Friday Flatlays

Hello friends! As you’ve seen, I’ve been posting a lot of new outfit photos this week on blog. I’ve stepped away from flatlays and concentrated more so on showing you what the outfits actually look like! I hope that’s actually a good thing. 🙂

I’ve still put together several flatlays over the last week, I’ve just shared them Instagram each day and figured it would be nice to get back to “Flatlay Fridays” on the blog! I used to do this months ago (years ago? lol who knows), and I enjoyed doing this weekly roundup. I didn’t get to take many #ootd photos this past week, but I’m thinking of dedicating Thursday to ‘daily outfits’ of some sort also. It really all just comes down to work (meh). Thankfully I think our 12-13 hour work days are coming to an end for the next few months, so I’ll have a couple hours each day for the blog. Which excites me always!

Outfit #1:

Banana Republic ribbed sweater, J.Crew Factory sidewalk skirt, J.Crew Factory necklace, Sam Edelman velvet flats, Kate Spade bag

Sweater: Banana Republic | Skirt: J.Crew Factory | Necklace: J.Crew Factory

flats: Sam Edelman | bag (old): option

Outfit #2:

Merona curved hem cardigan, Sole Society clutch, Merona pumps, Kendra Scott Rayne necklace, Joe's Jeans

cardigan: Target | top (old): option | necklace: Kendra Scott | clutch (old): option

Jeans: Joes’s | pumps (old): option

Outfit #3:

top: Good Luck Gem | jeans: J.Crew Factory | earrings: Target | mules (old): option | bag: Sole Society

Outfit #4:

H&M sweater, Old Navy Rockstart jeans, Sole Society bag, Vince Camuto booties

sweater (old): option | jeans: Old Navy | booties (old): option | bag (old): option

Monday Mood

I hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was lazy, lazy. My husband and I are on a stay-cation this week, but it’s also his birthday week – so I’m kind of letting him run the show. Which means we sleep late and might do this, or might do that, or who knows haha! So my day started in this comfy, crazy soft tee and shorts working on my Poshmark closet – do you guys sell clothes there? I’ve only just started. Poshmark claims to be a very “social” page, so I searched (aka googled lol) what that really means yesterday. I recommend doing the same! I found some great algorithms that help you get share your “closet” to other Poshers! Apparently it works, because I had several offers and bundles (where buyers can put items from your closet together into a bundle and make an offer) just over night. Before that, I was maybe selling one item a week. Not enough to even really bother with it. I’ve sold things on eBay for the last 15 years (*secret: I’ve always been a huge shopaholic. Since I was like 12 haha). I figured out really quick in my early 20s when I slowly started to take over my parents burden that I needed to sell to buy new. So, I’ve sold on eBay for a long, long time.  But over the last couple of years they’ve burned their bridge with me. Poshmark requires the buyer to accept the item right away within a few days and they can only return for quality, not if it doesn’t fit perfectly. Versus eBay I think gives the buyer 45 days? And will let them return for any reason. Craziness.

So anyway, I’ve been pretty happy with my Poshmark experience! But if you want to be a great Posher, search for the “Once a Day and Done, 30 Minute Method” – that’s what I’m doing and it works!

American Eagle tee, Express shorts

burnout tee | my shorts are old, but I highly recommend these!

In other news, it was chilly this morning! Finally! I put this flatlay together yesterday, because I was pretty excited to get 2 new pairs of running shorts in the mail – and new running shoes!  I stopped running for the most part the last 6 weeks or so because it got really hot and muggy down here. I’ve had some issues with my left hip/knee hurting, so I didn’t want to push it in the heat and also with my old running shoes. I was due for some new ones, and decided to go with a pair of Nikes. I usually always run in Brooks or Asics, but these Nike Pegasus have had great reviews in the past, and are the appropriate “type” of shoe for my foot, so I figured why not? I love the way they look also! They come in a couple others colors and are on sale! And ya’ll have heard me rave about the running shorts below. I like them better than Nike Tempo shorts. They are less “blousey” and fit better for some reason. And you can’t be the $17 price tag that is usually always at a discount also!

