Nordstrom Sale


BP Camo tee, Express denim shorts, Tory Burch miller sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag, BP necklace


Tee (old): BP – option, option, option

Sandals: Tory Burch

Shorts (old): Express – option, option, option

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff (mine is old color), option, option

Necklace: BP


Nordstrom Sale:

Hi guys! I wanted to share a great sale happening right now at Nordstrom!  I haven’t purchased many items from them recently just because they do tend to have a higher price point — however, when there is a sale — it’s a good one! They also offer free shipping & returns, and most items have petite sizing also!

These were the items I ordered below – will do a review once I decide what I’m keeping! Everything comes in multiple colors!

tank | sweatshirt | earrings | tee | sweater

3 great pairs of shoes ~ I have the slides in the middle (in the blue color) and love them! I wish I needed the white woven mules, but already have the target mules which are a little less summery, but are close enough. 🙂


Below are some great clothing options on sale! I have the twist front tee in 3 colors — including that mint green color! It was sold out last week, but back in most sizes! The jeans are my favorite designer brand and a great price. The peplum tee is sold out in a couple colors, but my coral color is still available – it does run large – I sized all the way down to an XSP.

twist front tee | striped sweater | jeans

floral blouse | shaker sweater | blouson sweater


Sole Society and Baublebar items are always at the top of my list! The pink fringe earrings below are just like my turquoise earrings and are so easy to wear. I have the black zippered bag and the little navy blue bag – both work horses in my closet!

multi-fringe earrings | necklace | pink fringe earrings

zippered bag | gray dome bag | navy blue crossbody

Hope you all are having a great week so far! xoxo


Mother Day’s with Kate Spade: Part I

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share with you some great ideas for Mother’s Day!  Whether for your mom, yourself (just send your husband/boyfriend/best friend to my blog 😉), grandma, aunt, or simply someone special, Kate Spade is a great place to find thoughtful and timeless pieces that most everyone will love! The Kate Spade brand has been one of my favorites for many years. I’ve held on to several of their classic Cameron satchels,  stud earrings, and bangle bracelets.

Below is the “Thompson Street Sam.” This bag goes way back to 1993 when Kate Spade was founded and created a bag that would go with everything from cocktails to work and into the weekend. For their 25th anniversary, the Sam was brought back in 4 beautiful colors included this fun pink color for spring and summer!

And for Mother’s Day, Kate Spade shared a promotion code for me to pass along – 20% off any item! Just use code MDAY18. You’re welcome! 💖 I picked out some of my favorite bags on Kate Spade’s website and shared below and well as all of my outfit details (those gingham pants😍 )

Old Navy Boho Sleeveless Top, Old Navy Pixie gingham ankle pants, Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Satchel, Merona pumps, LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade bangle

Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam

Old Navy Boho Sleeveless Top, Old Navy Pixie gingham ankle pants, Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Satchel, Merona pumps, LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade bangle

Old Navy Boho Sleeveless Top, Old Navy Pixie gingham ankle pants, Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Satchel, Merona pumps, LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade bangle

Old Navy Boho Sleeveless Top, Old Navy Pixie gingham ankle pants, Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Satchel, Merona pumps, LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade bangle

Some Kate Spade favorites:

1 | 2 | 3

4 | 5 | 6



Bag: Kate Spade

Top: Old Navy

Pants: Old Navy

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: LOFT (old) – option, option, option

Pumps: Merona (old) – option, option, option

Today’s post was brought to you in partnership with ShopStyle and Kate Spade.
Thank you for stopping by!
Old Navy Boho Sleeveless Top, Old Navy Pixie gingham ankle pants, Kate Spade Thompson Street Sam Satchel, Merona pumps, LOFT sunglasses, Kate Spade bangle


Deal of the Day + #ootd


J.Crew Factory peplum gingham top, Old Navy denim, Steve Madden sandals, Sole Society bag, Sugarfix earrings, Express white denim


bow peplum top | denim | jacket | bag | sandals | earrings (old – Sugarfix) – option, option


Happy Easter friends!  I thought today would be a good day to kick off a new section of my blog I’ll call “deal of the day”. I constantly scour the sales online and thought it would be fun to show you items I’ve purchased before they hit the blog — always on sale of course! There are a lot of great Easter sales today, but one that caught my eye and made me hit the “purchase” button was at Macy’s! Right now you can use code “GREAT” and save 40% off 2 or more pairs of shoes! Also, they have a “lowest prices of the season” sale on numerous handbags. The 5 items below were on my wish list and today I picked up the white sandals for summer and pointy-toed flats for work – a great deal!  I passed on the leopard flats and tote since I already have similar in my closet, but jumped on the clutch (also comes in black) – priced at more than 50% off! Such a fun find and love all the fun colors!


