Work Outfit Post: Striped Dress

Inspiration – Pinterest

Today’s post was inspired by something I pinned on Pinterest a few days ago.  I like the grey/black striped dress better in the Pinterest photo, but I was trying to work with what I had in my closet.  Which I’ve been trying to do MUCH more lately!  We are getting ready to move about 1,000 miles south here in 3 months and need to save $$. 🙂 
(Links to same or similar items provided below).
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Dress: Old Navy – same (clearance!!)
Shirt:  Express – same
Necklace: Target (old) – similar
Watch: Michael Kors – same
Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar
Tights:  Target (old) – similar
Boots:  Target (old) – similar
Handbag:  Danielle Nicole – same

Casual Post: J. Crew Buffalo Vest

Instagram challenge today:  it’s #buffaloplaidvestday 🙂

So, you know….

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Vest – J. Crew Factory (old) – J. Crew Version (plain)similarPatagonia

Scarf – Old Navy (old) – similarTargetBeautiful! ($$$)

Cardigan – LOFT – same

T-shirt (that you can’t see) – Old Navy (old) – similarlove!

Legging Jeans – Target (old) – similarsimilarGAP

Boots – Hunter – same

What I Wish I was Wearing #1

For weekend posts I decided to try something a little different since it’s hard to get 7 outfit posts done throughout the week.  I’ve noticed other bloggers I follow will do installments of “what I wish I wore” or “Saturday deals.”

I’m super anxious for Spring to get here (as in yesterday!).  I’ve been watching all my favorite haunts for deals on new spring clothes. I’ve made a few purchases in the last couple of weeks and for Saturday blog posts I thought I’d feature “what I wish I was wearing” outfits that I would love to wear now, but won’t be able to wear for awhile.  If you’re headed out somewhere for spring break, maybe this will help with some outfit ideas as well!

Since I move to Florida in May, these will only be applicable for a few short months, but at that point I can try something new. 🙂

Shop this look:

Dress – Old Navy:  shop same
Jacket – J. Crew Factory:  shop same

Necklace – Kendra Scott:  shop same

Handbag – Target:  shop same

Shoes – Converse:  shop same
Watch – Michael Kors:   shop same

Turtleneck sweater + Leggings

I have definitely learned a couple of things about myself this winter in regards to my wardrobe:

A) I love leggings.  Hello comfort!

B)  I’m not a huge fan of big sweater turtleneck type things (on myself).

I’ve purchased two chunky cowl/turtle neck-type sweaters this season and unfortunately haven’t worn either as much I expected. I love the way they look on women who are taller and more slender than myself, but I just feel like a big blob when I look at this picture.  That being said, this sweater is ultra-soft and super comfy!

Now about those leggings.  These leggings.  They take all of those little areas on your legs that aren’t quite as fabulous as when you were 18, and they put them in the right spot.  So lovely!  I bought them in gray and black…. they are that amazing!

Shop this look:

Turtleneck – Target:  shop same
Leggings – Target:  shop same
Boots – Vince Camuto:  shop same
Handbag – Target:  shop same
Watch – Michael Kors:  shop same

About that vest…

This vest has been a huge staple in my closet this past fall/winter. I wear it all the time.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve maxed out the number of ways to style it… and then I come across an inspiration photo and here I am wearing it again!

My button-down shirt is a really pale pink color, but hard to see in the photo. I like the tiny bit of color it adds to the outfit.

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Vest – J. Crew Factory (sold out) – J. Crew Version
**also try eBay – lots to choose from!
Button down shirt – LOFT (old) – similarsame in white
Jeans – Express (old) – similar
Flats – Tory Burch (old) – updated version
Watch – Michael Kors – shop same

Stripes & Polka Dots

Yesterday’s work outfit was dedicated toward another IG challenge of mixing stripes + polka dots.  I would have rather used a striped blazer over the polka dot shirt (but that wouldn’t work for my job), so I went with plaid pants instead.  It was loud, but worked!  🙂

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Pants – Old Navy (old) – shop same style

Cardigan – LOFT – shop same

Top – Ann Taylor – shop same

Necklace – Charmin Charlie (old) – similar

Handbag – Danielle Nicole – shop same

Shoes – Me Too – shop same

Gold & Silver

I wore this outfit yesterday in order to combine gold & silver for an Instagram challenge.  I’m not one to follow “fashion rules” 100% (e.g. no white after labor day, no black and brown leather, etc.), but mixing gold and silver jewelry was a hard one for my brain to wrap around!  I chose to use a gold-toned belt (with a silver buckle) and a silver-toned watch.  I was willing to accept that mix. 🙂

Can you also see how tired I am in this picture LOL?  Sorry about the shadows!  It was still dark outside when the picture was taken. 😐

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Weekend Post

Doubles day! 
The first picture was the outfit I wore today to do a little shopping and run some errands around town. The second picture was actually my first outfit post (with the goofy face and pose lol) taken about a week ago that never made it on the blog.  Thought I would share it today. 🙂

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Shop this look (2nd picture):

Horsie Shoes

Today’s outfit really isn’t too exciting.  Boring cardigan. Black pants. Semi-interesting lace top. But on my feet… horses!

For those that know me personally, horses are a huge part of my life.  I started riding when I was a wee child of 3 years and it’s stuck with me forever and ever.  So when I saw these flats on clearance, I had to have them. They are somewhat of a wool texture on the outside, and the dark color makes for a good winter loafer.

And if you love them as much as I do, there is a sweatshirt and blouse to match!  If you don’t… well, maybe they will make a dog version. 🙂

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