Pantone Color of the Year: Living Coral

Every year, Pantone releases their ‘color of the year’ based on analysis of current trends, which then influences product color released in stores. This year, the big pick goes to ‘Living Coral!’ Always a spring favorite, I’m pretty excited about this one! Lots of coral color has been released in stores recently, and I wanted to share my favorite finds here on the blog. Below are a few outfit inspirations using my favorite coral color options available!

Outfit #1:

Caslon v-neck peplum tee, Kut From the Kloth denim, Cult Gaia bag, Gorjana Power necklace, Baublebar earrings, Vince Camuto wedge sandals

peplum top | denim | clutch | earrings | necklace | sandals

Outfit #2:

Banana Republic chunky striped sweater, Articles of Society denim, Kendra Scott filigree necklace, J.Crew Factory bracelet, Sole Society leopard bag, Sam Edelman pumps

sweater | denim | necklace | bracelet | bag | pumps

Outfit #3:

Banana Republic striped tee, J.Crew Factory denim skirt, Vans sneakers, Street Level bag, Baublebar earrings, Quay sunglasses

tee | bag | sneakers | earrings | sunglasses | skirt

Leopard In Spring

What a week:

Hi guys! Whew – I just finished a whirlwind of a work stretch! I was originally scheduled 7 days in a row starting last Tuesday, which amounted to ~65 hours in the week. Another pharmacist was looking to pick up hours in our district, so I happily gave up my shift last Wednesday. I figured, hey I can do this now. Then the stomach bug took my husband down this past Friday and our dog got really sore on one of his back legs on Sunday, so we ran him to the ER vet (after losing Lucky a few weeks ago I’m overly paranoid!). Unfortunately, that vet thinks he may have a partial ACL tear in his leg, which honestly stinks. He’s been depressed (he’s eating, just overly cranky) after losing Lucky. We started a couple supplements to help his overall wellness, and tried acupuncture last week to no avail. He wasn’t having the needles (I don’t blame him!). Anyway, back to the vet we go later on today for a referral to an orthopedic vet. Husband is doing better. I think I got a slight version of whatever stomach bug took him down, and after all that work I’m BEAT. I cancelled my trip to see the horses today, and decided a nice quiet day up until the vet appointment this afternoon is just what I needed.

I missed out on all the President’s Day sales, but honestly guys – they were just normal sales.  And I’ve noticed when they throw the normal sales at you that happen all the time anyway, that means they are getting ready to release better stuff the next week and then they usually have a better sale + free shipping LOL! So anyway, I guess of all the good holiday sale weekends, this was as good as any to work through.

So, I sat down this morning and thought about what to write about here on the blog for spring. You’ve probably noticed I tried last week focusing my time here more on creating actual blog written posts. Not outfit posts, and I saved the roundups for the end of the week. I tried so hard for so long just to become an ‘outfit blog’, but honestly that gets boring after awhile. I love styling outfits and creating new color combinations, but hey if I’m going to make my blog different, then why not write about it? So anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying the posts with more of a “visual” look with verbiage in between.

Leopard in Spring:

I mentioned awhile ago I’ve seen leopard pop up in stores more-so lately then in the fall. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my head around buying a new leopard top or sweater, but ahh it’s wearing on me. The accessories are getting me the most! In today’s blog post I wanted to share with you all the new leopard items for spring! Some stores have put their own spin on items, like lightweight tops, or different colors then brown/black which make the print more ‘spring-like.’ Like I said…. it’s growing on me! But, I guess if you stare at something long enough that happens?

Since the accessories are my favorite (fun, but not over-done?), I picked out my favorites below! And one leopard top. 🙂Leopard Spring 2019 Trends

belt | scarf | drop earrings | tie-neck scarf | blouse

hoop earringsloafers | bag | sandals

How to style each piece? Go crazy and call it Kimmy Gibler style! Or… make it the best part of your outfit and wear a simple white top and blue denim/black pants. Or pull out a bold top like teal or poppy red for spring and wear it opposite of the leopard piece (i.e. leopard earrings with white top and colored flats…. or bold sweater with white/blue jeans and leopard flats). How to style the tie-neck scarf?  Don’t wear it around your neck! Tie it around your wrist and make it a bracelet. 🙂

Spring New Arrivals ~ Under $50

Continuing this week’s theme of all things spring and getting you ready for spring break or if you live down south – just warmer weather (finally!). I say this as I’m stuck inside all day due to rain and a low in the 40s tonight. Brrr. Ready for this Florida weather to get here!

