On Trend: Neon Explosion

Who said neon won’t come back around?! What a fun trend, say 6-7 years ago? I’m thinking circa 2013-2014? And.. it’s back! I went to Pinterest to check out some the old photos of bloggers back in this time – what do you think?! I love that some things are the same ~ the long hair, big sunglasses, tie-front tops, slouchy front tucks, and those scallop shorts! However, hardly anyone wears high heels anymore (I mean, the block heel isĀ way better and way more comfy – get it!), and the sneaker trend has taken over the world. Big necklaces are out (…. I’m guilty and still have quite a few of mine. Can’t let go. Lol.) and I still have the same pink Rebecca Minkoff bag in the middle photo! So I guess, it’s only fair that the neon trend makes it way back into the fashion world. And honestly, I’m okay with that! It’s fun, it’s unique, and who can’t be happy wearing such a fun/bold color?! So, let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite retailers and see what’s out there!

Spring 2020 Neon TrendSpring 2020 Neon Trend


I might as well start with the mothership. Always at the top of the trend-setter line and has the best options ~ I actually ordered the sneakers below – they are on sale!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

blazer | clutch | earrings | sneakers | sweater | handbag


My second favorite haunt ~ I ordered the burnout tee (to go with the sneakers above!) and just received the chino shorts in the mail (in pink)… also on sale!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

burnout tee | long sleeve tee | sweater | earrings | shorts | sneakers


And if you love the blogger-inspired photos from above, let’s recreate some of the looks!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

sweater | espadrilles | tote | sunglasses | denim

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

earrings | belt | shorts | gingham top | mules

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

mint green sweater | earrings | bag | chambray shirt | sneakers | skirt | sandals

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

top | bracelet | shoes | sunglasses | skirt

And that’s a wrap! What do you think of the return of the neon trend? Favorite new item? I think I’m partial to the sneakers and accessories, but can’t pass up a fun new pair of shorts or skirt!

-xoxo, Kecia

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