everywhere for fall it seems. I purchased a fun came jacket from Express with my birthday rewards earlier this year and have an older Target tee in my closet, so I’m thinking some pants might be a fun closet addition.

Here are my top picks for camo ‘pants’ — lots of options in various types.

utility pants (top) | utility pants (bottom) | skinny jeans (top) | skinny jeans (bottom) | leggings

And if pants aren’t your thing – how about tops or accessories? I’m drawn to the button-down top (possible work option with a pencil skirt?) – and also the scarf!

vest | scarf | tee | button-down | sneakers | jacket

I also put together several outfit ideas with the skinny jeans below (different from the ones shown above… so option #3 for jeans! oy!)


skinny jeans | white tee | denim jacket | bracelets | necklace | sandals


skinny jeans | v-neck blouse | necklace | pumps | clutch


skinny jeans | ruffle blouse (similar, similar, similar) | peplum jacket | striped tote | necklace | flats

Let me know what you think! — yay or nay to the camo?  I think it can be a fun addition (in moderation) to any closet!



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