casual post: colored pants + gray tee

Colored skinny pants/denim/whatever you want to call them/ are one those clothing items I always think “are those still in style?”, “can I wear those and not look 12?” and normally always pass them up without a second glance.  I wear colored dress pants to work and feel fun and professional since they normally are either a looser chino material or dressy ankle pant.  But colored skinnies? Mmmm nope.  Well, until I saw these!  I loved that the color wasn’t too bright and the material is not really denim either.  They are somewhat stretchy and for the price I was immediately drawn in. I wouldn’t wear them to work, but perfect for a casual day when you don’t want to wear jeans.
Top:  LOFT
Pants: H&M
Handbag: Target
Necklace: Old Navy (try this)
Watch: Michael Kors (very similar)
Also, just a little update on the blog!  I posted last week about how ShopStyle (the affiliate link company I use) has now created an extremely easy way for me to post all of my Instagram posts right away and link all of my items in one place!  I’m really excited about this because it easily allows me to post my Instagram photos instantly (versus the end of the week in a blog post) and looks so much more organized.  I will still continue to do “Instagram weekly” posts so I can talk about clothing items in more depth, but certainly check here if you’re curious about what I’m wearing right away. 🙂 Just click the link at the top of the page tagged “Shop Instagram”.



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