Nike Pegasus 35, Old Navy Active running shorts, Old Navy Active Jacket

jacket | running shoes | running shorts

Laid Back Florals

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a minute! I was trying to re-organize blog posts to be more convenient with work this past week. I would eventually like to utilize my blog space for true blog outfit posts (outdoor photos), trends, sales to talk about, etc… and use Instagram more so for quick outfit creations, like flatlays and #ootd prompts, so I’m not over-loading the blog so much. I love creating outfits, and constantly have ideas – some better than others ha! – but trying to keep up posting 3x per day constantly and driving Instagram ended up being too much. You really gotta make this a full-time job lol!  So anyway, I  just decided it’s easier to post when I have time – sometimes once a day, sometimes 3x a day – who knows, but I’ll keep it on all platforms at the same time. Whether flatlay, #ootd, or outfit post – hopefully you like something I share! 😁

Today’s flatlay is geared more toward my southern girls – an outfit we can actually wear right now ha! We are still seeing record highs in the south, but *crossing fingers* we have a cool down next week. And when I say “cool down”, I mean 80/65 haha. So perfect weather for the outfit below! I’m not one to wear a short peplum tank like this by itself, but throw a chunky cardigan over top (you know, to make me feel less like I’m 12 and more like I’m 36 lol), and I love it! I would say you probably need to be 5’5″ or shorter for length-wise comfort on the tank. I’m 5’2″ and it still fell well below my mid-rise jeans (more so if you go hi-rise), but could see it fitting uncomfortably short if you are taller. But hey, you own what makes you feel good! This chunky cardigan is really soft and was a no-brainer for me to pair with the tank. It’s a little over-sized, but I took my regular size still. I also took my regular size in the tank top.

Express denim, American Eagle floral tank, American Eagle cardigan, Universal Thread sandals


top: American Eagle

cardigan: American Eagle

jeans: Express

sandals: Target (designer version on super sale here)


Work Look: Fall Bloom Skirt

So many floral patterns out this fall season. September saw the release of big floral, almost “chunky” like patterns, and now tiny bloom patterns are the trend. I personally love them both, but this skirt caught my eye (now on sale), because it’s got a color scheme that works year round. It reminds me of a mix of fall & spring with the dark base ~ and then a swirl of blues, pinks, neutrals, and greens.

J.Crew Factory floral pleated mini skirt, J.Crew Factory bell sleeve sweater, Sole Society cutout pumps, Sole Society bow bag, J.Crew Factory blue crystal necklace


skirt: J.Crew Factory

sweater (old): pretty bow option, option, turtleneck option

bag: Sole Society, option, option

pumps (old): option, option, option


Buffalo Plaid: 4 Ways

The buffalo plaid shirt I shared from Old Navy last week (here) was so popular, I thought I’d share 4 ways to style this pretty blue buffalo version!  The Old Navy top has a ruffle peplum hem, so a little less versatile. The blue plaid below is just a regular style button down and can be styled numerous ways with jeans and skirts. Here are a few ideas I had below ~ 2 causal + 2 work options. Hope your week is off to a good start!


Casual Style #1:

Banana Republic buffalo plaid Dillon shirt, LOFT denim, Purple Peridot leopard clutch, A New Day studded mules

shirt: Banana Republic (petite option here)

jeans: LOFT

mules: Target

bracelet (old): option

clutch (old): option


Casual Style #2:

Banana Republic buffalo plaid Dillon shirt, Steve Madden Lancaster booties

shirt: Banana Republic (petite option here)

necklace: Kendra Scott

booties: Steve Madden

jeans: Free People

tee (old): option


Work Style #1:

Banana Republic Dillon buffalo plaid shirt, J.Crew Factory wool sidewalk skirt, Sugarfix Baublebar earrings, Merona pumps

shirt: Banana Republic (petite option here)

earrings: Target

skirt: J.Crew Factory

pumps (old): option

bracelet (old): option

necklace (old): option


Work Style #2:

Banana Republic buffalo plaid Dillon shirt, Joe's Jeans Vixen, Sam Edelman Lorraine leopard loafers, Sole Society Girard bag

shirt: Banana Republic (petite option here)

earrings: Target

loafers: Sam Edelman

bag (old): option

jeans: Joe’s

Fall Look: Mauve Ruffles

Free People mauve ruffle top

Free People. Quickly becoming one of my most favorite brands. They just kind of fit my lifestyle. I dress up(ish) for work, and then want all the comfort with a little bit of style for my days off. Free People fits that perfectly.  I’ve had my eye on several of their thermals, but since the weather is still hella hot I’ve been holding off.

