work outfit: flutter top + fringe skirt

 Hi bloggity friends! Just a quick post today. I love, love, this skirt and love, love this shirt but not certain I like them paired together?  I like the color pairing, but not the ‘material’ pairing. It’s just so hot down in FL still although the skirt works fine, the typical ribbed knit sweater doesn’t. Anyway, a quick little blog post that didn’t turn out the best. I still highly recommend this shirt…. and this skirt… just not together! 🙃

The shirt comes in 5 pretty colors and is on clearance for $13, and the skirt is 40% off today if you have a store card! (code: BRCARD).

Top / Skirt / Bag (similar) / Pumps / Necklace / Sunglasses (very similar) / Bracelet

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  1. That is a cute skirt. I hardly ever look at BR anymore, although I've heard they've started to have cute things again. In your picture it looks more bluish gray, and on the BR picture it looks just gray. Which would you say it is? Thanks!
    Crystal @

  2. Hi Crystal! Oh I hear you — I loved BR for a long time, then they fell off my radar for awhile, but lately they've stepped up their game (way better quality than their ON/GAP lines which I feel like are truly hit or miss). The skirt is truly just a light gray color. We took the photo during mid-morning and I was trying to hide from the sun, making it look a little bluish. 😙

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