I picked out some of my favorite spring new arrivals at Nordstrom for today’s blog post. Nordstrom has 3 in house brands that are my ‘tried and true’ go-to for trendy, quality pieces. Their .bp, Caslon, and Halogen lines are my favorite. BP is technically their junior line and is sometimes hit or miss with quality and fit. The line is designed for a slender junior type fit, and so I usually stick with tees and basic pieces. Caslon is a little more expensive, but still affordable price point with most pieces ranging from $35-70. Halogen is the most expensive with a lot of work friendly pieces available and tends to start around $50. Both tops below are under $50! The polka dot top is Caslon and striped top is Halogen. Both come in other color/print options.

The earrings are both a trendy option. Fans and hoop designs will be big this spring/summer. I love the floral texture on the pink earrings! Both earring pairs come in other color options. Leopard seems to be holding strong this spring also! I’ve seen leopard tops in lighter weight material pop up in a lot of stores, and while I’m not sure I can get on the full leopard train during spring….. it IS a neutral, so I will embrace my accessories. 🙂 The sandals listed below seemed to sell out really fast! I made this graphic last weekend, and just like that they’re gone! I linked the sandals in a darker color still available. Seach ‘coconuts’ on Nordstrom’s website, or click on the brand link after looking at the sandals below – they come in a ton of different design/color options. All extremely affordable and seem to get 4/5 star reviews. Check out these slides – They are only $30 and come in 12 colors! Reviews are hit and miss. Some people loved them, some said the fit was off and hurt their feet. For $30 I think I might try these once we are officially into sandal weather!

Spring New Arrivals Under $50

polka dot top | necklacedenim | striped top

fan earrings | hoop earrings

leopard mules | sandals

Swim @ Old Navy

This week on the blog I’m featuring a lot of new spring arrivals ~ and I of course had to include swimsuits! I live in Venice, FL which is in Sarasota County and you might be familiar with a little beach called Siesta Key. One of the top destinations for spring break and vacations! I feel like I need to start taking advantage of this and show you how I shop best – for summer style of course! 😉

I’m always on the lookout for new swimsuits. We haven’t been able to go to the beach for quite some time because of the effects of Red Tide, but it’s finally starting to clear. We actually ran to dinner last night on Venice Beach, but the wait at our fave restaurant was 75 minutes! Everyone else down here must be thinking the same thing as us!

That being said, I haven’t purchased a new swimsuit since we moved down here (3 years ago). However, I’m feeling the beach again finally and excited to spend some time there this spring/summer. Old Navy has released some of the cutest (and affordable) swimsuits lately. I saw the seersucker (top left) version in store a couple weeks and now I regret not going back for it. I now have the seersucker and blue swimsuits in my shopping cart ‘wish list’. And today I noticed they are 25% off (no code required).

Where do you shop for swimsuits? Most of mine are from J.Crew Factory. If you have a favorite brand please share!

Old Navy swimsuits

seersucker | green bikini (top and bottom) | black gingham

yellow gingham bikini (top and bottom) | blue | floral bikini (top and bottom)

*Nearly all swim suits come in multiple color options, prints, etc – mix & match prints and solid color bottoms also!

Target Spring Accessories Under $40

A New Day satchel, A New Day clutch, Sugarfix Baublebar jewelry

Hi friends! In today’s blog post, I wanted to share some fun spring accessories new to Target! As you know, I’m a huge fan of bright and fun jewelry.  I do have some classic Kendra Scott (like the Rayne or Elisa necklaces) in my closet that I’ll have for years, but when it comes to ‘baubles’ I do most of my shopping at Baublebar… and Target!  I can trust both to always carry trendy and fun accessories. And now that Target carries Baublebar’s more affordable Sugarfix line, I’ve become a huge fan of their accessories!

I’ve also lately become more environmental friendly. You might know I’m a vegetarian, my husband drives a Tesla, and we just installed Tesla solar on our house. So yup, we are one of those people. 🙂 And I’m all about it! That being said, I’ve taken notice on attempting not to purchase as many leather products. Since my feet already hate me from brutal 13 hour work shifts standing, it’s harder for me to give up a well tailored leather shoe. Not to say I don’t have have plenty of “pleather” flats in my closet from Target and Old Navy (and honestly I like some of them as much as my Tory Burch flats), but it’s really hit or miss there. So, therefore that leaves me with vegan leather bags. I’ve really grown to love my ‘finds’ at both Target and Sole Society. Lately they have become my go-to for bags! I know a lot of girls would snub their nose and scoff at the idea, but I know it makes my heart (and my wallet) feel good.

