J.Crew Factory New Arrivals: Spring 2020

Hi friends! Wow – it’s been a moment since I’ve updated here! The last 2 weeks have been an absolute whirl-wind. Since the first week of March, I worked 14 out of 16 days through this past week. In the midst of working a ton, this viral pandemic hit the States and WOW, things went crazy fast! As most of you know I’m a retail pharmacist for a big corporate chain company, and it’s been an emotional and physical toll since the panic began. Unfortunately, blogging had to come to a halt. Work days went from really busy, to chaotic… and then the worst part was I started to get sick last week, ugh. I have no clue if I had/have this virus (I’m not sick enough to test… per our health department), but unfortunately it just doesn’t matter now. Since I do not have a positive (or negative) test, my respiratory symptoms are insignificant and I’m back to work after a couple days off. We are all just in a really unfortunate situation with this pandemic, and after all of the frustrations this past week, I quickly decided I’m going to make the best out of this – and concentrate on things that make me happy. You know, like blogging! 🙂

So here we are, and I was incredibly happy to see J.Crew Factory secretly dropped quite a few new arrivals without a big announcement – and I’m pretty darn elated about all the news items!  I think I’ve mentioned in the past – I’ve missed their old prints and really cute tried and true items (like their printed sidewalk skirts and boardwalk shorts). While they didn’t have those included in their new arrivals this time, they released quite a few adorable printed tops – and a new scalloped skirt that is a little nicer than their linen sidewalk skirt! See a couple outfit ideas below!

*Hot deal: Extra 50% off 4+ items with code “SOEXTRA” + extra 20% off if you’re a cardholder using code “CARDPERKS

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals Spring 2020

bulldog sweater | white sneakers | necklace | earrings | scallop skirt | cherry printed top | sandals

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals Spring 2020

floral top | scallop flats | scallop sandals | earrings | denim | tie front tee | bracelets

J.Crew Factory New Arrivals Spring 2020

crab tee | floral shorts | striped sweater | scallop skirt

-stay happy and healthy friends! xoxo, Kecia

J.Crew Love

As much as I love J.Crew Factory, the real J.Crew has had my heart lately! I used a ton of their new arrivals in my ‘neon explosion’ post the other day, and I can’t tell you how many items are on my wish list! I wanted to create a few outfits for you below using items I’ve already purchased and items I’m coveting!

The lace top:

Between eyelet and lace, you know both are going to be popular in the spring/summer months! I instantly fell in love with this pretty lace top. It comes in 4 color options and I ordered the white yesterday – I plan to style it with bright colors shorts or like shown here, with light wash jeans and statement sandals.

J.Crew Spring 2020 New Arrivals

lace top | bag | sandals | earrings | denim

 The Burnout Tee:

I live for fun tees pretty much year round – I ordered this pink tee, but it comes in 4 other color options (I love the blue also) – and it comes as a tank top option as well! Since I have similar Tretorn sneakers like below, I thought camo would be a really fun way to dress up this tee. Otherwise, it’ll be my go-to in white or blue denim!

J.Crew Spring 2020 New Arrivals

burnout tee | sweatshirt | sunglasses | leggings | sneakers

The Printed Skirt:

Is this skirt too much fun? I’m quite obsessed with it! And I love the way it appears to match perfectly with this graphic tee! And J.Crew apparently had that in mind also – I created this outfit on my own, then went back to get links and pictures to make the blog graphic, only to notice they matched them together in one of their own catalog photos! #hiremeplease

J.Crew Spring 2020 New Arrivals

earrings | skirt | flats | graphic tee | cardigan

Do you have any new favorites from J.Crew? Please share! I think they might be my go-to this summer!