sandals (4 colors) | pointy toe flats (2 colors) | leopard flats | tote (3 colors) | clutch (2 colors)

Also, if you’ve been looking for a cute summer tote to take to the lake or beach – or just use as a carry all for work – check these out! They are only $20 and the cutest!
1 / 2 / 3 / 4


March Fabletics & Fitness Goals

My Fabletics membership is still going strong and so is my love for this company!  I pretty much buy all of my workout gear exclusively through them except for summer running gear. Fabletics does release a handful of shorts throughout the year (like the ones below) and I’ll scoop them up for running, but otherwise will run in Nike or Old Navy running shorts (my favorites here and here). I’ve recently started to try and gear up for a dieting/fitness plan. I re-downloaded the MyFitnessPal app on my phone which really helps me put my diet in perspective. Since I’m a vegetarian and also a picky eater in general, dieting for me is tough. I mainly pick a calorie count per day (my current goal is 1,500) and try to eat as many whole foods as possible (more fruits and veggies, less out of a box). Aside from the Florida summer months (where you virtually sweat just sitting lol), I also try to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water; i.e 64 ounces/day for this girl.

Re-downloading the MyFitnessPal app was a little depressing.. and motivating also! I’ve gained 15 pounds (ugh) the last 5-6 years. I’m always in the best shape when I’m both running and lifting weights – it’s just what works for me – and since the last year of pharmacy school in 2014 I had to cut one out due to time restraints. Upon moving south, I quit running during the summer in Florida because of the heat and I get bored with weight lifting in the summer, so it’s been a never ending battle. And then winter months are hard with all the food and long work days – however, no excuses! I’ve decided to really try and push forward while the mornings are still cool down here and tackle running before it gets too hot (hoping my body will adjust to the hight dew points/humidity slowly) and enable me to keep going in the summer.

I’ve always been a huge fan of BeachBody programs (think P90x with Tony Horton and Insanity with Shaun T), and technically still a BeachBody coach even though I’m not active. This is where I really love Fabletics. They make a variety of leggings, capris, and cropped pants and I can lift weights in pretty much all of them! They make a “Powerlite” material which is perfect for summer months and really lightweight and moisture-wicking. I’m in my 4th week of P90x 3 (12 week program) and so far so good! Excited to now add running onto my morning workout routine 3-4 days per week.

The outfit below was my March Fabletics pick. The leggings, medium-support bra, tank top, and shoes are perfect for lifting! The shorts are great for running as they have a built in compression liner that helps reduce chafing. Fabletics makes a wide variety of high supports bras also which are more suitable if you are a C or D cup (for high intensity training or running). I require a support shoe for running and choose Brooks Adrenaline or Asics Kayano. It really pays to get your feet examined by a professional to prevent injury and make sure you are running in a shoe appropriate for your foot type.

As always, if you are interested in signing up for Fabletics, you can follow my personal link below – I’ll get a store credit and you’ll get 2 leggings for $24! You can cancel at anytime without any obligation. It costs $50/month and you can skip any month also and pay nothing. They have tons of outfits for $50 each month which include either a top and bottom, or bra and bottom – and specials/sales all the time also. You get points for purchases & leaving reviews — which add up to more free items! And if you’ve started your own personal fitness and weight loss journey – please share! Motivation and support is always key! 🙂

2 for $24 leggings


Outfit Recipes Using Polyvore + #ootd


Banana Republic Striped Tie Knot Tee, Articles of Society Carly Crop denim, A New Day pink loafers, Sole Society crossbody, J.crew Factory leopard necklace


twist-front top (solid color) | bag | denim | loafers | necklace



Today I wanted to talk a little about how I put outfits together, especially with new items I’ve just purchased. I use the same formula for most outfits and I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that work for me! First, let’s talk about Polyvore.

Have you ever used the Polyvore tool? It’s free to use and it’s how I create most of my outfits before I ever wear them! You can search for specific items (.e.g “Sole Society bag) and everything already listed on the Polyvore database will pop up. You can then limit your search by color and price. You can also do a general search of “blue bag” or “striped top” and will bring up every brand listed matching that phrase. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Polyvore also has a “clip” tool you can add to your web browser, so if you see an item listed on a website, but it’s not listed on Polyvore (say for example, a new floral blouse at LOFT), you can “clip” the product image from the website you are shopping and it will add to your polyvore page.

Below is a screen shot of the first page of my Polyvore account – you might recognize a ton of these items as I’ve featured almost all of them on the blog! It’s basically a peek into my personal closet. 🙂 And if I’m looking for a certain item of my own to add to an outfit I’m creating, I can also search my own “closet” on Polyvore with terms like “earrings” or “J.Crew” and it will bring up everything related to that search term.


