lilly + instagram post

For those of you that love some Lilly Pulitzer…. or have always loved her clothes from a distance, but never jumped because of the price (that’s me), nows the time to celebrate!  Because tomorrow, April 19th – Target and Lilly are joining up for an affordable collab! (insert teenage squeal). They are featuring 250 items that range from dresses (including plus sizes) and sandals to home decor.  Items available until sold out — meaning don’t wait!  Below are my top picks::

Also, here was my casual Saturday work outfit today Instagram-style.

Top:  Banana Republic – same
Pants:  Old Navy – same
Sweater:  Old Navy (old) – similar
Shoes:  GAP – same
Necklace:  Kendra Scott – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same

black & white stripes

Happy Friday ya’ll! Another striped outfit today (at least it’s not floral….except the necklace…). Hope you have a great weekend!

Shop this look:

Top:  Target – same ($12!)
Jeans:  GAP – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Necklace: Target – same
Shoes:  Old Navy (old) – try these (leopard) 

pajama pants to work

These pants are glorious!  They are soft, stretchy, comfy, and just like pajamas!  But, I promise they are not. 🙂 They are meant to hit at the ankle, but with my short stature I bunched them up like a “jogger” pant.  Did I mention they have pockets too? But really, they are sooo comfortable.

Shop this look:

Pants:  Express (old) – same pant, new colors
Top:  LOFT – same
Necklace:  LOFT (old) – try this
Flats:  Cole Haan (old) – similarsimilar
Watch:  Michael Kors – same

floral tee

I so very much wanted to wear a coral pencil skirt today with this floral tee, but it got just a wee too cold last night combined with a little too much wind during the day.  Always this weather. Always. But, I got to bring out these blinding coral pants out again, so I guess the pencil skirt can wait for the heat. Happy humpday ya’ll!

Shop this look:

Tee:  LOFT – same
Cardigan:  Old Navy – same
Pants:  Express – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory – same
Shoes:   Me Too – same

wish it was a vacation

Whew, what.a.week!  I wish I could have said I was on vacation somewhere super awesome, but in reality I’ve just been really, really busy.  The other issue this month is that I was trying to “outfit plan” for the following work week on the weekends, take pictures, and then post during the week.  Unfortunately that isn’t near as easy as snapping a quick photo before I head out the door in the mornings.  Which I would easily do, except the time changed and now I have to leave the house about 7:15 every morning.  Hello pictures in the dark with major shadows!  Which is what I did this morning and what you are seeing here now…..

Don’t mind my half asleep, I need about 3 cups of coffee, I didn’t wash my hair this morning and a pony tail seemed like the best move, look! Ooops. 🙂

Shop this look:

Top:  LOFT – same
Cardigan:  LOFT – same
Pants:  Express (old) – same typesimilar
Shoes:  Cole Haan (old) – similar
Watch:  Charming Charlie (old) – love!

feeling tropical

I’ve been patiently waiting to have a reason to wear this tropical shirt.  It was either going to have to wait for Florida… or why not a style challenge?  One of my favorite instagram bloggers, @shannonsa has these wonderful style challenges each week.  Today’s challenge was to wear 2 neon colors… check!

Shop this look:

Shirt:  Express – same
Pants:  Express – same
Cardigan:  LOFT (old) – similar
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar color
Watch:  Michael Kors – same


I suppose if I wore an Easter outfit to work, this would be it!  LOL, I still am not 100% sure I like how matchy-matchy everything is in this outfit, but surprisingly got lots of compliments!  Even though I felt slightly silly. 🙂 
Shop this look:

Cardigan:  Target – same
Pants:  Old Navy – same
Top:  The Limited – same
Flats:  Old Navy (mint sold out online – check stores!) – same
Necklace:  LOFT  (old) – try this


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Mine was spent working on school stuff and getting this house around for the big move.  It just so happens, this outfit is perfect for such things!  And I’ve been a huge fan of espadrilles this season.  I love my pair from Target that I’ve worn in previous posts and I’m happy to have a pair of colored ones now also. They will be well loved this summer!

Shop this look:

Shirt:  GAP – same
Jeans:  Express (really old) – similar and $$ but worth it!affordable
Flats:  Tory Burch – same
Necklace:  Old Navy (in stores only) – similar color
Watch:  Michael Kors – same


Today the husband and I went to an afternoon matinee movie and this is what I actually wore!  I think the days of “what I wish I was wearing” posts are likely to come to an end here soon. Although shorts might not be in the super near future, I think cropped jeans with a lightweight sweater most definitely are.  I did throw a cardigan on before we left as my “jacket” but it was so nice to be in such a simple outfit with just a little detail thrown on such as this scarf and pink purse.

Shop this look:

Top:  LOFT – same
Jeans:  Vigoss – same
Scarf:  Target – same
Handbag:  Michael Kors – same (wish gold accents – mine is older with silver)
Shoes:  Target – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Bracelet:  Banana Republic – same

impulse buys

Today’s outfit was the result of a little impulse purchase.  Last weekend I trotted into GAP expecting to return a pair of jeans, not planning on making another purchase. Little did I know the entire store was 40% off and oops – they got me!  I’ve read in the past that it’s best never to purchase online and only shop in stores to avoid impulse buys.  I’m the complete opposite. I constantly scour my favorite websites for the best deals and new arrivals, but I’m also on a monthly budget and am better able to make purchases more reasonably online. I tend to add items I like into a shopping cart online and wait for the right sale price or promo code.  
Anywho, I was immediately drawn to this lightweight peach sweater (which comes in multiple colors) and light colored flats, neither of which I have in my closet.  I also picked up these lightweight seersucker khaki pants. And wallah!  I had an outfit.  And a new pair of jeans because the nice service rep explained the jeans I brought into return were supposed to be sized down for a better fit.  To my own dismay (ha.) they fit perfectly when I sized down.  Impulse buying at it’s best folks!
Happy Good Friday everyone!  
Shop this look:

Sweater:  GAP – same
Pants:  GAP – same
Flats:  GAP – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (really old) – similar