work outfit: dandelion top + pencil skirt

Yay – finally a new blog post!  I had an entire series of posts planned for the end of last week, went to work on them and could not get “Blogger” (the web interface for this page) to work – ugh!  It took me almost an hour to load one picture and finally had to give up and go to bed.  I then left for a horse show and returned late Saturday.  I’ve noticed numerous bloggers switching to WordPress (similar, but different interface) and have to wonder if it wasn’t because of problems with Blogger.  Anyway, the good news is, it’s working again!  #enoughramblingalready
Today’s post was inspired by a Pinterest photo I found awhile back.  I honestly don’t know who the blogger is in the photo – if you do, please share! –  but I fell in love with her outfit.  I loved that she matched her shoes to her skirt and used a light and fun print to tie in the outfit.
My outfit:
Some fun options:


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