Weekend Sales: LOFT 40-50% off almost everything!

LOFT has so many good items available right now! Gimme all the scarfs please! I just ordered a buffalo plaid scarf in the mail during their last sale, and now they have 5 others I have on my wish list. 😂 #FloridaGetColder Included in my order are the mixed media sweatshirt on the top left, plaid ruffle sleeve top on the top right, and the jacquard floral skirt on the bottom left — love them ALL! And can’t wait to style them! I have the yellow/gray plaid skirt now on my wish list. Just need my credit card to take a breather for a minute – ha!

mixed media sweatshirt | shimmer sweater | cable knit sweater | plaid ruffle top

earrings | velvet studded flats | plaid scarf | pom pom hat

jacquard floral skirt | tweed skirt | plaid skirt | sailor skirt

Sunday Wish List (… on Monday!)

Hi guys! I’m a posting a day late here from my norm for my start of the week wish list. My style has been all over the place lately with this weird ‘heat record’ and now a few days later it’s 30 degrees in the Florida panhandle. However, it’s still 72 degrees this morning where I live (south Florida). I think we need to move 3 hours north. But not farther, otherwise I will freeze to death! 😆 I’m so happy our temps are finally beginning to dip a little. Our ‘winter’ doesn’t ever really start til December anyway, but all of these are on my wish list! The color block sweater, jeans, and scarf are all still 50% off through today and the teal green sweater is 40% off!

button sweater | loafers | color block sweater

satchel | jeans | scarf

LOFT Sale!

Hi friends! Wanted to share a great sale LOFT is having through tomorrow evening! Everything is 40% off + an extra 15% off if you’re a loyalty rewards member! (It’s easy and free to sign up…just like any other rewards card). So many great new items induced in the sale!

I’ve had my eye out for both corduroy pants and a moto jacket this fall season – now both of these are on my wish list! I’m absolutely in love with the plaid dress – perfect for the holidays! And both scarfs are at the top of my list (actually in my cart ready to be checked out. Scarves are the best for Florida winters). And love that caramel bobble switch sweater and the leopard cardigan! Such great items.

LOFT Friends and Family Sale


sweater | floral scarf | loafers | corduroy pants | moto jacket

earrings | belt | gingham scarf | dress | sneakers | cardigan

Style Under $50: Time and Tru

Happy Saturday friends! For today’s post, I wanted to share a little something different. If I post on weekends, it’s usually regarding sales or new arrivals. Instead of a ‘Saturday Sales’ post, I thought I would share some new arrivals under $50! Most of you know my big girl job is a pharmacist for a retail company, however I’ve never really talked about who I work for. Maybe for privacy purposes, or job protection, but I have nothing to hide and think you should know – I’ve worked for Walmart Pharmacy for the past (almost) 9 years. And the reason I feel like that’s important to share is I’ve been pretty impressed with their new line of clothes lately.

Recently, Walmart re-branded their clothing lines in order to compete with the likes of Target and Amazon and created the women’s line called Time and Tru. I’ve noticed many of the bigger bloggers collaborate with Walmart to spread the word and share their new line, but it wasn’t until I noticed in store some of their new arrivals that my attention was peaked. I was actually running an event in the middle of the store (for the pharmacy), and since we stand out and talk to customers for several hours in the middle of the store, I couldn’t help but notice all the clothes staring at me for hours on end. ☺️

I put together a post of some of their newest fall arrivals to share what I’m talking about! I mean, c’mon – would you expect the visual I created below to be from Walmart?! I’m pretty impressed! And the shoes – most are under $20 – and those white sneakers with the leopard detail are now on my wish list! Most items come in multiple color options also!

Time and Tru New Fall Arrivals

leopard flats | moto jacket | hobo bag | plaid shirt

leopard sneakers | burgundy loafers | thermal peplum | denim | sweater

studded mules | wedge booties

J.Crew Factory: New Arrivals August 2019

*Update::: See below for outfit inspirations!

Hi friends! J.Crew Factory released a handful of new arrivals yesterday, and be still my heart! 😍 Honestly, other than a corduroy skirt (here) all of my favorites were tops! All 6 tops below were added to my wish list. You can get an extra 20% off $100 if you are a rewards member – that’s unusual for new arrivals and worth the purchase! I haven’t had a chance to create visual outfits yet – hopefully this weekend – outfit inspiration is always the best! ❤️

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals August 2019

snakeskin top | flannel shirt | button-up shirt

dalmation sweater | le weekend sweatshirt | button sweatshirt

Outfit #1:

J.Crew Factory new arrivals August 2019

sweatshirt | earrings | loafersstriped tee | graphic tee | denim

Outfit #2:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals August 2019

earrings | sweater | skirt | flats | button down shirt

Outfit #3:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals August 2019

sweatshirt | earrings | plaid shirt | denim | booties | bag

Outfit #4:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals August 2019

pants | shirt | earrings | flats | necklace | blazer

New Arrivals: J.Crew Factory

I feel like I’ve been waiting for these new arrivals for weeks! You can always tell J.Crew Factory is about ready to release something new when everything goes on clearance. Their early fall and early spring new arrivals are always my favorite and these did not disappoint! My favorites from this new release (in no particular order) are the eyelet peplum top, leopard tie-neck blouse, crinkle jersey t-shirt, and camo graphic tee. I used graphics below to style all 4 pieces. Also notable are the d’Orsay leopard flats – these were hot last year! The denim below are also on my wish list (the wash looks awesome!), and one of the sweater blazers which I think will be an awesome alternative to a coat in Florida! Enjoy!

Outfit #1:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals July 2019

eyelet peplum blouse | denim | earrings | bag | flats

Outfit #2:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals July 2019

leopard tie-neck blouse | sweater blazer | earrings | skirt | flats

Outfit #3:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals July 2019crinkle jersey tee | cardigan | necklace | skirt | bag | flats

Outfit #4:

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals July 2019

camo tee | sweater blazer | scarf | slippers | joggers

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