-xoxo, Kecia

On Trend: Neon Explosion

Who said neon won’t come back around?! What a fun trend, say 6-7 years ago? I’m thinking circa 2013-2014? And.. it’s back! I went to Pinterest to check out some the old photos of bloggers back in this time – what do you think?! I love that some things are the same ~ the long hair, big sunglasses, tie-front tops, slouchy front tucks, and those scallop shorts! However, hardly anyone wears high heels anymore (I mean, the block heel is way better and way more comfy – get it!), and the sneaker trend has taken over the world. Big necklaces are out (…. I’m guilty and still have quite a few of mine. Can’t let go. Lol.) and I still have the same pink Rebecca Minkoff bag in the middle photo! So I guess, it’s only fair that the neon trend makes it way back into the fashion world. And honestly, I’m okay with that! It’s fun, it’s unique, and who can’t be happy wearing such a fun/bold color?! So, let’s take a look at a couple of my favorite retailers and see what’s out there!

Spring 2020 Neon TrendSpring 2020 Neon Trend


I might as well start with the mothership. Always at the top of the trend-setter line and has the best options ~ I actually ordered the sneakers below – they are on sale!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

blazer | clutch | earrings | sneakers | sweater | handbag


My second favorite haunt ~ I ordered the burnout tee (to go with the sneakers above!) and just received the chino shorts in the mail (in pink)… also on sale!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

burnout tee | long sleeve tee | sweater | earrings | shorts | sneakers


And if you love the blogger-inspired photos from above, let’s recreate some of the looks!

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

sweater | espadrilles | tote | sunglasses | denim

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

earrings | belt | shorts | gingham top | mules

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

mint green sweater | earrings | bag | chambray shirt | sneakers | skirt | sandals

Spring 2020 Neon Trend

top | bracelet | shoes | sunglasses | skirt

And that’s a wrap! What do you think of the return of the neon trend? Favorite new item? I think I’m partial to the sneakers and accessories, but can’t pass up a fun new pair of shorts or skirt!

-xoxo, Kecia

Sam Edelman: Spring New Arrivals

Hi guys! So many fun new spring arrivals are hitting stores, and I want to share them all with you, but truly what is the best new item to hit stores?! Well, in my opinion – the shoes! 😍 There are a lot of great shoe brands these days, and my feet can take a beating in anything from $20 Old Navy flats to $250 Tory Burch fancies. When it comes to my favorite in-between brand, that is always on trend, always comfortable, and always fit true to size? That would be Sam Edelman! Their price point usually runs $100-$130, sometimes a little less and sometimes a little more.

Sam Edelman New Arrivals

The slide sandal:

solid colors | leopard

These are at the top of my wish list! I love how comfortable they look! I need a new pair of leopard sandals, so I think that will be my top pick, but I honestly love all of the color options. They also come in black, gold, and yellow.

Sam Edelman slide sandal

The studded gladiator sandal:

no heel | heel

Studded sandals are still a hot trend this year and not going anywhere fast! I love the return of the gladiator ~ certainly a fun way to dress up denim shorts and a tee! I can’t decide which one I like better – what do you think? Heel or no heel? Both are different and unique!

Sam Edelman gladiator sandals

The woven mule:

all color options

This is a new take on an old favorite! I’ve had the original woven mule (here) for several years and it’s definitely my go to “shoe” in the spring and summer months (aside from sandals). I love that this years version is more structured and still classy!

Sam Edelman woven nule

The espadrille:

solid colors | leopard

You’ve probably seen me wearing the white espadrilles a lot lately – they are my new favorite right now! They are comfortable right out of the box, fit TTS, and can’t say enough good things about them!

Sam Edelman espadrille flats

The sneaker:

2 color options here

You know the Golden Goose trend that is so hot right now? Well, these are a great alternative! I’m still unsure how I feel about the naturally dirty sneaker look, but I feel like this Sam Edelman option is a little cleaner. And without the $500 price tag ha!

Sam Edelman sneaker

Hope this helps with your shoe selection this Spring!  Happy shopping!

-xoxo Kecia


Happy Tuesday friends! One step closer to Friday! Today I’m sharing a few hair styling products I was given the opportunity to try out. The company is called R+Co and I was actually pretty excited for this collaboration – my hair stylist is based out of Brian Goetz salon in downtown Sarasota (highly recommend if you ever need a cut or style while visiting Siesta Key!) and they actually sell these products. My stylist uses them whenever I go in for a a cut or color and they smell SO good!

