Favorite Fall Booties

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I had Saturday off work, but spent the day preparing for our upcoming horse show season. I bought a new horse last winter and we are just getting ready to show her for the first time – let the nerves begin!  Sunday I had a work meeting, so had most of the day free, but you know how it is when you know you have to be somewhere at the end of the day – you worry about not forgetting to leave on time and getting ready when you’re supposed to!  Anyway – on to the fun part – booties!

My favorite part of fall fashion is all the pretty accessories. I love the booties, the scarves, and the vests.  I really don’t invest in knee-high boots too often (I only own one pair from last year) because of the warmer weather in Florida, but I certainly make up for it with ankle booties!

Below are my 3 newest pairs and I love all of them!  The top pair have the lowest heel, which makes them extremely comfortable and easy to walk in for everyday use. And helloooo cutest embroidery print! 😍 The bottom 2 pairs (here, here) have a higher heel, and while I can still walk comfortably in them, I would reserve them for date night, dinner, etc. Best part? All of these booties come in multiple colors!

What is your favorite part of fall fashion?  Or maybe you just nix the fashion, and divulge in everything pumpkin spice – or both! ☺️

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embroidered booties (plain version here – multiple colors!) | block-heel booties | western-chic bootie

6 Fall Trends

How excited are we all that fall has finally arrived!  (Well Florida is always late to the game, but it’s in the 80s at least and not the 90s anymore…😝).  New trends for fall are popping up everywhere and I’m definitely loving a few of them!  I wanted to create a “gallery” of sorts of what has caught my eye.  What do you think? Do you buy into the trends or let them pass you by knowing it will only last one season? Below are the top 6 trends I have seen in stores lately.

1. Velvet

Velvet is one trend I’m loving this year.  Most of you might know one of my greatest passions in life is showing horses. Velvet piping has shown up recently in show clothes, so I figured it was going to be a hot trend in the regular fashion world this upcoming season! My favorites are velvet accessories, but I’ve seen a couple of velvet tops I would try also. I currently own the blue velvet flats – so comfy! And want to order the velvet sneakers, but what color?  Decisions, decisions. 🙂

SaveSavevelvet ruffle top | sneakers | flats | tank | skirt | clutch | handbag

2. Balloon Sleeves

I think the balloon sleeve trend is beautiful…. in moderation. I love the pink sweater below. It comes in multiple colors and I’m excited to head to the mall and check it out in person soon. I’m also considering the printed sleeve top below. All the tops/jacket listed below are “in moderation” meaning this trend does go to the extreme if you do an online search! Think huge sleeves that serve no functional purpose other than for maybe a halloween costume?  Perhaps I’m too conservative. 🙂

sweater | jacket | printed blouse | 3/4 sleeve blouse | long sleeve sweater

3. Tie-cuff sleeves

Another trend that is beautiful in moderation. If the sleeves carry too far down your hand, all I envision are dirty sleeves and food stains! Thankfully I found several options below that do not fall into that category. The printed top comes in 2 colors (black and olive) and although the sleeve part doesn’t carry far down your hand, the “tie” portion is a little longer. I’d love to try petite sizing and see how it fits. The rose colored blouse is my favorite — another one I’m excited to try at the mall later this week! I love the sweaters listed below also.

jacquard printed blouse | rose colored blouse | blue sweater | beige sweater | striped sweater

4. Plaid

A fall staple in my book! Probably my favorite. I’ll buy plaid in just about anything. Tops, pants, scarves, shoes, bags – whatever! I have the pants shown below – they are a little thicker/wool-like, so I haven’t worn them yet, but plan to shortly now that it’s cooling down a bit!  I love the scarf and vest also, but gotta wait for winter in FL (boo). The skirt is on my wish list also!

skirt | quilted vest | tunic blouse | plaid scarf | zip-pocket pants

5. Leopard

Another great fall staple!  I have leopard cardigans, flats, and scarves in my closet that I’ve owned for years and have no intention of parting with them. The scarf below is my absolute favorite. It’s only $19 and a workhorse in my closet during the fall/winter months!  The clutch is $45 and on my wish list. I have an older scallop trim version of the flats below. They are the same print, but a round toe, and also a work horse!  The phone case is the type I buy every time I update my case… so this might be my next one? 🙂 And the cardigan below is the newest version of 2 other cardigans I have in my closet from seasons years ago.

scarf | clutch | flats | phone case | cardigan

6. Fall Colors

The colors. Probably the most fun part of a new season. Pantone is our “color genie” and releases the forecast color palettes for spring and fall seasons every year. From what I can tell, retailers are having the most fun with the reds & pinks so far. Without choosing a category, the items below are my favorites so far in the colors above – and on my wish list! 🙂


quilted vest | dress | booties | sweater | peplum top



jacket | sweater | loafers | flats | denim



floral blouse | pom earrings | v-neck sweater | flats | booties

Well, that’s a wrap!  The top 6 fall trends I have seen on the inter-webs and in stores lately! By writing this post I now want to shop and put some outfits together! :)))




