About the blog

Background:  As you may have noticed on the home page, I am currently in my last year of pharmacy school — I graduate May 2015 (**update:: I graduated! Woohoo!).  When I first started my journey into professional school, I was very confused on what was “professional dress” appropriate.  Initially I thought the only things appropriate to wear included bootcut or flare dress pants, ugly shoes with socks, and a button down shirt.  No bling, no skinny pants, no prints, no fun colors.  Well, this might have been true 10-15 years ago, but I quickly realized times had changed and I started experimenting with my closet.  The result: getting dressed for work was much more exciting and I didn’t constantly feel like I just wanted to run home and change asap because I hated my outfit!  I truly do feel if you are comfortable and happy with how you look that it radiates onto the rest of your day, whether at work, home, with friends, or wherever.

A couple of years ago I started to follow Pinterest and fashion blogs like the rest of the world, and quickly noticed things I liked about certain blogs… and didn’t like about other blogs. I loved the blogs that I could relate to and apply to my everyday life.  I also loved the bloggers that seemed to not only “dress for the blog.”  At this point I decided to start posting my own “daily” outfits on Instagram in order to see how I liked living a semi-blog lifestyle.  Thanks to my little IG family, friends, and supportive husband (whom allows me an extra 10 minutes every morning to snap a few photos and quickly make a post lol), my blog started to evolve.

So, here we are!  My posts are real-life, what I actually wore, outfits.  I do pull inspirations from other bloggers I follow, Pinterest, magazines, celebrities, and sometimes from my little head that *thinks* (and hopes) it’s working! Thank you for visiting and any feedback about the blog, my outfits, or whatever is always appreciative!

About me
So I’m in my dirty 30’s. Yup, I said it! You are probably wondering “why the heck is she just now graduating from school?”  Well, I have sort of been a professional student.  I’m originally from Indiana and completed 8 years of college (and 4 degrees) before realizing I was just buying time.  I wasn’t happy with the direction I was heading in.  My biggest degree was a M.S. in Biology, but pretty much that buys me A) med school B) time in a lab or C) teaching.  None of which suited my fancy. I started working as a pharmacy technician at your three-letter local pharmacy chain during my undergrad years to just “have a job.”  Turns out, I kinda liked it!  So in 2009 I moved to Ohio and now finally getting ready to graduate with (hopefully) my final degree as a pharmacist.

My husband also worked for said three-letter pharmacy chain back in Indiana, working toward his B.S. in Biology.  Upon graduation he moved with me to Ohio and is graduating by my side in May.  We have decided that Indiana and Ohio weather do not suit us and are moving to southwest Florida in May after graduating.  I’m hoping the blog moves outside at that point and becomes much more eye appealing. 🙂

My other loves:  I have 2 rat terriers and a few horses.  I show AQHA for those that recognize what that means.  I started riding when I was 3 years old and horses are and always will be a true passion in my life. My husband and I are avid Beachbody (p90x, Insanity, Body Beast, etc.) enthusiasts and highly recommend all of their programs!  We run 5ks and play golf when time allows also.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!  Feel free to contact me here. 🙂


Sometimes this blog will contain affiliate links through ShopStyle. What the heck does that mean you ask?  If you click on an affiliate link I may receive a small commission (a few cents) for every click you make. Although I started this blog as a hobby, every penny counts to go toward student loans, and pennies add up, so I certainly want you to know about it!


  1. Yea! I get to be the first to post on what I'm sure will be an amazing blog! I love your fashion! You always help give me the inspiration I need to figure out outfits without staring at my closet for an hour �� It also works out pretty well since our closets seem to be pretty similar haha. Signed your biggest fan (besides Nick of course)!

  2. Awww thank you!!! I sure hope it ends up staying fun and being successful someday! LOL and yes we do have so much of the same clothes! Hopefully down in Florida I can find some new brands to shop also and introduce us to! 🙂