Happy Tuesday friends! One step closer to Friday! Today I’m sharing a few hair styling products I was given the opportunity to try out. The company is called R+Co and I was actually pretty excited for this collaboration – my hair stylist is based out of Brian Goetz salon in downtown Sarasota (highly recommend if you ever need a cut or style while visiting Siesta Key!) and they actually sell these products. My stylist uses them whenever I go in for a a cut or color and they smell SO good!

I made sure to use R+Co products over a period of several days and washes to ensure I still liked them as much as on day 1 as day 3! I’m happy to report, I love them all!


What I tried:

1). Sunset Blvd. shampoo + conditioner

This shampoo/conditioner set is specifically designed with blondes in mind. My hair is artificially colored (lol… did you know?!). My natural hair color is something like a light brunette/dirty blonde. It’s actually probably gray haha – I truly have no idea because I’ve been coloring my hair since high school! I’ve colored my hair to a variation of white blonde to blonde with darker highlights and everything in between. When my hair is really blonde like it is now, it tends to grab on to any minerals in the water, and can turn into a ‘brassy’ color overtime. The Sunset Blvd. shampoo/conditioner set is designed to off-set the brassiness and keep that blonde bright and shiny!

While I used this product for 3 different washes (I only wash my hair every few days) and can be used safely everyday, I think in my case I would want to use a moisturizing product in between washes. Overall these products did their job, and I felt like my hair was brighter and without the brass, but I also tend to get somewhat dry without using a deep moisturizing conditioner (probably from all of the color treatments over the years). Overall, a great shampoo/conditioner for blondes, weather for everyday use or as needed!


2) Trophy Shine texture spray

This product was my absolute favorite!!! I’ve tried so many texture sprays over the years and this one takes the cake! It truly did everything a texture spray is supposed to do after styling, and the added ‘shine’ factor is awesome as well! Critical reviews on Nordstrom’s website say they needed to use a little hairspray after – I needed the same, but since I live in humidville Florida, I always have to hairspray after settling my curls and styling. I would never want a texture spray to do the same job as a hair spray, otherwise my hair would feel like a brick! Another positive – this texture spray smellsĀ amazing! Like the beach!

3) Blow out balm

I loved this product also – I’ve used a variety of ‘does it all’ type products over the years – my favorite being ‘It’s a 10’. I would say this blow out balm is very similar. The one thing I like about it is that it’s a balm, and not a spray. I always feel like sprays don’t cover your entire hair shaft, even after brushing through. With a balm, I can control the product more easily with my hands when applying. This product was highly rated on Nordstrom’s website also!

Parting thoughts:

I truly do recommend giving R+Co products a try! (honest opinion!) I will definitely be a return customer, and can’t wait to try out more product –

visit their website here: R+Co

-xoxo Kecia


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