However, this top caught my eye a couple weeks ago and the beautiful mauve color was perfect and it had to come home with me! It has thumbholes also which I love ~ kind of like fake mittens. 😂

 I do recommend going down one size. I also have to wear this one with a bralette (or camisole), but I think depending on your cup size you could get away without either. I honestly just pop my bralette over my regular bra and it feels the same as wearing a camisole with a bra shelf. And if mauve isn’t your color, it comes in tons of solid colors and a couple striped options also!

Free People ruffle thermal top


top: Free People (also in stripes!)

jeans: J.Crew Factory

booties: Target

clutch (old): option

earrings: Target


Fall Look: Buffalo Plaid


LOFT lace shell top, Accessory Concierge necklace, Hinge ruffle cardigan, Sole Society bag, Vince Camuto booties, Express denim


top (old): option

cardigan (old): option

necklace: Accessory Concierge

jeans: Express

booties: Vince Camuto

bag (old): option


Fall Look: Buffalo Plaid

Is this one step too far into fall already? I mean, it’s October, so all holiday plaids are fair game… right? 😁 I just love buffalo plaid, and the traditional red/black print gets me every year! I usually go for a flannel shirt or maybe vest version, but fell in love with this peplum shirt. I do recommend sizing down one – it’s low cut enough also that I will probably wear with a camisole underneath (it’s pretty flowy so you won’t feel constricted). I paired it here with traditional cognac & black detail (with a pop of leopard), but think it would look nice with dark blue jeans also.

Old Navy buffalo plaid peplum shirt, Ann Taylor leggings, Merona pumps, Kendra Scott filigree necklace, Sugarfix earrings, Purple Peridot clutch


top: Old Navy

leggings: Ann Taylor (mine are from last season)

earrings: Sugarfix

necklace: Kendra Scott

clutch (old): similar

pumps (old): similar


Work Look: Houndstooth Skirt


Express camo jacket, GAP velvet trim striped tee, BlankNYC denim shorts


tee: GAP

shorts: BlankNYC (very similar)

sandals: Tory Burch

jacket: Express (mine is older version), great option, option


Work Look: Houndstooth Skirt

Hi friends! Took a few days off from the blogging world. It was my weekend to work, combined with shifts Friday + Monday, and just couldn’t bring myself to blog yesterday first thing or late last night. I love this little space of mine, but sometimes a bowl of ice cream plus a good movie wins. That was my world last night. 🙂

I’m trying to also figure out a few ways to keep my blog a little more interesting. I used to post full outdoor blog photos when I could – or inside if the husband/photographer wasn’t available – but  creating flatlays has gotten so much easier for me the last few months. If you’ve read my blog from the beginning, you know I’ve lived in 5 different houses since 2015! We moved from Findlay, OH (where we went to pharm school) to Florida and the blog started in our rental home while we were in school. I used the “gym” room with a blank wall and on carpet lol. From there we moved down to Florida in May 2015, and took some outdoor photos but we were staying in my dad’s winter home which had fantastic lighting, and used a blank wall there. With their high ceilings, it worked out really well. We eventually built our own “first” home together down here, and kinda did the same thing. However we ended up hating that neighborhood and only stayed for about 18 months before selling our house (It was a senior citizen community… or they wanted it to be… we had no idea!). My dad had also sold his house and moved into a villa in a different neighborhood which we ultimately moved into as well. So we sold our first home in April 2017, moved into my dad’s villa, and waited for a current home to finish building. Being a villa, it didn’t have great light. My flatlay journey started there. And now we have been in our current home just over a year and I have yet to figure out the lighting. It’s one of those houses where the sun comes up in the front of those, and sets in the back. But all of our big windows are in the back of the house. So, it’s tricky. Mornings are a no go. But so are early evenings. Our bedroom where I have that big mirror also sits in the back of the house, so I have about a 3 hour window to entertain photos from 1-4 pm ~ probably the worst part of the day because I’m never home then ha!

