Work Outfit: Faux Leather Skirt

I have been wanting to add this skirt into my closet since last fall. I tried it on in store, fell in love, it has perfect 5 star reviews – but once it went on sale we were getting into the holiday season and I passed it by again….. til now! I finally picked it up over Black Friday and I’m so happy I did!  Faux leather is popular every winter, especially if you live where it’s cold because it’s easy to match with dark tights. This is my first faux leather skirt and it’s a first step out of my comfort zone of ‘normal.’ 😁

I wanted to show you how easy this hue is to pair with about any color sweater also! And of course blouses as well! I did try to pair the skirt with a Christmasy red sweater, but that itself is a no-go. The skirt is kind of a ‘cinnamon/rust’ color, so has an ever so faint hint of red in it already, and the stark contrast was not working. However, burgundy/merlot would work really well. Also, not a kelly green color, but a wintery forest or teal green would work for the holidays.

This rust color seems to still be going strong in stores also, so I imagine you could wear this right into spring with an array of pink hues, and of course a light blue like I wore last.

Also – please disregard the wrinkles. 😊 I took these pictures straight out of the bag after receiving the skirt in the mail – and the crease is from it being folded over. I normally hand steam all of my clothes, but I was terrified to do this with faux leather. (If anyone has experience let me know!). The directions say machine wash, cool iron if needed. So, I think to be safe – I’m going to avoid any heat!

This skirt is also currently on sale still + an extra 40% off! Use code: JINGLE.

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #1:

skirt | sweater (my exact color is from last year) – light gray option

necklace | pumps (old) – very similar

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #2:

skirt | sweater | scarf (old) – love this option | pumps

LOFT faux leather skirt

Outfit #3:

skirt | sweater (old) – option | necklace | pumps

LOFT faux leather skirt

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! xoxo

Work Outfit Roundup

Hi friends! Today I just wanted to share a few work outfits from the past week! My yellow skirt, utility jeans, and corduroy dress are still on major sale! Have you guys started thinking about the holidays yet? For whatever reason, I’m ready to skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. Maybe it’s because I’ve had our house decorated for fall since the end of August, but I think I might bring out the Christmas decor soon! I made a Target run today also – their dollar spot holiday decor is fabulous! And if you’re a book nerd like yours truly, books are buy 2 get 1 free!

My current book lineup:

Now for outfit details!

Outfit #1:

LOFT skirt, 1901 sweater

skirt: LOFT | striped sweater: Nordstrom | cardigan: J.Crew (old) – option

necklace: J.Crew Factory | flats: Kate Spade (old) – option

Outfit #2:

Banana Republic ribbed sweater, Banana Republic utility jeans, Adidas superstar sneakers

jeans: Banana Republic | sweater: Banana Republic | sneakers: Adidas

necklace (old): option

Outfit #3:

Express corduroy dress, J.Crew Factory top

dress: Express | top: J.Crew Factory | necklace: J.Crew Factory

loafers: Express

Work Outfit: Neon Yellow

Well hi guys! Are you awake now seeing these photos?! Ha! I’m secretly in love with the bright neon colors that are popular this season. It’s almost like a breath of fresh air. Don’t get me wrong – I love fall jewel tones! – but to mix it  up a little is pretty awesome. My 2 favorite bright colors right now are this neon yellow-green color (citron?), and also this same sweater comes in a “fuchsia purple”  as well. I loved both. Couldn’t decide. But I already had the outfit put together in my head with for the neon yellow color with this gray skirt, so that’s what I went with. I have the fuchsia color on my wish list in a different sweater (here).

*sizing: Sweater and skirt fit TTS. My only regret is not ordering the sweater in my petite size, because you can see the arms are a tad long. I pulled the sleeves down for the picture, but honestly I usually push my sweaters up a little on my arms anyway at work, so it doesn’t bother me too much. The skirt waist is really stretchy and I have both size 4 and 6 in my closet in numerous colors and both fit well (I’m normally a size 28/6).

