Favorite Fall Booties

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had Saturday off work, but spent the day preparing for our upcoming horse show season. I bought a new horse last winter and we are just getting ready to show her for the first time – let the nerves begin!  Sunday I had a work meeting, so had most of the day free, but you know how it is when you know you have to be somewhere at the end of the day – you worry about not forgetting to leave on time and getting ready when you’re supposed to!  Anyway – on to the fun part – booties!

My favorite part of fall fashion is all the pretty accessories. I love the booties, the scarves, and the vests.  I really don’t invest in knee-high boots too often (I only own one pair from last year) because of the warmer weather in Florida, but I certainly make up for it with ankle booties!

Below are my 3 newest pairs and I love all of them!  The top pair have the lowest heel, which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to walk in for everyday use. And helloooo cutest embroidery print! 😍 The bottom 2 pairs (here, here) have a higher heel, and while I can still walk comfortably in them, I would reserve them for date night, dinner, etc. Best part? All of these booties come in multiple colors!

What is your favorite part of fall fashion?  Or maybe you just nix the fashion, and divulge in everything pumpkin spice – or both! ☺️

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embroidered booties (plain version here – multiple colors!) | block-heel booties | western-chic bootie

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