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1901 Nordstrom sweater, Express denim, Sole Society bag, Sugarfix earrings


sweater: 1901 (Nordstrom) – on sale!, other colors

jeans (old): option, option, option

 bag (old): option, option, option

bracelet: J.Crew Factory

earrings: Sugarfix, pink option, pink option

Hi guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted.  I wanted to give you a peek into my personal life and a little “food for thought”, but if this not at all what you’re here for, feel free to skip below for outfit details. 🙂

 I’ve honestly just been exhausted the last week. We have 2 older dogs that are from the same litter (brother and sister) and both have just started to really age the last couple of months. The are 13.5 years old. They both have cancer (different kinds, different areas), and the last few weeks have been vet visit after vet visit. Just when we think one is doing ok, the other one has another ailment. The biggest issue right now is our male started having dizzy spells last week that came on suddenly. We initially thought seizure of course, ran him to the oncology vet, only to get clean lab work and he was mostly normal the rest of the day. Over the last week he continued to have spells sporadically, but for much shorter duration – seconds even, until finally Tuesday he was full blown vertigo 24/7 (and of course while my husband and I are working a 12 hour shift… our pet sitter was left to care for him during the day, ugh). We took him to a speciality emergency vet yesterday who thankfully was so passionate and gave us all the possibilities and empirical treatment options (the only way to truly diagnose an issue like this is to complete an MRI +/- spinal tap which is about a 2 hour drive for us + heavy sedation for an older dog… oh and about $4,000!). We opted to start antibiotics and anti-nausea meds and hope it’s an infection versus the alternative which would be inflammation and/or brain tumor.  If he hasn’t improved by early next week we will switch our treatment to a steroid regimen.

Eddie during Irma evacuation last year. Diagnosed with inoperable cancer the week before and we started chemotherapy. We ran away to Georgia and started exploring state parks and made a “bucket list.” 🙂

He’s sleeping at my feet right now as I write this, but goodness life sure has changed from when I was a kid. I’m so thankful for all the advanced treatment for pets, research studies, advanced diagnostics, etc. but the couple of dogs that I had as a child just lived to be old and you knew when it was “time.”  I feel like I’m running a doggy hospice out of my house lol!  I love them dearly like they are my kids and will make the best decision based on their quality of life and when it’s “time”, it’s time. However, dealing with dogs that have a week hind-end and arthritis (like my dogs growing up) is much easier than cranial nerve lesions and liver masses.  This post is becoming way too detailed and long for a style blog, I just feel like typing it out somehow helps and it’s really my ‘food for thought’ of the day. I believe cancer is on the rise for pets as much as it is humans. Now whether that’s because of vaccines, processed dog food, pesticides, or all of the above? Something else? It’s hard to say, but it makes you think about their little bodies like we think of ours when it comes down to situations like we are in now.

I’ve never considered pet insurance in the past for my dogs (it used to be a staple for my horses, but like human insurance – they now limit certain conditions, require you to “prove” their worth, etc.), but if/when (I can’t even fathom that right now!) we have future pets I will definitely consider it. If there is a life saving surgery, medicine, etc. that is now available to pets like never before, I feel just like humans they should have access to it and a pet owner shouldn’t be limited by expenses – especially now that I’ve learned HOW expensive things are like CT scans and MRI! Anyway, I don’t meant to rant on here – I just wanted to explain my sporadic blog absences, but also throw out some experience I’ve had the last week with veterinarian specialities and cost. The advancement amazes me, the cost blows my mind, but also the fact that our little fur babies are experiencing these diseases at an increased rate just like humans, is concerning. And this is why I have 4 science degrees. 😂 #nerdalert

Feel free to share your opinion or experiences in the comments below!

Fitness Outfit:

And if you’ve made it this far –  I wanted to share some affordable workout clothes that I’ve mentioned before in the past. Old Navy makes some of my favorite running shorts, especially now that we are in Florida. I used to run in Nike Tempo shorts, but the inseam drove me nuts. They always felt “blousy” and would rub funny on my thighs, especially when it was humid. The Old Navy version is more streamlined, and heck for the price!? Full price they are only $16.99 and you can usually always find them on promo for less. I also wanted to share the cutest tie-back workout top! It comes in 5 colors, I just picked one that matched the shorts, but really want to get a couple more colors! I have a solid (no mesh) version from last season and was really excited to see this latest top which hopefully means they will continue to make it!  Oh it’s only $20 full priced. 🙂 I run, workout, wear it casually, and also ride my horses in it! The tie-waist in the back makes it so much better than a regular top!

My earphones are worth the price also. They connect to my Apple watch via bluetooth so I don’t have to carry my phone while running. I’ve never had issues with them falling out of my ears either. And comfortable!

I threw my shoes into this flatlay, but really I can’t recommend enough going to a running store and have your feet evaluated for proper shoes by an expert. I see other bloggers recommend running shoes and say “I LOVE these running shoes!” without any explanation, and that’s how injuries happen – people buy whatever running shoes seems “pretty.”

I am an extreme supinator. That fancy term just means I underpronate my foot and put pressure toward the outside when I run and essentially roll my ankle outward (**fun fact: I tend to “bend” one leg in my pictures all the time – I do this because of my knee/foot structure — otherwise I look very knock-kneed!). I tend to wear the soles of my running shoes out on the outside and ruin them before 300 miles. The best running shoe for me is a cushioned shoe to allow my foot to equalize the pressure and hopefully stabilize and prevent injury. However, I hate running in cushioned shoes ha! I like the way stability shoes feel, so I’m truly a mess when it comes to running shoes. I “compromised” (lol) with the running store employee when I purchased the Asics below because they are somewhat 1/2 stability, 1/2 cushion. Better than the Brooks Adrenaline which I covet and love, but wear them out in about 6 weeks (my last pair had zero tread left on the outside… almost a hole!). Anyway, moral of this story – talk to someone about your feet if you are just starting to run – it will save you both potential injury and also money in the long run. 🙂 The Asics below I’ve had for a couple months. They are definitely wearing down, but the tread on the bottom is wearing more evenly across the sole of my foot and not just on the outside. I feel like I’m running in clogs, but I guess “if the shoe fits!”…. LOL.

And lastly, if you’re looking for a great pair of socks that will help prevent blisters and are the perfect running sock… check out Feetures! running sock below. They are pricey, especially for a sock, but worth every penny. I only have 4-5 pairs and cringe when I run a lot in one week, laundry hasn’t been done, and I have to reach for an old pair of Nike socks with no cushion. They come in various sizes of cushioning also. I like the ultra lite or lite cushion versions.

Old Navy active running shorts and top, Asics GT 2000, Apple Watch, Beats headphones, Features socks


shorts: Old Navy

top: Old Navy

shoes: Asics

earphones: Beats

socks: Feetures (also here)




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