Banana Republic ribbed sweater, J.Crew Factory wool sidewalk skirt, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Banana Republic ribbed sweater, J.Crew Factory wool sidewalk skirt, Rebecca Minkoff bag

Banana Republic ribbed sweater, J.Crew Factory wool sidewalk skirt, Rebecca Minkoff bag


sweater: Banana Republic | skirt: J.Crew Factory | earrings: Sugarfix

bag: Rebecca Minkoff (old) – very similar | pumps (old) – option

Work Outfit: Favorite Plaid Skirt

This picture is older, but I just had to share my favorite (and easiest to style) windowpane plaid skirt for work is back in stock at the LOFT Outlet store!  I love that they re-release past favorites via the Outlet, and maybe even put their own spin on things. Right now they are having a great sale and this skirt is only $27! You can also save an extra $20 off $100 if you find more goodies! (Like the corduroy skirt I share every fall because it’s a closet must have!). If you prefer to stay with the regular LOFT store, their version this season is the ‘flippy skirt‘ in the same windowpane print. Hope you all have a great weekend!

LOFT flutter sleeve green top, LOFT plaid skirt, A New Day snakeskin bag


skirt: LOFT | top (old): color options here and here | necklace: JCF

bag: Target | pumps (old): option


Fall Work Outfit Ideas

Hi friends! Well, I never intended to take this long to post back on the blog. I was really trying to keep it up with Instagram and keep the spaces somewhat separate, reserve true blog posts for this space only, but when it comes down to it, I’m pretty sure I could write about a good flatlay as much as I could a regular outfit! So, here we are. 🙂 If you’ve been following me for the past few years, you know I always try this or that with the blog and never quite know where the wind is going to blow from month to month –  ha!

Fall Work Outfit Ideas

So today I wanted to share a few outfits I put together – some pieces are old, some are new – some you might recognize from last fall that I’ve held on to. All are relative to this year’s fall season. The top color/print trends I’ve noticed right now are 1) snakeskin 2) leopard 3) varying shades of rust/marigold – and the shades in between (almost kind of a burnt orange color). Leopard is always a tried and true fall print, however I really love that snakeskin is having a moment (in small doses anyway!). Plaid is always, always hot in the fall so expect to see some new prints and shades hit the blog soon!

Outfit #1:

A mock neck top is always a go-to for early fall. You can still pull it off in the warmer months with the AC blasting, or if your area cools down early then you are comfortable without feeling claustrophobic like with a turtleneck. My top below I picked up at H&M for only $13! It comes in 4 color options – check out the vibrant bright red color for more of a summer color – it tucks in perfectly to a work skirt like below. I paired it with a dark skirt and leopard pumps for a true fall look, but bring out the caramel, ivory, and black for even more fall looks!

H&M ribbed mock neck top, Ann Taylor chambray belted skirt, A New Day leopard pumps

top: H&M | skirt: Ann Taylor (old) – another option | pumps: Target | earrings: Amazon

Outfit #2:

I was so happy when I saw Old Navy brought back these plaid pants! I picked these up last fall and they were probably my most worn work pant in my closet. The coloring is hard to see, but it’s a blend of black, white, and a lavender/orchid color. It pairs well with almost anything to the point you would never really know the purple color is in the pattern. I paired them with a summer tee, to carry over the warm weather into fall.

LOFT peplum tee, Old Navy plaid pixie pants

pants: Old Navy | tee: LOFT | necklace: Kendra Scott | pumps (old): option

Outfit #3:

You can’t have at least one fall outfit without a good camel colored sweater! I’ve had the sweater I’m wearing for years and years. It’s merino wool and works in every season. I paired it here with a mini corduroy skirt and pink flats for a little fall transition, but heck there are so many color options to be had! The best merino sweater I know of is the Tippi sweater from J.Crew. It always comes in a ton of color options, including at least one camel version!

