casual post: white denim + peplum top

Has anyone else been on the search for the perfect pair of white denim?  Maybe it’s just me, but I join the struggle bus when it comes to white jeans.  The pair shown in the picture below are from last year.  I originally purchased a pair of white ankle jeans from Banana Republic (here) during a sale awhile back and when I first tried them on I thought they were pretty good (I own another pair of ankle jeans from this season that I love!), the second time I still thought they were ok, but decided to wear something else.  When I put this outfit together and tried them on the third time, I took the picture and did a oh hell no! They truly did not fit right. They were sagging near the knees and tight around the ankle in a not-so-flattering way!  
Thankfully I had just taken the tags off and was able to return them promptly. I still wanted to use this outfit on the blog, so I threw on this pair of white destroyed denim from last year. However, you can see the weird looseness around the back of my right knee, and these might make it to the eBay pile if I can find a replacement. Not to mention I would have preferred to wear a pair of clean white denim without distress, but you get the idea. 🙂 
That all being said, the replacement search has been futile!  I decided to order a pair from GAP, since I love another pair of ankle jeans I recently ordered (here).  I haven’t received them in the mail yet, but will try to give a full review when I do!  Has anyone else found a pair of white denim you oh emm gee can’t live without? Please share if so!  
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Jeans:  Banana Republic (curious about these, also about these)
Necklace: Purple Peridot
Handbag:  Target

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  1. I recently tried on every pair of white jeans in the LOFT store I was in with no luck. I've also tried the wit and wisdom ab-solution white jeans because I love the dark wash but they were too tight on my calves which made them bunch at the knee. The search continues!! I can't wait to hear how the GAP jeans work out for you.

  2. Who would have thought white jeans would be so difficult!? Good to know about LOFT jeans! That would have been my next attempt, but sounds like you and I have a similar issue with the tight calf/knee bunching. 😐

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