Work Outfit: Faux Leather Skirt

I have been wanting to add this skirt into my closet since last fall. I tried it on in store, fell in love, it has perfect 5 star reviews – but once it went on sale we were getting into the holiday season and I passed it by again….. til now! I finally picked it up over Black Friday and I’m so happy I did!  Faux leather is popular every winter, especially if you live where it’s cold because it’s easy to match with dark tights. This is my first faux leather skirt and it’s a first step out of my comfort zone of ‘normal.’ 😁

I wanted to show you how easy this hue is to pair with about any color sweater also! And of course blouses as well! I did try to pair the skirt with a Christmasy red sweater, but that itself is a no-go. The skirt is kind of a ‘cinnamon/rust’ color, so has an ever so faint hint of red in it already, and the stark contrast was not working. However, burgundy/merlot would work really well. Also, not a kelly green color, but a wintery forest or teal green would work for the holidays.

This rust color seems to still be going strong in stores also, so I imagine you could wear this right into spring with an array of pink hues, and of course a light blue like I wore last.

Also – please disregard the wrinkles. 😊 I took these pictures straight out of the bag after receiving the skirt in the mail – and the crease is from it being folded over. I normally hand steam all of my clothes, but I was terrified to do this with faux leather. (If anyone has experience let me know!). The directions say machine wash, cool iron if needed. So, I think to be safe – I’m going to avoid any heat!

This skirt is also currently on sale still + an extra 40% off! Use code: JINGLE.

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #1:

skirt | sweater (my exact color is from last year) – light gray option

necklace | pumps (old) – very similar

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #2:

skirt | sweater | scarf (old) – love this option | pumps

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #3:

skirt | sweater (old) – option | necklace | pumps

LOFT faux leather skirt

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! xoxo

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