Banana Republic merino wool sweater, J.Crew Factory corduroy skirt, Steve Madden crocodile feather loafers

sweater (old): very similar option | skirt: JCF (old) – similar option

 flats: Steve Madden (newer colors here) | earrings: Amazon | neckerchief: Old Navy

Outfit #4:

And last, but not least lets go with the snakeskin accessory! So, as mentioned above – I can only handle the snakeskin in small or muted doses. I love the accessories – I have a new Target bag (here) that I’m carrying everywhere these days. On my wish list is a snakeskin belt (like this one). I paired my old snakeskin flats with olive and white to start out with, but I intend to keep playing with outfits! Check out the snakeskin flat option below – I own these same Express loafers in a camel color and I wore them to death last year! For the price, they are very good quality.

Old Navy tank top, J.Crew Factory Clare cardigan, LOFT olive pants, Me Too snakeskin flats

flats (old): love this option | tank: Old Navy (old) – option | cardigan: JCF

pants: LOFT – newest version | necklace: JCF | belt (old) – option

Work Outfit: Green & Mustard

If you follow me on Insta, you’ll see I styled this top with red flats earlier this week ~ I saw Pinterest inspiration styling green and mustard together with polka dots and decided to try it for myself! A little louder outfit then I’m used to, but still loved the result! My top is currently 50% off! You do need a nude bra with this blouse. Not champagne, not white, but straight up nude. Reviews suggest a nude bra will not work, but I don’t think those reviewers wore an actual nude bra lol. I usually wear a cardigan anyway, so I stayed comfortable all day at work like this. I’m wearing petite sizing, but think regular or petite sizes would have worked.

LOFT polka dot blouse, Joe's jeans, Old Navy mustard flats, Banana Republic green cardigan


top: LOFT | jeans: Joe’s | flats: Old Navy

cardigan: Banana Republic (old) – NSale option | necklace: BP (old) – new arrival option

Work Outfit: Boucle Shift Skirt

Hi friends! Today is a busy week with upcoming sales! The coveted Nordstrom Anniversary Sale kicks off July 12th for cardmembers, and Amazon Prime Day is July 15-16th! I have access to the full list of sale items included in the #NSale ~ lots of basics and layering pieces. If you live where there is actually fall weather in the fall (jokes on me.. ugh…), this sale is for you! Think fall coats, cardigans, boots, you name it! Unfortunately, I don’t get to enjoy the sale like I used now that we live down in Florida. I usually go for the work flats, seasonal booties I can wear year round, blouses for work, etc. I can’t wait to start piecing outfits together once the sale kicks off! Regarding Amazon Prime day – it’s all new for me! I’ve only recently started purchasing women’s clothing and jewelry from Amazon, so I’ll be a virigin Primer. 🙂 Can’t wait to share my finds!

Today’s blog outfit is featuring this beautiful boucle shift skirt for work. I actually found it on a random day I actually made it to our local mall in person! I feel like I haven’t had time to do that in months! Everything at LOFT on sale is currently an extra 60% off, including this skirt and sweater.

Sizing: skirt and sweater fit TTS.

LOFT boucle shift skirt, LOFT short sleeve sweater, Kate Spade denim flats, J.Crew Factory necklace

LOFT boucle shift skirt, LOFT short sleeve sweater, Kate Spade denim flats, J.Crew Factory necklace

LOFT boucle shift skirt, LOFT short sleeve sweater, Kate Spade denim flats, J.Crew Factory necklace

skirt: LOFT | sweater: LOFT | flats: Kate Spade (old) – newest KS flats

necklace: JCF (old) – option | bracelet: JCF (old) – option | earrings: Target

Work Outfit: Tweed Skirt

I styled this skirt first in a flatlay (here) using a basic white top and navy blue details. Here I put together just a slightly different outfit using a navy blue top and gold details. Both very similar, but just a touch different. A black top would look nice also. My skirt is still on fantastic sale and an extra 50% off, making it only $18! For the price, this is a really nice skirt for work.