Kecia’s Polyvore

How I Put Outfits Together:

I shop 90% of the time online. If I shop in store, it’s impulse shopping and I usually purchase because I like an item on the rack, without any thought into whether I can style it in more than one way. I like to be able to style something (especially printed pieces) in at least 3 ways before I purchase an item. Items are sometimes very seasonal to me. Brands will come out with new color schemes for basically the same floral print or striped top, but somehow they make it seem fresh and new ~ in turn, my old items sit in the back of my closet and I eventually will sell on eBay. That’s why Polyvore is such a great tool. I can piece outfits together before I even receive the item if I order online and make sure I’ll get use out of it in my closet.  It’s also a great way to realize what you might be missing as a “staple” piece in your closet. Since Polyvore stores all of your items in one spot, it’s so easy for me to bring up staple pieces I already have in my closet and see if they mix well with a trendy piece I’m getting ready to purchase.

 I’ve been wanting to order the earrings shown in the outfit below for awhile, but was waiting on a promo to happen. I was finally able to order them last week when Baublebar offered a 25% off discount code, but had to make a choice on which color option. They come in 2 different multi-color options and also a couple of one-color options.  I already own the solid version of these earrings from Target’s Sugarfix line, so I really wanted to purchase and style one of the multi-color options for this spring/summer. I thought about what I already own in my closet that would work with these earrings and it was a no-brainer for me to buy the “black” version (the other option is navy blue/turquoise) since I already owned this v-neck tank and also the gray bag ~ probably 2 items a lot of us already have a version of in our closet ~ or a white tee and pink or black bag ~ all would have the same ‘recipe!’

Since the earrings are the “statement” of the outfit, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit somewhat quiet. I used Polyvore to match the black tank and gray bag to the earrings and paired with jeans and (simple) necklace I already own in my closet and pulled the bottom part of my outfit together with a pair of black booties. If I instead had purchased a statement necklace, I would have kept my earrings more “quiet” and went with a simple stud type. I usually only change my nail polish color once a week, but if I happen to be able to pick the color on a day I already know what I’m wearing, this is how I would pair the color ~ just another subtle match to the earrings. I’m sure we all have our own tips and tricks on what works for one person or another to get ready for the day ~ especially when you’re getting ready for work and you only have a few minutes to decide! This just happens to be my ‘go to recipe’… start with an accessory and go from there!

And I did all of that using the Polyvore website! They also have an app you can use, I just find it easier to use it on my computer. I usually do a screen shot of the outfit I’ve created and save it in a folder on my computer, however you can easily publish and save everything in your Polyvore account also.

BP tank, Sole Society bag, Sole Society sandals, 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans, Babulebar earrings, Essie gel nail polish, BP bar necklace, Old Navy sunglasses



A quick re-cap of how I put this outfit together:

>>Start with a statement piece (e.g. earrings shown above)

>>Pull outfit together with complementing colors without being too matchy matchy (remember the days we matched our boots, belt, & bag?)

>If I’m wearing a printed top with a lot going on, I will usually wear solid earrings with a subtle necklace

Example: floral top + solid earrings

floral top | tassel earrings | knot earrings

>>However, are rules meant to be broken? Absolutely!  I love color and prints and never want to feel “bored” with my outfit, which is why I usually always have some sort of loud colored piece on, and therefore have to create rules for myself otherwise I’d be wearing every color of the rainbow!

And that’s that! Not too much to it, just wanted to share! I hope this post was a little useful for anyone wondering how bloggers come up with outfits. I have no idea how other ladies do it, but Polyvore works the best for me! And saves me money also ~ set a number for yourself and before you ever buy a statement piece, make sure you can style it XX amount of ways (mine is 3!).

~xoxo, Kecia

Spring Bags

Sole Society mini bags

blue | pink | gray

I just had to make a post specifically about these 3 cutey little bags today! Lately I haven’t purchased but maybe one or two new handbags. I picked up this bag from Target last month, but really my closet needed a shoe makeover and that’s where I’ve invested lately…. until now!  I’ve really jumped on the ‘mini bag’ trend. I carry a tote for work, but medium sized bags just don’t really work for me any longer. Now that Apple Pay is a thing, I store most of my credit cards either on my phone or in a much smaller wallet than I used to have. I don’t carry much in my purse either — usually gum, keys, small wallet, hand sanitizer, and maybe some lip gloss. I have several old Kate Spade bags that are tried and true in my closet, so I save those for ‘movie dates’ when you know you need room for things like candy. 😉 So when I saw these bags released recently, I fell in love!