And of course I have to share my new finds with you guys, especially if I love them and think you will also!

All items below were recently purchased from the newest line at Target! The bags are from the “A New Day” line, and all jewelry is from the Sugarfix Baublebar line, except the mint floral earrings are from A New Day. Right now Target has a coupon available online for $10 off $40 off all women’s accessories and clothes!

The bag comes in 3 color options (I really like the black color also – it has a wrapped scarf look to the handle – very pretty!). ~ $35

The clutch is only $20 and also comes in 3 other color options.

The fringe drop earrings, bracelet, and long necklace all come in other color options. The most expensive is $17. The long necklace got poor ratings – it is very lightweight, however that didn’t both me at all since I do not like my jewelry to be constricting. And it’s not an $80 Kendra, so for $17 + discount I’m not sure what the reviewers expected lol! It didn’t bother me at all and every item is sitting happily in my closet. 🙂

A New Day satchel, A New Day clutch, Sugarfix Baublebar jewelry

blue satchel | clutch (other colors here)

fringe drop earrings (other colors here)| necklace | bracelet | necklace | floral earrings

It’s Been Awhile.

Hi friends. I know it’s been a minute. I know why I haven’t wanted to blog the past few days, but I’m not sure why I haven’t wanted to blog the last couple of weeks. However, in hindsight, I think I know. I lost a family member this past weekend. A child of sorts. One of our dogs. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you might know we had 2 Rat Terriers ~ Eddie & Lucky. Brother and sister, from the same litter. I’ve had Eddie since he was just weaned from his fur-mama, and I loved him so much, I found his sister 6 months later and drove 4.5 hours away to “buy” her ~ to this day I say I rescued her! Lucky was located in deep southern Indiana, out in the sticks, and was one of 5 dogs, a trillion cats, horses, and a slew of bugs. Her previous owners told me she loved “pizza, clams, and grapes” (the grapes should be alarming if you’re a dog owner).  She hadn’t been spayed yet, and god knows didn’t have her vaccinations. I threw her in the back of my SUV and toted her home with Eddie (he came along for approval of course!). We kept the name Lucky only because it was extraordinarily suitable ~ she had a 4-leaf clover on her side.

Lucky’s first photo.

While we didn’t quite bond right away like Eddie and I did, I grew to love her all the same. She loved everyone. She was ornery, didn’t sleep much (Eddie to this day will sleep as much as he plays), and drove me bananas as a puppy. However, she would grow into one of the most loyal and loving dogs I hope to ever own. She was my shadow. Always the first to run to the door for a walk and always the first to the food bowl. Wild & rambunctious, I will miss her spirit everyday.

Always with a ball.

So now let’s back up to almost 2 weeks ago and why I think I stopped blogging. I noticed a change in Lucky’s respiration rate. I called our regular vet and while they didn’t have an appointment, they said I could bring her in for observation for the day. The only other changes I had noticed in her was that her body had slightly changed over the recent months. Some slight muscle atrophy in her back, a little pot bellied; however, she had been on chronic prednisone for awhile due to a mass on her liver deemed inoperable last year by our oncology vet (biopsy results inconclusive). We had also started a new brand of CBD oil which was much stronger than previous bottles. I told the vet I would try to wean the prednisone and CBD oil, and if that didn’t help I would call back.

This was on Friday (not quite 2 weeks ago), and her breathing did seem better. However, by Monday it had still not improved completely. I called the vet again and brought her in Tuesday morning and left her for 8 hours for observation and x-rays. No significant results were found. She had x-rays completed back in August before a small mass was removed by her ear and the vet said her x-rays looked “amazing” for her age. No difference was found between the X-rays in August versus last Tuesday. The vet said it was possible there were lung metastasis present that weren’t showing up on the x-rays, or possible lung infection due to her immune system weakened from the prednisone. She sent her home on an antibiotic + increased prednisone.

