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I hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was lazy, lazy. My husband and I are on a stay-cation this week, but it’s also his birthday week – so I’m kind of letting him run the show. Which means we sleep late and might do this, or might do that, or who knows haha! So my day started in this comfy, crazy soft tee and shorts working on my Poshmark closet – do you guys sell clothes there? I’ve only just started. Poshmark claims to be a very “social” page, so I searched (aka googled lol) what that really means yesterday. I recommend doing the same! I found some great algorithms that help you get share your “closet” to other Poshers! Apparently it works, because I had several offers and bundles (where buyers can put items from your closet together into a bundle and make an offer) just over night. Before that, I was maybe selling one item a week. Not enough to even really bother with it. I’ve sold things on eBay for the last 15 years (*secret: I’ve always been a huge shopaholic. Since I was like 12 haha). I figured out really quick in my early 20s when I slowly started to take over my parents burden that I needed to sell to buy new. So, I’ve sold on eBay for a long, long time.  But over the last couple of years they’ve burned their bridge with me. Poshmark requires the buyer to accept the item right away within a few days and they can only return for quality, not if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Versus eBay I think gives the buyer 45 days? And will let them return for any reason. Craziness.

So anyway, I’ve been pretty happy with my Poshmark experience! But if you want to be a great Posher, search for the “Once a Day and Done, 30 Minute Method” – that’s what I’m doing and it works!

American Eagle tee, Express shorts

burnout tee | my shorts are old, but I highly recommend these!

In other news, it was chilly this morning! Finally! I put this flatlay together yesterday, because I was pretty excited to get 2 new pairs of running shorts in the mail – and new running shoes!  I stopped running for the most part the last 6 weeks or so because it got really hot and muggy down here. I’ve had some issues with my left hip/knee hurting, so I didn’t want to push it in the heat and also with my old running shoes. I was due for some new ones, and decided to go with a pair of Nikes. I usually always run in Brooks or Asics, but these Nike Pegasus have had great reviews in the past, and are the appropriate “type” of shoe for my foot, so I figured why not? I love the way they look also! They come in a couple others colors and are on sale! And ya’ll have heard me rave about the running shorts below. I like them better than Nike Tempo shorts. They are less “blousey” and fit better for some reason. And you can’t be the $17 price tag that is usually always at a discount also!

Nike Pegasus 35, Old Navy Active running shorts, Old Navy Active Jacket

jacket | running shoes | running shorts

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