All 3 are from Sole Society, which is my favorite go-to store for bags. They are affordable (less than $50 each), vegan, and the perfect size! I’ve had these bags on my wish list for awhile and jumped the gun last week when Sole Society sent me a promo code in the mail. **A little secret:: If you add items to your ‘bag’ in checkout on their website, wait a few days and they will send you an e-mail to “change your mind” with a 15% off promo code!  That’s exactly what I did! I also signed up for ShopRunner which allows for free 2 day shipping from a variety of stores. It was free for 30 days. I saw a handful of stores I shop at listed on their site, but not sure I’ll have much use for it (Amazon Prime is a different story!). Let me know if you guys use Shop Runner – would love to hear what your opinions are!

The other great thing about these little bags – they all come in a variety of colors – so if pastels aren’t your jam, a couple of them come in a cognac/brown color!

Sole Society mini bags


gray bag | pink bag | blue bag


#ootd + Blog Update


LOFT blouse, LOFT chinos, Sole Society bag, Merona pumps, Kendra Scott necklace


floral top | chinos | pumps (old – Target) – great option | bag (old – Sole Society) – option | necklace


Blog Update

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a great week so far! You may have noticed I took a few days off from the blog. This happens every year, however for good reason. I usually get to a point (and it always hits in the winter because I run out of any creativity since it’s usually hot down here and the rest of the world is covered in snow!) where I feel a little “blogger lost.” Work is nuts right now, I get burned out, and the blog feels the brunt. It’s good for me to hit the refresh button though, as I really need to re-evaluate my goals for the blog and where it’s headed for the new year.

When I started blogging a couple years ago, it was (and still is) a creative outlet for me to show fun and creative outfits for the workplace. I get comments every now and then from patients at work that say “you’re too young to be a pharmacist” and although I know they are being kind, and I probably look younger than 35 because I’m short and have fake blonde hair (ha), that comment was thrown at me a different way the other day. A nicely dressed woman commented that I “dress too nice to be a pharmacist” and when I laughed it off she goes “No, really. Pharmacists usually look and dress so awful.” She had no idea – but it meant a lot to me to hear that from her for more than just a compliment!

j.crew factory gingham penil skirt, Banana Republic cotton tee, Sole Society pumps, Sole Society cross body, Baublebar necklace
~one of my favorite blog photos from 2017

It got my creative wheels turning again and how I miss putting my outfits to good use – for outfit inspiration in the workplace! Lately I’ve posted a ton of casual flatlays recently because my husband (my photographer haha) and I haven’t had any days off work together. We do have a long weekend coming up in March together, so I’m hoping I can convince him to follow me around with a camera for a couple hours. 🙂

~Ann Taylor really needs to come out with more cute skirts!

That being said, I would really like to get the blog back to work-inspiration related. I’ve trended toward casual outfits for the most part lately because of work burnout mentioned the other day. My staff and I have been running so much in order to get prescriptions filled that I when I get dressed in the morning, it’s a miracle I don’t wear pajamas to work!  Needless to say the woman at the pharmacy that complimented my outfit picked a good day – ha!

~Reese Witherspoon inspired outfit

I do shop a ton (I’m a true shopaholic, eek!), but causal outfits to me just kind of all look the same after awhile unless there is some flare added. And I have zero casual flare because when I’m dressing down it’s usually in jeans and t-shirt. 😋 I was inspired to start this blog by bloggers such as Outfit Posts and Mix & Match Fashion. Tara from MMF isn’t blogging any longer, but MK from Outfit Posts just started back up which is exciting! Thinking about how much I love both blogs, has encouraged me to get back ‘to my roots’ so to speak and make some 2018 goals for the blog. So, alas – here are my top 3. 🙂

2018 Goals:

*Focus more on work-related outfit blog posts

*I get most of my inspirations from catalog photos, Pinterest, magazines, etc. – I would love to use those in my posts similar to MK from Outfit Posts – inspirations encourage less spending and remixing old items in our closets – I really need to do this!

*We moved into a new home last fall and right now our home is very sterile – Pottery Barn esque furniture with zero decor. We took a step back from decorating because we wanted to pay down our debt in 2017/2018, but I have plans toward the end of the year to start finishing rooms and would love to share those one at a time on the blog!


If you’ve lasted through this entire blog post – thank you so much for reading! 💙 In a world full of negativity, blogging can provide an uplifting place for women to unite and compliment one another – and also critique, but with style and positivity – I know I feel good when my outfit feels put together, so hopefully I can continue to inspire and create a positive environment here if even for just a quick 5 minute read.

-xoxo, Kecia

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