casual outfit: shorts + sweater

 Old Navy was a huge miss for me this past fall/winter. However, this spring… I’m loving so much!  I already picked up a couple dresses and a couple pairs of shorts for this summer.  These run TTS and are a comfy pixie chino.  They do stretch a little, so depending on your waist:hip ratio, you might be able to size down. My booty doesn’t allow for that. 😉 
Shorts: Old Navy
Sweater: J. Crew
Sandals: Jack Rogers
Handbag: Vince Camuto
Necklace: Nordstrom [similar, similar, similar]
More Old Navy spring favorites!  
(click on pictures below for direct links)

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work outfit: fun printed skirt + cardigan

Another day, another skirt!  I will always hold a special place for a pencil skirt, however I’m trying to branch out of my comfort zone. 🙂 Baby steps people, baby steps. Pencil skirts are nice because A) they are tight enough you know you aren’t going to have an “oops” moment when bending over and B) always looks polished and put together for work. That being said, A-line and midi skirts are the thing of the moment, and I want so very badly to jump on that bandwagon!

I fell in love with these cute A-line skirts from J. Crew Factory (see my other post here).  They are not “mini” versions, also lined, which allows work appropriateness. Hopefully you will see more of these skirts in the future, especially if you are bored with my pencil skirt obsession. 🙂


Skirt: J. Crew Factory [exact]
Top: LOFT [exact – sale!]
Cardigan: Old Navy [similar, similar, similar]
Flats: Banana Republic [similar – love!, similar, similar]
Necklace: Purple Peridot [exact]
Bracelet: J. Crew Factory [exact]

work outfit: floral pencil skirt + cardigan

Just another fun pencil skirt find!  I’m a sucker for all floral prints, especially on skirts, and I like how this pattern is different from others in my closet. Up close, the yellow pattern is outlined with a charcoal gray color, which is why I chose the gray top (easy).  I think it could also easily be paired with a number of colors including all neutrals (black, white, gray) – as well as certain blues and reds (don’t forget chambray!)


Skirt: Banana Republic [exact – sale!]
Top: J. Crew Factory [same style, similar long sleeve]
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory [exact style, similar, similar]
Flats: Target [similar]
Necklace: J. Crew Factory [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]


casual outfit: vest + jeans

This outfit was perfect for a few cold days we’ve had recently.  Folks I’ve met down in Florida say the cold is “different” down here because it’s so humid — I now know what they mean. It’s a wet, chilly cold – not dry like up north – so 50 degrees feels like it’s in the 40s.  The damp weather sticks to you and chills you for hours.  That being said, my beloved vests that have been packed away since May finally made an appearance!  

Vest: J. Crew [exact]
Turtleneck: Old navy [similar, similar, similar]
Jeans: Vigoss [similar, similar, similar]
Necklace: J. Crew Factory [similar, similar]
Boots: Lucky Brand [exact]

work outfit: bright floral blouse + pants

It’s been dreary, windy, and rainy here — and that just makes me crave those bright, fun colors and sunny days ahead! This top has a floral pattern and a hint of bright neon pink, which makes it that much more fun!  Add my corny smile and some fun flats — and I call it a happy outfit! 🙂

Blouse: Express [exact]
Pants: Old Navy [similar, similar, similar $$]
Flats: Banana Republic [exact]
Necklace: Kendra Scott [similar, similar, similar]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]
Handbag: Kate Spade [same style, similar, similar]

**sale alert** LOFT

Hi friends!  Just a little good morning yippee sale time!  This is something worth talking about — go grab your computers — you don’t want to miss this!
LOFT has a 40% off New Arrivals sale as of this morning (also an extra 60% off sale items for last minute winter goodies)  — 40% off is great, but I have something even better.  

If you use code INSIDER657 you can get an extra 25% off $100.  Yes, please!  Run, don’t walk!
Click on the pictures below to view some items you may see on the blog in the near future… #loftmademedoit #peerpressure

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work outfit: blue pants + striped sweater

I saw a pairing very similar to this on Express’s website awhile back (wish I had saved the image… looked hi and low and couldn’t find it!) and picked this sweater up on clearance.  I would have never thought to pair such a bright blue with a dark contrasted navy blue, especially with a pattern.  Posted below are a couple other sweater options similar to this one — the mixed stripes has been popular this season!

Sweater: Express [exact – clearance!]
Pants: Express [similar, similar, similar]
Flats: Lucky Brand [exact]
Necklace: J. Crew Factory [new style]

casual outfit: ankle boots + cozy scarf

I finally went through all the “winter” clothes I brought down to Florida recently. I found this scarf that was oh-so-popular last year and thought it would be fun to wear it while we had a few chilly days this past week. It definitely made what was an otherwise boring outfit more comfy and cozy.  This tunic tee is also one of my favorite cheap finds recently. I wore jeans here, but it’s long enough to be easily paired with leggings and perfect for lazy days or errands. 

Scarf: Target [similar, similar, similar]
Tunic: GAP [exact]
Jeans:  Old Navy [similar, similar, similar]
Boots: Lucky Brand [exact]
Handbag: Kate Spade [exact]

work outfit: ikat skirt + cardigan

I saw a picture in InStyle magazine a few months ago of Jean from Extra Petite and fell in love with her outfit. I had nothing close to her skirt in my closet and was over joyed when I found this skirt from J. Crew Factory.  I was able to use a couple other items in my closet to mimic the inspiration.  Of course I had to find other inspiration photos on Pinterest (shown below) so I get lots of use out of the skirt. Really excited to wear this skirt this spring!

Skirt: J. Crew Factory [exact]
Top: LOFT [exact – sale!]
Cardigan: J. Crew Factory [exact]
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact]
Handbag: Kate Spade [exact]
Necklace: Charming Charlie [similar, similar, similar]

new arrivals + how-to spring shopping guide {part II}

Yesterday I created part I on how I navigate sales at my favorite big box stores, what I consider a good deal, and also included some items I’m watching closely (for the sale of course!)  I wanted to split this blog post into two parts because today I wanted to talk a little about “dupe” items of designer brand names that you can find for a lot less at places like Target!  
I struggle a lot with purchasing the more expensive brand item (for me, I come across this a lot with handbags). I never, ever purchase a handbag full price, but even a Kate Spade bag “on sale” is normally > $200. That’s a lot of money for something you may only carry once or twice and then it gets thrown to the back of your closet. I’ve noticed the bags I carry the most are A) solid colors B) neutral colors and C) are not fast fashion.  What I mean by “fast fashion” are certain types of handbags that come in for one season… and may never be seen again for 30 years when #omgcomeback.  Think…..fringe, quilted, embroidered anything…. here is where I really have to sit down and think “Will I love this next year when it’s out of style?”  If “unlikely” is the answer, but I still really want it, I look to cheaper brands to fill that need/want to have a fast fashion handbag. 
I also apply this rule to shoes.
Moving forward….. here are some fun new colors, prints, etc. that have arrived in stores recently…. and their “dupe” on an expensive brand!