what i wish i was wearing #5: gingham shirt

I picked up this gingham shirt at Target a few weeks ago when they dropped their spring line.  I have a navy blue and black gingham shirt, but have been wanting to incorporate this same pattern into my wardrobe with spring colors.  It’s very soft and will be perfect for spring. I do recommend sizing up, I purchased my regular size in button-down shirts from Target and it was a little tight through the shoulders and looked strange in the back when I would lift my arms up.

Right now Target currently has a great sale going on (although their prices are already reasonable, it always helps to save!). Save 20% when you spend $75.

See below for some of my favorite picks from their spring line (click on the picture for a link)!

Shop this look:

Top:  Target – same
Jeans:  LOFT (old) – similarsimilar
Tank:  Old Navy – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar stylesimilar style
Shoes:  Old Navy – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Handbag:  Target (old) – similarloveMichael Kors
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spring colors

I can’t wait anymore — I’m vetoing winter!  Today is the last day (hopefully) that it’s supposed to be less than 20 degrees (I probably just jinxed us).  I’ve been wearing pretty dark and drab colors lately.  Lots of black, navy blue, with a little pattern mixing here and there.  Until now I couldn’t bring myself to wear pretty spring colors because it felt a little awkward, but I’m passed that feeling.  🙂

So here is a bright and cheery spring colored outfit!  This sweater cardigan is surprisingly pretty thick and warm, so a great transition piece.

Shop this look:

Cardigan:  LOFT – same ($24!)
Top:  Express – same
Jeans:  Nordstrom – same
Shoes:  Target – same
Watch:  Charming Charlie (old) – try thistry this

Late Night

Whew – long day!  Can you see the sleepiness in my eyes?  This pic was taken this morning before it was even daylight out… hence the weird shadows.

About the outfit.  A) I looove the pattern of this shirt.  As you know, I’m a huge fan of portofino shirts from Express and this one is no different.  B) What is the cardigan doing on my arms? I dunno.  Bad blogger moment.  I didn’t even notice til I had left the house and then fixed it by pulling the cardigan sleeves down and folding back.  Buuuttt, too late for pictures.  Oops. 🙂

Shop this look:

Shirt:  Express – same
Cardigan:  LOFT (old) – same style ($16!)
Pants:  Banana Republic – same (40% off for card members)
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Shoes:  Me Too – same

Stripes & Leopard

Another day, another IG style challenge. 🙂 Today’s challenge was stripes + leopard.  I was pleasantly surprised with how this outfit turned out.  I have a ton of stripes in my closet and quite a few animal prints, but wasn’t sure how close I wanted to wear the two prints (within the outfit).  I decided to go with a more “safe” option since I’m required to be dressed “professionally” (I feel like that term is relative these days), and wore leopard flats + striped top.  I completed the outfit with a red belt, but feel like any colored belt would work.  My belt is old, but I linked several other Target belts below that I would have picked also.

Shop this look:

Top:  Old Navy (old) – similarsleeveless
Pants:  Express – same
Shoes:  Lucky Brand – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Bracelet:  J. Crew Factory – same
Scarf (not pictured):  Express – same
Belt:  Target (old) – cobaltorangesimilar red

Copy Cat

Today’s outfit is a copy cat of one of my favorite bloggers, Hello Gorgeous!  I pinned one of her outfits eons ago and today seemed like a great day to pull old pieces out of my closet and piece them together like hers.  And that’s what I love most about blogging – inspiration!  Of course my outfit isn’t the exact replica, but that’s the whole point – using her outfit to inspire me to use clothes out of my own closet.  What did we possibly do in life before Pinterest?