I made sure to use R+Co products over a period of several days and washes to ensure I still liked them as much as on day 1 as day 3! I’m happy to report, I love them all!


What I tried:

1). Sunset Blvd. shampoo + conditioner

This shampoo/conditioner set is specifically designed with blondes in mind. My hair is artificially colored (lol… did you know?!). My natural hair color is something like a light brunette/dirty blonde. It’s actually probably gray haha – I truly have no idea because I’ve been coloring my hair since high school! I’ve colored my hair to a variation of white blonde to blonde with darker highlights and everything in between. When my hair is really blonde like it is now, it tends to grab on to any minerals in the water, and can turn into a ‘brassy’ color overtime. The Sunset Blvd. shampoo/conditioner set is designed to off-set the brassiness and keep that blonde bright and shiny!

While I used this product for 3 different washes (I only wash my hair every few days) and can be used safely everyday, I think in my case I would want to use a moisturizing product in between washes. Overall these products did their job, and I felt like my hair was brighter and without the brass, but I also tend to get somewhat dry without using a deep moisturizing conditioner (probably from all of the color treatments over the years). Overall, a great shampoo/conditioner for blondes, weather for everyday use or as needed!


2) Trophy Shine texture spray

This product was my absolute favorite!!! I’ve tried so many texture sprays over the years and this one takes the cake! It truly did everything a texture spray is supposed to do after styling, and the added ‘shine’ factor is awesome as well! Critical reviews on Nordstrom’s website say they needed to use a little hairspray after – I needed the same, but since I live in humidville Florida, I always have to hairspray after settling my curls and styling. I would never want a texture spray to do the same job as a hair spray, otherwise my hair would feel like a brick! Another positive – this texture spray smells amazing! Like the beach!

3) Blow out balm

I loved this product also – I’ve used a variety of ‘does it all’ type products over the years – my favorite being ‘It’s a 10’. I would say this blow out balm is very similar. The one thing I like about it is that it’s a balm, and not a spray. I always feel like sprays don’t cover your entire hair shaft, even after brushing through. With a balm, I can control the product more easily with my hands when applying. This product was highly rated on Nordstrom’s website also!

Parting thoughts:

I truly do recommend giving R+Co products a try! (honest opinion!) I will definitely be a return customer, and can’t wait to try out more product –

visit their website here: R+Co

-xoxo Kecia


J.Crew Factory ~ New Arrivals!

J.Crew Factory new arrivals are (finally) here! I felt like I waited forever and ever for these! They seem to skip over January and try to clearance out holiday styles, which fair enough – but c’mon guys this girl waits for the new every month! I think the thing I love the most about JCF is that A) they always have the most fun with colors and prints and B) they seem to always bring back the tried and true pieces you wear every year. My absolute favorites are the linen sidewalk skirt and graphic tees. I have close to 10 colors/prints in each style and every year I try to part with the oldies, but struggle. I still have the fox and elephant graphic collector tee from years ago with all the metallics and I still can’t let them go!

I put together 4 outfit inspirations using all the new goodies! I actually ran to our local outlet mall yesterday and told myself I could pick out 1-2 items (ha!). Saved by lack of sizing available in store and lipstick on the shirt I had picked out, I ended coming home with the pink scalloped sweater below and faux pearl hoop earrings that I think pair wonderfully. So, I guess I did (unintentionally) well! However, my wish list is deep online and I can’t decide what I will order next. My only saving grace was the cold front that blew us away today in south Florida, and this 40 degree weather has me putting my nose up to shorts and skirts at the moment! 🙂

J.Crew Factory February 2020 New Arrivals

scallop sweater | button down shirt | faux pearl earrings | leopard flats | tote | white denim

J.Crew Factory February 2020 New Arrivals

hair clips | denim jacket | puff sleeve tee | white sneakers | tweed skirt | necklace

J.Crew Factory February 2020 New Arrivals

striped top | bracelets | scalloped skirt | necklace | printed sweatshirt | flats

