This outfit is my idea of what being comfy and relaxing all day (short of putting on pajama or yoga pants) and still being “dressed” looks like.  The top didn’t photo very well, but I swear it’s super soft and comfy!  The denim are “boyfriend jeans”, so a relaxed fit without constriction of a normal skinny jean.

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Top:  GAP – same
Jeans:  Nordstrom –  same
Shoes:  Target – same


So let’s talk about Nordstrom.  I didn’t grow up with one nearby, so it wasn’t until the last few years that I really started to notice the wide range and quality of products they carry.  I assumed they were like every other high-end department store and I couldn’t afford most items because they were all designer brands.  Recently I started purchasing a few items here and there when a sale would occur, or I would see an item another blogger had represented and would try it also.  And here lies the beginning of a addiction new opportunity to explore other brands. 🙂

I’ve purchased 3 pairs of Vigoss brand jeans (carried at other department stores, but I’ve only seen styles I like at Nordsrom) and also purchased a few BP brand tops and Halogen skirts.  All very affordable! They also just started carrying a select few items from Madewell — J. Crew’s top line! (not so affordable) So you know I gotta check those out. 🙂

Shown below are some of my top picks for affordable, great quality brands that Nordstrom carries.

Top row:  Pleione
Middle row:  Halogen
Bottom row:  Vigoss

(click on each link to take you straight to the item).
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polka dot party

Loving this sweater from Ann Taylor!  I’ve been wanting a black and white polka dot pullover sweater for awhile now and finally pulled the plug during a random 60% off flash sale a couple weeks ago.

Ann Taylor is a hard store for me.  We don’t have any local stores here in northwest Ohio and their free shipping is somewhat ridiculous — you have to spend $175!  And for this college student, that’s rarely going to happen.  I justified spending the $8.95 on shipping this time since I got such a great deal on the sweater, but probably won’t happen again for awhile (although when they have sales — they really are good! You can get a lot for $175).

That being said, their quality of clothes is also very good.  I notice a big difference between their lower end store, LOFT (which you all know I love! — much more budget friendly!) in the quality of fabrics. We do have an AT in the new Sarasota, FL mall though, so I’m very excited to pick up some classic work pieces when I don’t have to worry about spending money on shipping (such a mind-warp!).

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Sweater:  Ann Taylor – same
Pants:  Express – same
Belt: Target – same
Necklace:  Ann Taylor (old)
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same

a big thank you

I just want to say thank you to everyone that has viewed, commented, and liked my posts!  My biggest portal for starting this little blog is Instagram and I reached 500 followers a few days ago!  While that may seem like a small number to some (the bloggers that do this for a living (crazy!) have > 10k followers!), it’s a huge number to me! 🙂 Many of you are strangers and I love that I now have “IG friends” just by posting outfits! Silly when you think about it!

On another note — many of you may have noticed I haven’t been posting outfits quite as often as I was when I started a couple of months ago.  While I know I should have waited to start this blog after we had moved – I was just too excited to wait!

So now that we are getting closer and closer to graduation on May 2nd, things are getting really damn busy.  For the next 2 months, I am driving an hour each way to my rotation site, which = 10 hour work days. And when I work at my regular job on the weekends, the weeks get even longer!  But, to add fuel to the fire – we aren’t taking anything with us to Florida except clothes & accessories we want to keep and our 2 little pups.  Thus, in my spare time now, we are organizing everything (or it feels that way) to get ready for garage sales when it finally warms up and also selling anything small on eBay.  And our scheduled “move” date is now exactly 2 months away!  OH EM GEEE!!!

What does this mean for the blog?  Well, I’m not stopping!  That’s for sure! 🙂 I just won’t have time to do “daily”posts anymore.   I really want to be able to show you guys quality posts also and items I’ve found in stores that I feel are worth purchasing and keeping – not necessarily something you buy, wear once, and toss to the back of your closet.

Photo credit:  Style & Story Creative

So, hold tight!  I’m super excited about the future of this blog.  A) Once we get down to Florida, I’m hoping we can take the pictures outside, and make everything much more aesthetic looking (you know, like a “real” blog lol) versus taking a random picture against a blank wall on carpet in my rental home (but you gotta start somewhere, right?)  B) We are planning on purchasing a home by the end of the year and I have a ton of excitement built up on decorating a new home from scratch!  I hope to share the entire process here 🙂

Again, thank you for all of your support!  I appreciate it more than you know!

pretty citron

I’ve been trying to add more color into my closet that I haven’t owned previously.  Enter:  citron.  This pretty yellow-lime color is really pretty!  This lightweight sweater comes in 7 colors, so naturally I was drawn to the pretty neutrals — but nope, I purchased the citron color and I’m so happy I did!  Well, I have one item in my closet this color now anyway. 🙂

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Sweater:  LOFT – same
Top:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar
Pants:  Banana Republic – same (huge sale!)
Shoes:  Lucky Brand – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Necklace:  Kendra Scott – same

bold poppy

Happy Monday ya’ll!  I finally had a relaxing weekend – it was much needed! I hope you had a good weekend too. 🙂

I chose happy colors today — I’m really going to try and incorporate one bright and cheery color into my daily outfits until spring arrives.  Today’s color = poppy red. 
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Sweater:  Old Navy – same
Blouse:  LOFT – same
Pants:  LOFT (old) – similar
Shoes:  Tory Burch – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar

sunday wish list #5: old navy

Guys, you gotta check out Old Navy’s style spring preview event.  It ends today.  The whole store is 30% off — or if you use your ON/GAP/BR card it’s 40% off!  I will only purchase stuff from Old Navy if it’s at least 30% off since the quality of their clothes is sometimes sketchy – but lately I’ve been very happy with my purchases!  And their spring line is super cute!

