Saturday Sales

Guys, I’m so so excited to bring back ‘Saturday Sales’ and ‘Sunday Wish Lists’ to the blog on the weekends! I had to stop for the longest time because the days of Polyvore came to an end. There was no easy way for me to create outfits like below (I don’t own Adobe photoshop or anything like that), and I was really bummed. It was one of my favorite ways to create outfits and share them on the blog! However, rejoice!  A new company took over allowing a way to create outfits like below, but it wasn’t very user friendly at first. Originally, you could only use their actual database of items to create an outfit (and unfortunately no items loaded were from stores I shop at), so it wasn’t a viable option. Just recently they’ve made it pretty user friendly. I still takes me a little longer than Polyvore (you have to manually upload links/photos), but it works! And I guess in the long run that’s all that matters. I’m a pretty happy camper! ❤️

tie-front sweater | scarf | peacoat | earrings | jeans | necklace | bag | booties

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