casual post: tunic blouse + denim

I hope you all aren’t getting sick of casual-outfit posts!  I’ve had quite a few lately, but it’s because I’ve been in another transition period/work-rut lately.  Up until now, I’ve worked a mixture of long 13 hour shifts + shorter overlap 4-5 hour shifts.  It’s been nice, but in order to put in the hours, I have to sometimes work 8-9 days in a row.  I’ve had an opportunity come up recently to help out at a pharmacy about an hour from my house that is in desperate need with a major pharmacist shortage. I agreed to help, but only if I can work 2-3 longer days/week, to make it worth it.  Thankfully my company agreed, but it’s a very busy store and the whole pretty pencil skirt and pointy shoes just isn’t working out so well!  Needless to say, my work outfits lately have been not-so-cute and very much boring and I’ve turned to casual outfits to have fun with. 🙂 I say it’s a transition period because I have a few work outfit ideas/inspiration posts that I can’t wait to share with you — but I very much have to ‘wear what I buy’ and trying not to waste money on outfits that will collect dust in case I’m at this store for awhile.
Long story short — I hope you stay and enjoy the casual posts as much as the work outfit posts, and any advice or post-ideas that you would like to see are always welcome! 🙂
This outfit is the perfect example what I pretty much wear once Florida finally gets it’s ‘fall weather’, which normally starts in October sometime (but I wear it now because I freeze inside any building.😉)  Open toed booties are perfect for 60-70 degree weather, and this top is on-trend and comfortable. The perfect amount of ‘put-together’ without being too overdone. Relaxed and comfortable.
My outfit details:
Top (comes in 5 colors; I sized down) / Jeans / Booties (other fantastic colors)







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