On Trend: Camo

Hello all!  It’s been awhile. I’m not going to even try and say I’ve attempted blogging lately, because I 100% burned out for the last few weeks. We are finally moving into the new home later this week and I’m so excited to be able to have open/natural lighting, my big mirror, and wood backdrops back in my life (we’ve been living in my dad’s winter home villa for the past several months which is not conducive to blogging!). Top-down selfies are not my favorite and traditional photos are few and far between these days with my husband and I’s work schedule, and when you have blog ideas rolling through your head – it’s so much easier to get things done in the moment. Or in my case… the next day I have off work. 🙂

Now that we are trending into fall styles, I thought it perfect to kick off my (semi) return to the blog with a little ‘On Trend’ post!    Camo print always pops up in stores at various times throughout the year.  I didn’t see much of it this summer, however it’s popping up everywhere for fall it seems. I purchased a fun came jacket from Express with my birthday rewards earlier this year and have an older Target tee in my closet, so I’m thinking some pants might be a fun closet addition.

Here are my top picks for camo ‘pants’ — lots of options in various types.

utility pants (top) | utility pants (bottom) | skinny jeans (top) | skinny jeans (bottom) | leggings

And if pants aren’t your thing – how about tops or accessories? I’m drawn to the button-down top (possible work option with a pencil skirt?) – and also the scarf!

vest | scarf | tee | button-down | sneakers | jacket

I also put together several outfit ideas with the skinny jeans below (different from the ones shown above… so option #3 for jeans! oy!)


skinny jeans | white tee | denim jacket | bracelets | necklace | sandals


skinny jeans | v-neck blouse | necklace | pumps | clutch


skinny jeans | ruffle blouse (similar, similar, similar) | peplum jacket | striped tote | necklace | flats

Let me know what you think! — yay or nay to the camo?  I think it can be a fun addition (in moderation) to any closet!



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Hi ya’ll!  I apologize in advance if you hate the coveted #NSale aka Nordstrom’s biggest sale of the year, their Anniversary Sale!  It really is a wonderful sale, but totally get it if the idea of purchasing sweaters and jeans in the middle of the 90 degree heat makes you nauseas! I personally get all tingling and excited inside, but to each their own! 😝

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, want a refresher, or just really love the sale – I wanted to give you all the deets before it starts!

What is it?

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts July 13th for cardholders only, referred to as “early access.”  The great thing about accessing the sale early is that everything is in stock. I rarely have found items out of stock before the end of the first week. Since I don’t have a Nordstrom close by, I usually order online and if I order on the first day will usually have my items before the sale opens to the public on July 21st.

Why this huge sale? Nordstrom essentially offers a preview to fall fashion and offers deep discounts to premium denim, sweaters, coats, and boots.


  • Designers work exclusively with Nordstrom to provide items only made for this sale. For example, Nike usually releases certain colors of their Free TR training shoe in specific colors only Nordstrom will release.  With these types of items, the early bird gets the worm!
  • If you live somewhere cold, no doubt you are familiar with the expense of refreshing your closet every year with the latest boots and coats, which can be costly! For me personally I steer away from coats because I live in southwest FL, but I remember all those cold winter days back in the midwest! ….But the booties?  Gimme all the booties! The #NSale offers great discounts on otherwise expensive items. And you’ll be ready to go by fall!
  • There are also discounts on items completely unrelated to winter. I always pick up a couple pairs of flats for work, tees, denim, bags, etc. that you can use year-round!











  • Are there any? 😝
  • Ok, yes… in the blogger world, there are!  So many bloggers push the sale, and however great and fun it is, don’t purchase every item you see unless you really love it and can afford it. The sale is a great time to stock up on items you can really see using in your closet for a long time. I’ve personally fallen prey to seeing items on other blogs, thinking how much I love the item, purchasing it, and to this day the item has been sold or donated because it wasn’t my style.  Things I know about myself that I’m going to really take into consideration this year?  I’m short – so no buying 30″ long tunics!, Florida doesn’t see snow – so limit myself on the number of warm cardigans (I might allow myself one……….. ok maybe two 🙂 ) , if I keep a pair of heeled anything – it better darn well be comfortable!, and just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s great (example: Nordstrom BP brand… sometimes great, sometimes not).









My goal this year

Since we will not be moved into our new house during the sale, I’m going to try really hard to provide as much detail about items I order that I truly feel are a good buy!  Last year I purchased several booties that I loved and a pair of AG jeans that everyone raved about – including myself! – and I want to make sure I pass that love along via blog posts and flatlays pictures.

Tomorrow I hope to get up links and pictures to all of my favorite items and what I purchased online — and then later provide a review when they come in the mail!  Hopefully just in time for the sale to go public on July 21st. 🙂

I hope this post was helpful!!  I wanted to keep it shorter-ish and to the point (mostly – ha!). Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you all up to date as I get a chance!

Happy Shopping! 😁