Anyway, enough rambling ~ I just want to get back to a variety of photos for the blog. I love creating flatlays, but somehow seeing the outfit on the person (at least for me), gives me a whole other feel for how the outfit looks and wears. So stay tuned ~ hopefully I’ll have time later this week to take some different types of outfit photos!

Ann Taylor tweed houndstooth skirt, J.Crew Factory long sleeve white tee, Banana Republic floral blouse, Merona pumps, Sole Society Girard bag


skirt: Ann Taylor

tee: J.Crew Factory

bag: Sole Society (in brown), love this option in black

scarf (really old): love these options here and here

pumps (old): similar


Fall Look: Athleisure

A pretty simple look today, but one I wanted to talk about because it has some new favorites! These sneakers are a steal for only $65! They come in a bazillion colors and perfect for everyday wear. My leggings and zip-up jacket are currently 40% off for cardholders!  And my sunglasses are only $14. Athleisure is just so easy. It’s one of my favorite things to wear when the husband is working, I’m home alone, and errands call that I really just want to get done asap so I can come home and blog, read, or do anything not related to errands. 😝

Nike Tanjun sneakers, Old Navy black leggings, Old Navy zip up jacket, BP sunglasses


sneakers: Nike

jacket: Old Navy

pants: Old Navy

sunglasses: BP (Nordstrom)

Work Look: Floral & Corduroy


LOFT sweater tank, LOFT burgundy pants, LOFT mules, Jessica Simpson bag, Baublebar druzy pendant necklace


sweater tank: LOFT

denim (old): very similar, very similar

mules: LOFT

necklace: Baublebar

bag: Nordstrom Rack

Work Look: Floral & Corduroy

A nice reader commented the other day how much she loves work looks ~ and it made me realize how much I’ve really cut the work looks out of my blog the last few months since my employer went all “wear whatever you want.” I mean, they said no sweat pants, but when they leave the book open from there it’s kinda hard not to take that to heart! 😂

If you’ve read about the back story of my blog up in the “about” section, I started writing and putting outfits together back in 2015 when I graduated pharmacy school and they ingrained it into our heads we needed to dress professionally. I took that to heart and really pushed putting professional (think lots of pencil skirts), but fun outfits together. I loved it. Getting dressed for work was my favorite part of the day. I still have probably 30 pencil skirts in my closet, but since then we moved from the midwest to Florida (where everything is more laid back), and also my employer was really only business casual to begin with – and now straight up casual dress. When I’m working 13 hour days on my feet, it’s really hard to put on anything more than just jeans, flats, and whatever top suits me that day. However, we are getting into our “busy” season down here in Florida, and I’ve had a real itch to get back to dressing up a little more. Busy season means we get more pharmacist overlap – meaning I’ll work more days through the week – but my hours go down to 7-8 hour shifts so we don’t all slit our wrists! 😂

After all that babble, what I really wanted to say was I miss putting together fun work outfits with skirts and dress pants. I’m trying to sell most of my pencil skirts now on Poshmark because it’s just too hard to “run” (literally) in a pencil skirt when it’s really busy. However, shift skirts and A-line skirts are still easy to wear – and I truly miss dressing up! I’m also on the hunt for a good plaid dress for fall. I feel like I’ve said this 1000x in the past on the blog, but I need to get back to my “roots” for the blog and post more work outfits! So, here we go!

My skirt is from last fall, but LOFT brought the exact same skirt back this year, but in a slightly darker color. My color is more butternut squash, and the new version is more pumpkin color. The new version is more in line with trends this fall. Which alas, makes sense – heaven forbid we use the same color scheme year after year lol!

Old Navy floral blouse, LOFT corduroy skirt, J.Crew Factory necklace, Merona pumps, Baublebar earrings


skirt: LOFT Outlet

(mine is from last year – slightly different color)

top: Old Navy

necklace (old): option, option

pumps (old): option, option

earrings (old): option, option

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