Sunday Wish List #1

Weekends tend to be a little busier and don’t leave a lot of time to blog. I wanted to choose a couple of “themes” for weekends to keep things interesting.

On Sundays, I thought I’d start with a rendition of a “wish list” of items I’ve been coveting, but maybe are too expensive or I’m waiting on a sale to pull the plug and purchase (always wait for the sale).

On Saturdays, I want to work on “what I wish I was wearing” posts.  I’ve been purchasing things here and there to get ready for spring, but haven’t worn anything yet since it’s still the Polar Arctic where I’m currently living.  But, how can you resist all the pretty spring colors in stores right now?! (I can’t!).  I’ve also got a long, HOT, summer ahead of me (basically forever), so I haven’t felt quite as guilty stocking up on shorts and summer dresses when I see things I love. 🙂

So here goes, Sunday Wish List #1! (links to each item below)

Sunday Wish List #1

1.  Navy blue handbag:
Since I’ve been back in school, I really haven’t kept many handbags in my closet.  I would buy a one or two expensive versions a year, and then sell them for a new one each season. It worked nicely since I rarely carried one since my time was spent studying and in class the last few years.  Since I’ve recently been traveling more often and time is finally coming to graduate, I’ve been lurking around the handbag section more frequently.  I’ve got a few cognac, ivory, black, and now a pink purse added to my collection.  But what about navy?  It’s definitely a neutral in my book.  So, here I am looking for my next handbag!

2.  Pink pants:
They speak for themselves. 

3.  D’Orsay flats:
I have tons of ballet flats and loafers.  But, not one d’Orsay flat.  ((I’m a late bloomer?))

4.  Essie cashmere nail polish
I  kinda love Essie. And this new line will be mine!….. eventually. 🙂

5.  Striped dress
Just because you can never, ever have enough stripes in your closet.

6. Spring colored vest
J. Crew just released a new lightweight vest to their collection.  This one also comes in mint and a light blush color.

7. Maxi dress
Maxi dresses are so perfect in the spring layered with a jean jacket and sandals. Spring around here starts (or never happens) around June 1st, so I will probably hold off on this purchase for a little while.

Weekend Post

Doubles day! 
The first picture was the outfit I wore today to do a little shopping and run some errands around town. The second picture was actually my first outfit post (with the goofy face and pose lol) taken about a week ago that never made it on the blog.  Thought I would share it today. 🙂

Shop this look (1st picture):
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Horsie Shoes

Today’s outfit really isn’t too exciting.  Boring cardigan. Black pants. Semi-interesting lace top. But on my feet… horses!

For those that know me personally, horses are a huge part of my life.  I started riding when I was a wee child of 3 years and it’s stuck with me forever and ever.  So when I saw these flats on clearance, I had to have them. They are somewhat of a wool texture on the outside, and the dark color makes for a good winter loafer.

And if you love them as much as I do, there is a sweatshirt and blouse to match!  If you don’t… well, maybe they will make a dog version. 🙂

Shop this look:

Dreaming of warmer weather…

I purchased this sweater at 50% off on Black Friday.  It’s a tunic, longer in the back, and I love it!  It’s somewhat nautical in nature and 3/4 length sleeves aka so comfy!  But… makes me dream of warmer weather and not very warm itself.  Good news is it will be perfect this spring and it comes in a variety of colors!

I also recently scooped up this bag at almost 40% off!  Again, makes me dream of spring-time and warmer weather!  But, don’t shoot the messenger if you see me carrying it a lot more before spring. 🙂

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Back to work I go!

One of the biggest challenges I face in my profession is mixing style and comfort.  I’m currently on month #6 of clinical rotations for pharmacy school and this month I’m at a retail pharmacy.  My preceptor works 13 hour shifts, thus I work with her on those days.  For those of you that aren’t super familiar with retail pharmacy — the employees work on their feet all day. But I just can’t – just can’t – buy into the whole “clog” world. Not yet. Maybe when I’m 50 and don’t care anymore?

When stores started advertising “a new way to wear a sweatshirt” this past fall, I was on board!  If my feet hurt a little, then I’m all about my top half being comfy. 🙂 The “sweatshirt” I have on today was on super sale and I nabbed it up quickly over the holidays!  And wearing it today…… to work!

Doesn’t it make you feel like summer…. a little?

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Plaid + Stripes

Another casual post today (tomorrow I go back to work 🙁 ) Today is Day #2 in the Instagram style challenge presented by @shannonsa:  Today is plaid + stripes.

((Sorry about the indoor background!  It’s 10 degrees outside and about 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Someday the pictures will be much more eye appealing – promise!))

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Day One

My very first blog post (!!!!):

If you have followed my Instagram account, last week I completed @shannonsa’s weekly style challenge.  This week is her 4th challenge, which is all about plaid. I thought I’d kick off my first blog post with a more casual outfit in lieu of the IG challenge:  Plaid (well close enough, gingham) + leopard.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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