weekend edition: recent finds

I’m making a trip back home (to northern Indiana) at the end of October, and need to stock up on layering essentials. My peep toe booties aren’t going to cut it when the evenings are in the 30s and highs likely in the 40s/50s. I ordered a couple neutral scarves and boots that will easily mix and match with different outfits, so I can limit items in my suitcase (ha!). I haven’t received any of these items in the mail yet, so reviews are yet to come!  I plan to pair the olive/navy/gray scarf with my olive colored vest (here) and the whole top row will pair nicely together with jeans and long sleeve top.  I’m not a fan of coats, so unless it’s snowing or extremely windy, I just layer layer layer! The lace-up sweater was ordered for Florida (☺️) and is a huge trend right now. I’m excited to try it!

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