I’ve already picked up a few items in store, but ordered a few more.  Below are my top picks:

(Pictures with links also shown below).

#1:  slub-knit tee  This top comes 8 different colors — I ordered the blue floral option online — I think it will pair super cute with a pair of shorts or pencil skirt this spring!

#2:  v-neck cardigan This cardigan also comes in a slew of colors!  I have several from last season and even though they are on the thin side, I haven’t had a problem washing them.  They are perfect for those warm spring/summer days where you need something to take the chill out of the air inside.

#3:  mesh-knit sweater  I purchased the navy-blue striped color yesterday in store — oh it’s super cute!  You will need to layer with a cami underneath, but will be perfect this spring with shorts or cropped pants.  

#4:  moccasins  These aren’t normally something I would purchase, but my husband pointed out he loved the mint color — so I said I’d “try” them.  And alas, they are now in my closet.  I gotta say – they are actually pretty comfy!  I’m not sure I could wear them all day at work on my feet (will update on that), but for an everyday flat, totally worth the price!

#5:  pixie shorts  The “pixie” line for Old Navy is relatively new.  I don’t remember them having a short version last year.  They have their “twill” shorts, which are a little thinner and cheaper. I have one pair and they are okay.  I tried on 2 pairs of this new pixie line yesterday and LOVE them!  I have several pairs of J. Crew Factory shorts which are very similar, and I like the Old Navy ones better!  They are a little thicker and lay nicer.  They are the PERFECT length also.  I feel like sometimes 3″ inseams are a little too short for me nowadays… and 4-5″ is sometimes too long.  These are 3.5″ — so I bought 2 pairs yesterday and ordered the pink pair online. 🙂  One of the colors I purchased was a dark gray color (not online), so check out in store if you’re looking for that color!

#6:  denim shorts  I have a few pair of ON denim shorts from last year (also 3.5″ inseam) and I wore them all the time last summer.  I didn’t see them in store — I ordered the color shown below for this coming season.  The only drawback — the cuff is able to be rolled up and down (which is nice), but after washing I had to iron them cuffed again to stay in place and look neat & tidy (or maybe that’s my OCD….)

#7  blazer  I’ve had this blazer for awhile — but had to share it again, it’s one of my most “clicked on” items (yes — I’m watching what you like/disklike!  :P)  And it really is a staple.  It can be dressed up or down, with jeans or work pants, and extremely versatile.  Can’t beat the price either!

#8:  dress  I saw this dress hanging in the store.  It comes in two colors — the other one is this lovely white with blue polka dots.  I don’t really NEED any dresses, especially ones that aren’t very versatile.  But you know how when you see something in the store and can’t stop thinking about it when you get home?  That’s when you know you HAVE to have it.  Or at least try it. I can’t wait to feature it on the blog!  

#9:  plaid shirt  I feel like this speaks for itself.  It’s plaid. It’s lightweight. It’s cute.  I love it.  The end. 🙂

So anyway, that was my Old Navy overhaul yesterday and this morning!  I probably won’t purchase anything more from them this season — and I honestly might end up returning some items.  Since we are moving to FL in 2 months (OMG), I’m okay purchasing summer stuff since I know I will use it over and over for awhile.  I’ve started the whole sad process of selling all of my warm sweaters and things I’ve only touched a couple of times this season.  I know it’s unlikely I’ll use them again, but I get stupidly attached to my clothes — *sigh*

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what i wish i was wearing #5: gingham shirt

I picked up this gingham shirt at Target a few weeks ago when they dropped their spring line.  I have a navy blue and black gingham shirt, but have been wanting to incorporate this same pattern into my wardrobe with spring colors.  It’s very soft and will be perfect for spring. I do recommend sizing up, I purchased my regular size in button-down shirts from Target and it was a little tight through the shoulders and looked strange in the back when I would lift my arms up.

Right now Target currently has a great sale going on (although their prices are already reasonable, it always helps to save!). Save 20% when you spend $75.

See below for some of my favorite picks from their spring line (click on the picture for a link)!

Shop this look:

Top:  Target – same
Jeans:  LOFT (old) – similarsimilar
Tank:  Old Navy – same
Necklace:  J. Crew Factory (old) – similar stylesimilar style
Shoes:  Old Navy – same
Watch:  Michael Kors – same
Handbag:  Target (old) – similarloveMichael Kors
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spring colors

I can’t wait anymore — I’m vetoing winter!  Today is the last day (hopefully) that it’s supposed to be less than 20 degrees (I probably just jinxed us).  I’ve been wearing pretty dark and drab colors lately.  Lots of black, navy blue, with a little pattern mixing here and there.  Until now I couldn’t bring myself to wear pretty spring colors because it felt a little awkward, but I’m passed that feeling.  🙂

So here is a bright and cheery spring colored outfit!  This sweater cardigan is surprisingly pretty thick and warm, so a great transition piece.

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Cardigan:  LOFT – same ($24!)
Top:  Express – same
Jeans:  Nordstrom – same
Shoes:  Target – same
Watch:  Charming Charlie (old) – try thistry this