Shop this look:

Top:  Express (old) – similarsimilar
Pants:  LOFT – same
Boots:  Vince Camuto – same ,similar
Necklace:  LOFT  (old) 
Watch:  Michael Kors – same

Doubles Day

I’ve been a very lazy blogger this weekend.  I’m currently finishing up my 7th month (out of 9) of clinical rotations for school and I’m so ready to be done.  I’ve also been sick + it’s still cold + still snowing = I’m lazy 🙂  Soo, to make up for it, today I was able to get a couple blog photos done for a “what I wish I was wearing” post.  I usually do a wish list on Sunday, but nothing really came up super exciting this week and thought 2 blog photos would be better.  Soo, about these outfits…

Shop this look:

Shirt:  J. Crew – same
Jeans:  Old Navy – same
Necklace:  Kendra Scott – same
Handbag:  Kate Spade – same
Watch:  Fossil – same
Shoes:  Minnetonka:  same

I think I love stripes just as much as I love all things plaid (maybe more).  I have several other tops I’ve picked up over the last few months in spring colors that I’m dying to share with you as soon as the weather gets better.  These 2 tops are super comfy and will be great for spring/summer!  The red striped top is longer in the back and would also look super cute with black leggings.

Shop this look:

Top:  J. Crew Factory – same
Jeans:  Old Navy – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch (old) – similar

Crazy For Plaid

I’m slightly too obsessed with plaid. I see a plaid shirt (or plaid anything for that matter) and deem it must be mine!  This plaid shirt was no different.  Banana Republic has actually had it on their site for awhile now, but I patiently waited for the sale + extra 40% off (it pays to be patient with some of these companies!), so it ended up being very affordable.  I’m so happy I purchased it though; they call it their “soft wash” shirt and it truly is very soft and comfy to wear.

(clickable links provided below).
Shop this look:

Top:  Banana Republic –  same
Jeans:  Nordstrom (old) – similarsimilarsimilar
Shoes:  Lucky Brand – same
Necklace: Kendra Scott – same
Watch:  Fossil – same
Handbag:  Kate Spade – same

Denim Leggings + Chambray

This sweater (worn previously here) is oh so cozy!  Today is also a “denim on denim” Instagram challenge I’m completing and although I’m not a huge fan of wearing a denim shirt with blue jeans — chambray + denim leggings = perfect!  It’s also freezing here (literally… Antarctica, I swear) and the extra layers are much needed.

(clickable links provided below).


Shop this look:
Sweater:  Banana Republic – same (sale!)
Shirt:  Old Navy (old) – similarsimilar
Pants:  Hue – same
Boots:  Vince Camuto (old) – similarFrye ($$)
Watch:  Michael Kors – same


Olive (or moss) is one of those colors that I tend to pair with tried and true colors combos. Today is no different – olive + navy + gray.  Easy peasy.  Especially when it’s 6 am and you are staring at your closet with “nothing to wear.”  (Why does that happen so often?)

Good news is it’s Wednesday!  Meaning half the week is almost over and the weekend is upon us (I work Saturday, so I’m anxious for Sunday. 🙂 )

(clickable links provided below).

Shop this look:

Shirt:  J. Crew Factory – same
Cardigan:  LOFT – same (sale!)
Pants:  The Limited – same
Belt:  Express (old) – similarsimilar
Shoes:  Cole Haan – same (major sale!), similar without tie
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Necklace:  Express –  same

Soft Cozy Cardigan

My Sunday wish list from a few days ago featured a “cocoon” cardigan from Target. Welllll, I definetely went and picked one up and I gotta say – I love it!  I don’t really own too many longer boyfriend-type cardigans, nor ones that are open front, so I was really excited to incorporate this one into my closet.

I’ve been a long time fan of Target clothing.  A) it’s affordable B) Cartwheel deals make you feel like you’re getting a really good deal C) clearance is amazing! D) shipping is free + 5% discount with your Red Card… I could go on and on. 🙂  BUT, as with all clothing stores (especially cheaper ones), you have to watch out for quality.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.  I’ve honestly been pleasantly surprised with almost all of the items I’ve purchased from Target. Their sweaters seem to hold shape well and I’ve never had anything fall apart in the wash.  
I haven’t washed this sweater yet, but it’s so soft and cozy!  And it comes in 8 different colors!  I have my eye on the coral/orangey one also. 🙂  
(clickable links provided below).
Shop this look:

Sweater:  Target – same
Tee:  LOFT (old) – similarsimilar
Jeans:  Express (old) – similarsimilarsimilar
Shoes:  Minnetonka – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similarsimilar
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Handbag:  Kate Spade – same