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Well hello friends! I’ve been MIA this week due to a nasty bug of some sort, ugh! My husband and I ran a 5k race by the beach last Sunday.  They ran out of bottled water at the race and started serving Gatorade. It was deliciously cold and it was so hot outside, that I would have drank about anything. However, my husband thinks he overheard someone saying “We gotta get these cups filled faster.” and glanced back to see them scooping the gatorade (poured into a cooler) out by hand. Dirty hands = dirty bugs! UGH. Considering we were out by the beach in Florida, who knows if it was someone that actually had dirty hands, dirty ice, or perhaps food poisoning that got us down. Either way, it took me all of last week to recover! We finally felt more normal on Thanksgiving Day and were able to run out and pick up some items to cook a hot meal. And don’t forget the cookies!  We made sugar cookies with frosting and decorations, and yeah.. I definitely needed to get healthy again stat to start running and burning those off! 😆

I ran an easy couple of miles yesterday and feel oh so much better. Our next race is next Sunday – a trail race truly in the wilderness! Here is a video of the race preview below. Needless to say I’m intrigued, excited, and a little scared lol! No idea what to expect, but hoping it’s fun regardless!

So if I go MIA on the blog again for a week… I either got A) eaten B) lost or C) ….eaten.   😂


So back to thee blog and good stuff!; I really missed a ton of Black Friday sales shopping this year. The only thing I ordered was one of the holiday sets of earrings from Baublebar shown below (I ordered the red Gabriela fringe earrings + black/yellow teardrop earrings set). Quite a few of the sets have been sold out, but they still have a great selection left, not to mention the rest of their website! And I feel like Baublebar new arrivals never go on sale and they are offering 35% off the entire site for Cyber Monday + you can choose a “Bonus Bauble” which is free with any $50 order.

BaubleBar – 35% off site wide

Holiday Sets:

BaubleBar, Cyber Monday Sales

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

J.Crew Factory

So this is pretty exciting! — J.Crew Factory dropped a ton of new arrivals right before Black Friday hit! My favorites are below. I really have my eye on the tartan plaid ruffle top and plaid skirt. Both are staples that you can wear every holiday season. Not to mention the plaid vest and flannel button down. The tulle sleeve top is really cute also, and if you want something trendy I would definitely take a look!

J.Crew Factory – 60% off everything + free shipping! (promo code: CYBER)

cyber monday, J.crew factory

polka dot skirt | plaid flats | plaid skirt

flannel shirt | tulle striped top | plaid vest

tartan ruffle topfair isle sweater | polka dot shirt


LOFT has a great sale also!  50% off everything + free shipping. Lots of fun holiday prints and pretty tops for styling an outfit for a work party. I really like that LOFT keeps the trendy part of tops to a minimum.  For example, the tie-cuff sleeves aren’t extremely exaggerated like some brands.

LOFT – 50% off everything + free shipping (promo code: click)

LOFT, Cyber Monday

cable sweater | plaid scarf | tie-cuff sweater

plaid tie-sleeve | plaid blouson top | cold-shoulder top

What sales are you guys shopping? The above are my favorites, but I listed other notable sales below also!

Banana Republic – 50% off everything

Express – 50% off everything + free shipping

Ann Taylor – 50% off everything + free shipping

J.Crew – 40% off + extra 10% off til noon on Monday!




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