Peekaboo Sweater + Pinstripe Pants

Banana Republic, sweater, Sloan pants, pinstripe pants, Sole Society, Merona pumps

Inspiration: 9to5chic blog (via Pinterest)

This sweater is called ‘peekaboo’ because of the fun cut-out pattern on the sleeves. I thought it was a nice transition piece and different from a cold-shoulder cut-out which can be almost too chilly. It comes in multiple colors.


And of course had to pick up one of the latest version of my  favorite work pant!

I read somewhere recently that ‘fast fashion’ (think most of what you can buy at H&M, Express, etc.) is finally going out of style. Now that I’m in my mid-30’s, I think I can finally start to appreciate this. Well… maybe.

Even in recent years I’ve wanted the latest and greatest, to try all the trends, but most recently in the last few months I’ve really not strayed far from my go-to pieces and go-to brands. I usually snag up all the latest BP pieces from Nordstrom (their cheaper, trendy line), but recently I’ve passed on so many cute items. What I have purchased are normal (if not boring) sweaters from Banana Republic, work pants that I know fit me correctly from both Banana and LOFT, and if I try a trend (think these mules – which truly are comfy!) it’s from Target so I’ve spent $25 and not $100. When I think about trendy pieces, the only thing I’ve purchased recently are the Target mules, the Express balloon sleeve sweater, and that might be it? I have a pair of velvet sneakers and velvet flats, but is velvet really a ‘trend’? I feel like velvet comes and goes over the years. However furry mules and balloons may not return for awhile. 😚

I posted a few weeks ago I’ve had my eye on several pieces from Nordstrom from their Halogen and Caslon line, which are a little more high end (think $69 sweaters) – and I would never spend that much on a sweater, however the few pieces I do have in my closet from previous seasons were purchased on sale and well worth the wait. They come in petite sizing and I’ve really come to appreciate how much better petites fit me on both top and bottom. I have short arms, and short legs, and I’m just short. Period. 😝

Banana Republic, sweater, Sloan pants, pinstripe pants, Sole Society, Merona pumps

I do truly wonder how this will impact the blogger industry. I’ve seen several bloggers ask their ‘followers’ lately if their posts aren’t seen on Instagram and humbly ask if that’s why their number of likes are down.  The Instagram algorithm has changed, however I know for a fact I see all of my favorites at the very top and never miss a post. So is it really the algorithm? Or is our generation growing up and moving on to different types of things? I still enjoy blogging, but I do this truly as a hobby.  I can see how bloggers could be concerned if this is their full-time job.

Banana Republic, sweater, Sloan pants, pinstripe pants, Sole Society, Merona pumps

I guess I’m rambling on about this because I see that my tastes are changing, what I’m buying is changing, so possibly I’m not the only one? I will always have a love for fashion and new clothing ideas, how the latest peplum top, ruffled sleeve, etc. fits differently from past years, but I also have a new appreciation for how I can incorporate my old boring J.Crew Tippi sweater (that I have mad love for) I’ve had for years into a new outfit for the new season and still make it interesting. Which is why I used the Pinterest photo from above for this blog post. These pants and sweater, albeit new right now, can be worn for years with different pieces in your closet. The sweater is certainly a small trend with the ‘peekaboo’ cutouts on the sleeve, but not so trendy I can’t continue to wear it for awhile. The inspiration photo is “classy”, my outfit is similar, but very “normal.”

That all being said, it will be interesting to see what the future holds.  I think a lot of bloggers have this thought in their head. Perhaps it’s a change with the Millennial generation. I love blogging as a hobby because it allows a creative outlet for me to share my ideas about styling clothes and accessories and pertains to my real life. I just can’t imagine all of us blogging without ‘fast fashion’ involved. There might be a lot of ’50 ways to style your new pink H&M crew neck sweater’ type posts! 😆

So any-who, shop my very normal and only semi-trendy work outfit below!

Banana Republic, sweater, Sloan pants, pinstripe pants, Sole Society, Merona pumps


Sweater: Banana Republic | Pants: Banana Republic | Pumps: Target | Bracelet: Banana Republic

Necklace: Baublebar (similar) | Tote: Sole Society (similar)


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