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LOFT blouse, LOFT chinos, Sole Society bag, Merona pumps, Kendra Scott necklace


floral top | chinos | pumps (old – Target) – great option | bag (old – Sole Society) – option | necklace


Blog Update

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a great week so far! You may have noticed I took a few days off from the blog. This happens every year, however for good reason. I usually get to a point (and it always hits in the winter because I run out of any creativity since it’s usually hot down here and the rest of the world is covered in snow!) where I feel a little “blogger lost.” Work is nuts right now, I get burned out, and the blog feels the brunt. It’s good for me to hit the refresh button though, as I really need to re-evaluate my goals for the blog and where it’s headed for the new year.

When I started blogging a couple years ago, it was (and still is) a creative outlet for me to show fun and creative outfits for the workplace. I get comments every now and then from patients at work that say “you’re too young to be a pharmacist” and although I know they are being kind, and I probably look younger than 35 because I’m short and have fake blonde hair (ha), that comment was thrown at me a different way the other day. A nicely dressed woman commented that I “dress too nice to be a pharmacist” and when I laughed it off she goes “No, really. Pharmacists usually look and dress so awful.” She had no idea – but it meant a lot to me to hear that from her for more than just a compliment!

j.crew factory gingham penil skirt, Banana Republic cotton tee, Sole Society pumps, Sole Society cross body, Baublebar necklace
~one of my favorite blog photos from 2017

It got my creative wheels turning again and how I miss putting my outfits to good use – for outfit inspiration in the workplace! Lately I’ve posted a ton of casual flatlays recently because my husband (my photographer haha) and I haven’t had any days off work together. We do have a long weekend coming up in March together, so I’m hoping I can convince him to follow me around with a camera for a couple hours. 🙂

~Ann Taylor really needs to come out with more cute skirts!

That being said, I would really like to get the blog back to work-inspiration related. I’ve trended toward casual outfits for the most part lately because of work burnout mentioned the other day. My staff and I have been running so much in order to get prescriptions filled that I when I get dressed in the morning, it’s a miracle I don’t wear pajamas to work!  Needless to say the woman at the pharmacy that complimented my outfit picked a good day – ha!

~Reese Witherspoon inspired outfit

I do shop a ton (I’m a true shopaholic, eek!), but causal outfits to me just kind of all look the same after awhile unless there is some flare added. And I have zero casual flare because when I’m dressing down it’s usually in jeans and t-shirt. 😋 I was inspired to start this blog by bloggers such as Outfit Posts and Mix & Match Fashion. Tara from MMF isn’t blogging any longer, but MK from Outfit Posts just started back up which is exciting! Thinking about how much I love both blogs, has encouraged me to get back ‘to my roots’ so to speak and make some 2018 goals for the blog. So, alas – here are my top 3. 🙂

2018 Goals:

*Focus more on work-related outfit blog posts

*I get most of my inspirations from catalog photos, Pinterest, magazines, etc. – I would love to use those in my posts similar to MK from Outfit Posts – inspirations encourage less spending and remixing old items in our closets – I really need to do this!

*We moved into a new home last fall and right now our home is very sterile – Pottery Barn esque furniture with zero decor. We took a step back from decorating because we wanted to pay down our debt in 2017/2018, but I have plans toward the end of the year to start finishing rooms and would love to share those one at a time on the blog!


If you’ve lasted through this entire blog post – thank you so much for reading! 💙 In a world full of negativity, blogging can provide an uplifting place for women to unite and compliment one another – and also critique, but with style and positivity – I know I feel good when my outfit feels put together, so hopefully I can continue to inspire and create a positive environment here if even for just a quick 5 minute read.

-xoxo, Kecia

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