top picks: nordstrom anniversary sale

Whew, what a morning!  I spent a long time sorting through what I loved, liked, and knew I would never wear on Nordstrom’s website this morning (if you didn’t read yesterday’s post on the big Anniversary sale, click here). I’ve narrowed down my favorites (and what I ordered!) below:

I loved all of these jeans.  The frayed hem makes the last 2 pairs unique, but the inseam was just a tad too long. I normally roll up denim that is long, but in this case it would take away from what makes the jeans unique. Darnit my height! The first pair was of course the most expensive, but I’m really trying to invest in good pairs of jeans that will last me awhile, and those fit the bill!  
1 / 2 ($45!) / 3

My goal was to find a nice pair of open toed booties.  I failed.  I really like the gray pair below, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t wear them often because of the heel height. I have a pair from last winter that hurt every-time I wear them (even with insoles). Clearly I’m getting old. 😉 But, I was definitely sold on the cute cut-out pattern booties!  My two pairs from last year are gray fringe and a dark cognac, so I’m excited to have a light caramel color in my closet. Also, for my readers living in a climate where it snows – these winter booties are wonderful!  I owned a pair a couple years ago, sold them when I moved, and I wore them All.The.Time. If anyone orders the 2nd pair below — please report on comfort level! 🙂 
1 / 2 / 3

So many bags. So many deals. I picked two out below that were very reasonably priced.  I really would love to find a nice hobo bag like the two bags on the bottom row, but I’m saving for a Vince Camuto bag (here) that also comes as a cross-body and likely can get for a better deal. But oh if I was rich… those two bags on the bottom… 😍
1 ($33) / 2 ($36) / 3 / 4

When it came to looking at tops, I stuck with my ‘usual’. I own all three of these tops in other colors, fabric, etc. from previous seasons. I know they fit and I know I love them and wear them over and over.  Also, all of these I can easily start wearing sooner than later in Florida. 
1 / 2 / 3 
That’s it for today!  It usually takes me a good week to really sort through all the Nordstrom sale has to offer. I miss things at first glance, and usually (pathetically) always go back for more!  I still need to sort through jewelry, Nike products, cardigans, and possibly beauty. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I can get another good post up and also start creating some outfits!  Let me know what you find also — there is so much good stuff! 


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