Transition Through Seasons

Guys, I go through this twice a year. That time of year where I’m so sick of all the pinks and greens and brights colors because they’ve been so prominent in fashion since February, and ready for fall colors even though it’s 562 degrees outside. I go through this same transition/blah/bored with clothes period in January (when I’m craving all things spring!) and in July when I’m craving all things fall (however jokes on me because we don’t get a fall in Florida haha!). I go from one day loving dark classic pieces to the next wanting my bright colors again.  The only fun part of this period in July is the Nordstrom Sale hitting stores next week ha!

I saw these nautical pants in store a couple weeks ago and fell in love with them! They are slightly high waisted, zip on the side, and very streamlined. I do recommend going up one size – I could get my regular size zipped, but uncomfortably lol. I returned for a size larger and so happy I did! I paired them here with this easy swing tank, but I’ve tried them on with a classic short sleeve sweater, and also a front tuck tank and both are so fun! These are definitely staple work pants.

So here is my idea of a fall transition outfit. Still summery in texture, but screaming fall and classic with the dark colors. Tomorrow I will be back to all things pink. 🙂

BP V Swing Tank, Banana Republic sloan nautical pants


tank: BP

pants: Banana Republic (petite)

sunglasses (old): option

necklace (old): option


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  1. LOVE your posts and style! Keep them coming. I’ve purchased many items that you’ve styled. I vacation in Long Boat Key yearly and from the cold NJ — love your story. Continue to follow your passions!

    1. DB – thank you so much! I really appreciate it – this week has been a hard one with long work hours, personal life, and also (upcoming post) this huge fail of a Nordstrom sale — so coming back to my blog after taking a week off was so nice to see your sweet comment. 🙂

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