Eddie, Lucky, and our Great Dane Tina (a friend has her now due to our apartment in pharmacy school not allowing Danes)

Fast forward to this past Friday. I woke up at 3 am and could tell she was uncomfortable. She was restless and I started counting her respiration rates and they were increased. I got out of bed with her and we went and slept out in the living room on the couch. I don’t know why I woke up with her. Maybe intuition? My husband and Eddie slept through it all and had no idea we got up together. I laid with her on the couch during this time and cuddled and petted her. Kissed her for the last time unknowingly. I was 2 minutes away from getting up and taking her to the ER vet right then, but she fell asleep soon thereafter and so did I. When we both woke up a few hours later, she ate breakfast like normal, but I still could tell she wasn’t okay. I called our regular vet when they opened at 8 am and they said I could bring her in again, but said the ER vet might be better in case she needed oxygen. I honestly was relieved they said that. I felt like I needed a second opinion.

October 2018 ~ 14 years old

My husband was getting around for work, so we tried to coordinate taking both dogs out together (to potty) as he left, except I would take Lucky in my truck and he would take Eddie back inside. Just like always, Lucky was incredibly excited for a “walk” that wasn’t going to happen… she passed out in her harness by the door. Guys, at that moment my world started to crash. I stayed calm and got her back up. My husband and I got her into my truck and we took care of Eddie after that. Lucky waited quietly in my truck for a few minutes and thankfully didn’t pass out again. It’s like she knew. She needed to stay calm.

We arrived at the vet in what seemed like the longest 30 minute drive of my life. They immediately took her to the oxygen cage. Her oxygen was at 87% (normal is >96%). It’s like she had COPD in humans. The ER vet ordered stat x-rays. Again, probably the longest wait of my life, but when the results came back I was floored. The difference between the x-rays last Tuesday, compared to this past Saturday were very, very different. Hazy.  My poor pup was in heart failure, with a likely lung component and fibrosis (meaning the entire circulatory system from the lungs to the heart and back again was not working properly). The ER vet told me she would need 36-48 hours of oxygen therapy in the hospital + diuretics due to the fluid build up. Once she was able to come home, we would need to meet with a cardiologist (closest is 2 hours away) ASAP to run an ECG and achieve an actual diagnosis.

Ok, save her life doctor, whatever it takes! ….. The catch?  The vet also ran an ultrasound of her abdomen. Her liver mass, which was about the size of a golf ball a year ago, was now so large it could not fit onto the vet’s ultrasound screen. Probably the size of a cantaloupe.

The vet played devil’s advocate. She said, okay – we can give her diuretics + oxygen, pull the fluid off and get her out of heart failure. She can come home at that time, and with medication, will hopefully survive another 4-6 months until the medication quits working. On the other hand, that liver mass is a ticking time bomb. It could ‘burst’ at any moment. Guys, I was so so torn. I didn’t know what to do. The vet told me there was no wrong answer. I asked her what her quality of life would be if we move forward with treatment, and she said she would go back to be about the same as she was a week ago. Which was no quality of life. She was uncomfortable and had zero energy. Walking, outdoors, and enjoying ‘life’ was this dog’s mantra. I knew in that moment I would be saving her for me, and not her.

I’ve read about these things in the past, and read you will just ‘know’ when the right time to say goodbye is. I always thought that was rubbish, and that I would never know. When they brought her to me, I knew it was time. She was miserable. I stayed with her til her last breath. It was very quick. The ER vet was amazing. I was alone, but never felt alone. I hope Lucky didn’t either. She lived almost 14.5 years. I hope some of the best years a rat terrier could have.

Anyway, I hope you guys don’t mind me sharing her story. If there are ‘key’ themes in my life, the dogs would be #1. I still have Eddie, he’s laying next to me as I write Lucky’s story. He was the one that just had surgery a month ago to remove a cancerous tumor that returned on his leg after chemotherapy stopped working. He’s doing well right now, but now I know in a heart beat he could decline at any moment. I learned how well dog’s can hide their symptoms. Lucky likely had the lung issue for awhile, but the prednisone probably kept it at bay (per the ER vet). If you guys ever have any questions for your own pups, feel free to ask. This was my first experience with euthanasia. It haunted and helped me, and I don’t regret staying.

I still feel her everyday. I feel her presence and her absence. I will miss that crazy, lovable, wild & free spirit. ❤️

I plan on slowly returning to the blog with regularly scheduled outfit posts over the next week or so. I miss writing in this space, I just needed some time. I hope you all are doing well ~ XOXO