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Hi ya’ll!  If you follow other style blogs, I’m sure your going crosseyed (or getting a good eye roll in) seeing all these oh-em-gee #NSale posts!  Aside from it just being a great sale (I mean, who doesn’t love a sale?!), the simplicity of it all is that you really can find some great key pieces for fall – and the kind of pieces you will wear for years to come. 
The best items are usually more expensive up front (last year I purchased a pair of ankle fringe booties for ~$100, marked down from ~$170… I wore them all fall/winter, so it really was worth it!), and if you’re like me and normally buy maybe 1-2 pair of new boots, and a new coat (or in my case in Florida… 52 new cardigans) every winter… then it’s definitely worth a look!  
My “wish list” of what I hope to find are:
1. open toed booties
2. staple tees (there is a Caslon tee already listed in the catalog)
3. Nike sneakers (Nordstrom has exclusives made just for them!)
4. premium denim 
5. work flats
 Some of my favorites from last year…
These Lush tunics… <3

This cardigan was a huge favorite – BP brand and only ~$30!
 Another BP brand product, this flannel was great for fall. And those are the booties I mentioned above!
 Another BP cardigan from the sale and these Sam Edelman flats were marked down <$100 – another staple that I will definitely be wearing again this year!  There are similar flats this year just released, and I'm hoping they are included in the sale. Would love a navy or burgundy pair.
Here’s what you need to know about the sale:
1.  The early access sale starts for Nordstrom cardholders today, July 14th
2. The sale is open to everyone July 22nd – August 8th
3. The sale features Fall New Arrivals for women, men, and kids (including shoes, handbags, and jewelry)
Tomorrow I’m going to try and get up early to make a widget of all of my “fast faves” to show you guys. I looked through the catalog already, but since everything isn’t included in the catalog, I didn’t really find any “love” items already (same thing happened last year… what a teaser!). Feel free to share all of your favorite items also!  I sometimes shop way too fast and miss some great pieces after they are sold out!  Happy shopping friends! 🙂 

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