I also wanted to make sure I took a top-down selfie photo featuring these faux leather earrings! I’ve been coveting the brand Nickel and Suede for sometime, but I just can’t wrap my head around wearing leather on my ears. I can appreciate a good quality leather shoe that doesn’t tear up my feet, but I’ve become pretty conscientious when it comes to leather elsewhere in my life (i.e. vegan handbags). Consumerism in itself is not good for the environment, but I do what I can – and if it means buying faux leather earrings to satisfy my love for fashion, and help save the Earth, by all means! 🙂

So, anyway – this is not the place to rise on a soap box, but just wanted to share how much I love these earrings! They are extremely lightweight and from Amazon – so the price is $13 for 8 earrings!  Most of the colors are perfect for fall, but the white, gold, rose gold, and rustic color are on trend for this summer.

Sizing: Top and skirt fit TTS.

Amazon 3/4 Boatneck Tee, LOFT tweed skirt, Kate Spade denim flats, Faux Leather earrings

Amazon 3/4 Boatneck Tee, LOFT tweed skirt, Kate Spade denim flats, Faux Leather earrings

Amazon 3/4 Boatneck Tee, LOFT tweed skirt, Kate Spade denim flats, Faux Leather earrings


top: Amazon | skirt: LOFT | earrings: Amazon

flats: Kate Spade | bracelet: Kate Spade

Work Outfit: Button Shoulder Sweater

Most days when I go to work, I just want to be comfortable. I want to look put together, but without any extra frills. That usually means I grab a top (or bottom) of interest and pair it with something boring. Throw on some go-to jewelry and head out the door. Work days can be especially stressful when my husband and I both work and need to get extra attention to the new pup. Our 2 senior pups that just passed were extra easy. Potty, morning walk, breakfast, potty, nap. Reid follows the same schedule, but needs more attention to get that extra burst of energy out before we leave. Which means if I have a closing shift, I’m outside at noon playing ‘puppy’ trying not to become soaked in sweat when I finally leave the house. 😂

That all said, this was the perfect outfit when I didn’t leave for work til early afternoon. This sweater is great for air conditioning and has that ‘structured, put together look’ to it, when all I did was throw it on. I paired it with some fun olive denim to add a little flare, but otherwise everything else was my simple go-to formula (earrings, loafers, bracelet, watch). The shoulder button detail is what really makes the sweater look complete. No need to add chunky jewelry! The sweater also comes in a navy blue striped color and plain ivory.

Today LOFT has another awesome sale! 40-50% most items, and this sweater is on sale + an extra 50% off!

Sizing: Sweater and jeans fit TTS.

LOFT Button Tab Sweater, Old Navy pop color olive skinny jeans, Steve Madden loafers

LOFT Button Tab Sweater, Old Navy pop color olive skinny jeans, Steve Madden loafers

LOFT Button Tab Sweater, Old Navy pop color olive skinny jeans, Steve Madden loafers


sweater: LOFT | denim: Old Navy | earrings: Nordstrom (old) – option

loafers: Steve Madden | bracelet: JCF (old) – option

Work Outfit: Belted Skirt

I guess I’m on a chambray skirt kick on the blog today! I also wanted to share a more traditional look for work. I came across this belted skirt at Ann Taylor last week on major clearance – sizes are limited, but still quite a few petite sizes remain. I actually ordered my regular size initially, but ended up exchanging for petite which fit me a lot better. I paired it with this simple linen tee and matching necklace. Pretty much the options are endless with a skirt like this!

AT has a couple other belted skirt options in the same style, but different color options available here and here.

Ann Taylor linen petal sleeve tee, Ann Taylor chambray belted skirt

Ann Taylor linen petal sleeve tee, Ann Taylor belted chambray skirt

skirt: Ann Taylor | tee: Ann Taylor | necklace: J.Crew Factory (old) – option

earrings: Target | flats: Kate Spade (old) – similar

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