All The Flannel

Hands down one of my favorite shirts to wear for the fall/holiday season are the flannel shirts below!  The red/blue check on the left is new from this season, and the rest are from previous seasons. I pick one up every year and get great use out of them!  From wearing with denim shorts early in the season with booties, to tucking them into a pencil skirt at work, and then under a quilted vest during the colder months – they are incredibly versatile!

red/blue check shirt on the left | cognac booties (almost identical) | beige booties (sale!)

(the link above gives you nine great color options – one which is almost identical to the blue/white in my photo!)

also try this one – also very close to the blue/white above

OTHER GREAT OPTIONS: (click any photo to shop)




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  1. Flannel weather! Your color palette is so bright and fun, Kecia. I recently saw an instagram post showing 1 flannel styledin 3 completely different ways, so, yes I absolutely agree that they’re a must have!

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