J.Crew Factory February 2020 New Arrivals

sweatshirt | graphic tee | gingham sneakers | socks | earrings | denim

On Trend: Tie Dye

Thinking about all the spring trends and the tie dye print is making a comeback! While definitely a weekend or casual print, it’s perfect to dress up denim a little and make your outfit a little more fun! I rounded up all of my favorites from various retailers below — Anthropologie and Nordstrom of course have the trendiest and best styles! Old Navy and Amazon have awesome simple tees, tanks, and tops to keep it affordable while staying trendy also! I love them all and the styles are so unique it’s would be hard to narrow down a favorite. Since I live in Florida, I would say one of the tees or tanks are top of my wish list – but the Blank NYC moto jacket from Nordstrom is on sale and I would be top of my list if I lived up north!

Amazon Tie Dye Tops

off shoulder tie knot top | open shoulder tee | v-neck tee

tie dyed tee | ruffle sleeve top | puff sleeve topOld Navy Tie Dyecrewneck tee | sweatshirt | tank top

Tie Dye Nordstrom

dress | sweater | moto jacket

Sunday Wish List

Hi friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve curated a good wish list — I’ve been waiting for the spring arrivals to start to drop and they are finally here! Loving some of the new (and old) trends releasing!

#1: Camo shirt: I have a camo waffle knit top, camo jacket, camo sweater…. but loving this camo shirt I can dress up (or down) this spring! I think honestly this shirt is at the top of my wish list just because I have so many styling ideas in mind.

#2: Bubblegum pink sweater: Just because. It’s pink and pretty (and if you live somewhere cold, layer that bad boy over the camo shirt! 😜)

#3: Woven mules: These mules are my absolute favorite in the spring and summer months. I have a white pair that I’ve honestly worn to death and will probably need replaced next year. I love this newest version and hoping to add it to my closet soon to give my other pair a break!

#4: AE jeans: This new pair is just as good as all the rest, and I love the simple one leg distressing.

#5: Tie front top: This top from Nordstrom was a huge hit last summer – I passed it up and have regretted it ever since. It’s back in 3 color options, and I have the white and navy/white striped on my wish list!

#6: Poppy red skirt: I have this same (or very similar) skirt in a light pink hue and I love this poppy red color!

Sunday Wish List

Amazon Fashion: Spring Wish List

Hi friends! This week has been extra crazy on a lot of fronts! Work picked up rapidly with the new year (to the point I’ve never seen it this busy in all of my 15 years in pharmacy – just trying to keep my body above ground ha!). And if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, I posted on stories that we adopted a new pup! We welcomed 3 year old ‘Pippa’ into our home after she retired from Greyhound racing in November. Today was her first full day in our home and we absolutely adore her. She’s become a permanent fixture on our couch, sleeps every second I let her, and is sweet as pie. She’s living up to all of the Greyhound rumors!

That all said, I’m ready to put out a few blog posts this week! Amazon has released a lot of great items recently – I add them to my cart or wish list as soon as I see something I like (so I don’t forget about it), and all of these are currently on my list. Florida spring is right around the corner, and for those of you who live up north, these are affordable spring break finds! I think everything is below $30 and runs TTS according to the brand sizing. They also come in multiple color options!

Amazon Fashion: Spring Wish List

spaghetti strap dress | jumpsuit | striped dress

tunic shirt | smocked off-shoulder top

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of my readers a very Happy New Year! This past year as certainly had more downs then ups for myself personally, and this decade has been certainly full of many life changes as I’m sure we all have gone through. I’m all sorts of ready for the new year and ready to take this life by the horns and make it better than ever! I’ve really started to appreciate the things that truly matter in life, and ready to  make some huge life changes.  Of course nothing I can mention on social media, 🙂 but you’ll know it when it happens! As far as this little space of mine, it’s not going anywhere. I’m more than ready to bring on spring content for the blog and hope that wherever you are and reading this, that there is some warmer weather and sunshine in your near future!

I also wanted to share my #topnine2019 from Instagram! I guess I shouldn’t give up my flatlay game! 😘

-xoxo, Kecia

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