Back to work I go!

One of the biggest challenges I face in my profession is mixing style and comfort.  I’m currently on month #6 of clinical rotations for pharmacy school and this month I’m at a retail pharmacy.  My preceptor works 13 hour shifts, thus I work with her on those days.  For those of you that aren’t super familiar with retail pharmacy — the employees work on their feet all day. But I just can’t – just can’t – buy into the whole “clog” world. Not yet. Maybe when I’m 50 and don’t care anymore?

When stores started advertising “a new way to wear a sweatshirt” this past fall, I was on board!  If my feet hurt a little, then I’m all about my top half being comfy. 🙂 The “sweatshirt” I have on today was on super sale and I nabbed it up quickly over the holidays!  And wearing it today…… to work!

Doesn’t it make you feel like summer…. a little?

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Plaid + Stripes

Another casual post today (tomorrow I go back to work 🙁 ) Today is Day #2 in the Instagram style challenge presented by @shannonsa:  Today is plaid + stripes.

((Sorry about the indoor background!  It’s 10 degrees outside and about 6 inches of snow on the ground.  Someday the pictures will be much more eye appealing – promise!))

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Day One

My very first blog post (!!!!):

If you have followed my Instagram account, last week I completed @shannonsa’s weekly style challenge.  This week is her 4th challenge, which is all about plaid. I thought I’d kick off my first blog post with a more casual outfit in lieu of the IG challenge:  Plaid (well close enough, gingham) + leopard.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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