What I Wish I Was Wearing #4

Target just released their spring line this past week with some really cute items!  I already picked up a few things that I will hopefully be able to show on the blog soon (tomorrow is a high of 2 – not 20 – 2! ugh!)

I’m waiting to check out these shorts and these flats.  I put together a Polyvore set for an example of how to style them both.  My husband bought me the same handbag in a different color and surprised me this morning for Valentine’s Day — I’m in love! <3
Shop this look:
Shorts:  Target – same
Sweater:  J. Crew – same
Flats: Target – same
Handbag:  Kate Spade – same
Necklace:  Kendra Scott – same
Watch:  Kate Spade – same
Bracelet: Tory Burch FitBit –same


Tomato Red

As I stated in my last post – loving this “tomato red” color this season!  This blouse from Loft comes in 5 different colors including the color I have on today. It’s a lightweight material, but paired with this scarf I was very comfortable all day.

I do have to say though — I’m over this dry, cold weather!  As much as I love this blouse, and shirts with similar material, my hair starts begins to look like it was stuck in a socket half the day from the dryness.  Lotion anyone?

Shop this look:
Top:  LOFT – same
Pants:  LOFT – same
Scarf:  LOFT – same
Shoes:  Me Too – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory – same

A ‘Love Tee’ and Fun Necklace

Happy Wednesday before Valentines Day ya’ll!

I’m not a huge fan of all the dorky stuff that comes with Valentines Day…. the flowers (I mean, I won’t turn them away), the candy, corny sayings, etc.  But, if I can wear a fun outfit to work then count me in!

This is the first time I’ve gotten to wear this necklace. It’s a lot of fun and I’m loving the “tomato red” color this season!  I have a fun top and scarf in the same color I’m waiting to style later this week.  Sooo, stay tuned! 🙂

(See below for shopping links).
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Blazer:  Target (old) – similarsimilarsimilar
Tee:  J. Crew Factory (old) – love this
Pants:  LOFT – same
Necklace:  LOFT – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same

Floral & Pink

I love floral patterns this time of year.  This one is dark enough that it still feels “winter”, but the pink color screams spring!  Just in time for another winter weather advisory aka…. more of that white stuff.

I’ve been casually shopping around for some floral flats to wear to work this spring as well. So far no luck on cute ones….. but keeping my eye open. 🙂
(clickable links to items provided below).
Shop this look:
Top:  Express – samesame pattern (no collar)
Cardigan:  J. Crew Factory – same
Pants:  Banana Republic – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Handbag:  Target – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same

What I Wish I Was Wearing #3

Today’s edition of “what I wish I was wearing” is coming to you via a Polyvore creation. That’s how this week has been going. Ugh.  I should hopefully (keyword: hopefully) be able to resume normal blogging on Monday.

I picked this cute summer dress out because I purchased it several weeks ago and couldn’t wait to post it (even if it’s a virtual image!).  I’m excited to pair it with a cardigan like the one in the picture (which is also on my wish list), and of course all gold accessories (even the sandals!)
(clickable links to all items provided below).
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Dress:  Old Navy – same
Cardigan:  J. Crew Factory – same
Sandals:  Tory Burch – same
Watch:  Kate Spade – same
Bracelet:  J. Crew – same

Cobalt & Pink

I started clinical rotations again this past Tuesday (Monday was a snow day!), but now my time is somewhat limited again (posts will become more sporadic).  I wore these cobalt pants for the IG challenge I’m completing this week, and pairing them with a little pink was an easy choice…. especially since we apparently are going to have 6 more weeks of winter. 😐 A little pop of color is better than none at all!  
Also, if you’ve never checked out Express’s portofino shirts – you need to!  They are great to wear by themselves (and aren’t see through with a nude bra) in the spring/summer and so easy to layer in the fall/winter without getting too warm inside.  They are kind of perfect. 🙂 Oh, and did I mention they come in about 50 colors?? No joke!
Shop this look:

Pants:  Express – samesimilarankle pants
Shirt:  Express – same
Sweater:  LOFT (old) – similar
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Bracelet: J. Crew Factory – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same

Mint Green

Mint.  One of my favorite colors for spring, summer… and winter!  It’s the perfect transitional color from winter to spring.  Today’s outfit just shows a tiny hint of mint green – in my necklace.  I also tried these sky blue pants on to see if I could make them work this time of year – until we got a snow storm – now they are going to be held off for another week or two, you know, until it’s at least 25 degrees out. 🙂

This sweater:  SO SOFT and wonderful!  I got it at Banana Republic during a 40% off sale.  It comes in ivory, navy, and black….. once it goes on sale I might pick up the gray also. 🙂

(Also – it looks like something is on my purse…. there isn’t.  Promise I’m not a dirty bird…I don’t know what the camera did!)

(Clickable links to items provided below).

Shop this look:

Sweater:  Banana Republic – same
Pants:  Express  (old) – same style
Top (hidden):  Banana Republic – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – same stylefloralKendra Scott
Handbag:  Target – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same

Pop of Yellow

This week I’m following another Instagram style challenge that incorporates lots of bright, spring colors.  Today’s color challenge was “sunny yellow.”  Sadly, every piece of clothing I own that is a bright, vibrant yellow is entirely too lightweight to wear this time of year.  So, I opted to wear a dark outfit with a pop of yellow (although this color is more “citron” – it still works!).

Happy Monday ya’ll!

(clickable links provided below for outfit details).

Shop this look:
Top:  Ann Taylor – samesimilar sweater tee
Sweater:  LOFT – samealmost identical
Pants: LOFT (old) – similarsimilar
Necklace: J. Crew Factory (old) – try thissimilar style
Shoes:  Tory Burch (old) – updated version
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Handbag:  Target – same

Sunday Wish List #3: Printed Shorts

I’m in love with printed shorts!  Literally you can take a plain t-shirt and little to no jewelry and make an outfit interesting.  I love that!  These shorts are all on my wish list.  Enjoy. 🙂

Wish List #3

#1:  shop same
I love the floral pattern. It makes me think of spring and I want to do a happy dance with all the light colors. 🙂

#2:  shop same  
Leopard print?  Enough said.  They also come in 3 other prints!  I love the “blue-multi” print also.

#3:  shop same
These shorts are pleated and a little longer inseam at 5″.  The pattern is fun, and the pleats make them a little more “dressy” which is perfect for summer outdoor parties that are casual (but you don’t want to be the one that shows up wearing jeans shorts either).  

#4:  shop same
I already purchased this pair and wore them yesterday for a “what I wish I was wearing” post. Love them!  They are bright, cheerful, and a 5″ inseam also (which feels a little more “age” appropriate these days lol). 

#5:  shop same
More polka dot print shorts.  Waiting for a sale though — Ann Taylor sells really nice items, but with their steep $175 free shipping minimum, I rarely make a purchase unless they have a flash sale.  Thankfully the mall in Florida nearby where we are moving has one which will make returns/purchases much easier!  

#6:  shop same
These shorts look great!  I actually recently purchased them during a flash sale online, but sadly had to return them — they run about 2 sizes too big!  And they weren’t available in store yet, so I am anxiously awaiting another flash sale.